DanMachi Volume 1 Week 3

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Start Date: February 24
Week 3 Reading: Page 27 - Sentence before the last at the end of page 36 (10 Pages)
Last Sentence: この力によって神様達は下界の者達に持ち上げられる。
Word List: FloFlo
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I made this part finish a sentence before the end of the tenth page because I didnt want to interrupt a lengthy dialogue.

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Week 4 thread is up!

So many unknowns in this one with all the god-system terminology. Thank the author for judicious furigana usage.

For the sake of my peace of mind I hope there will be continued furigana for these words. :sweat_smile:


“Made up” words with kanji (like ファルナ and デウスデア or something like that) will consistently have furigana yes :slight_smile: