Userscripts on Android (Browser)


So, recently I found out that (most) userscripts can now be used through Firefox on Android by installing an addon called violentmonkey.

After finding out about it I made some quick changes to some popular userscripts so that they work with mobile (most use keyboard shortcuts or don’t work with touch) as I found that the android app was a bit lacking in userscript support (no offence, love the app though!)

The ones that I currently use and found working:

  • WK dashboard progress plus
  • WK override
  • WK real numbers
  • WK reorder ultimate 2 (can reorder, but cant drag the levels, needs some adjustments)
  • WK review srs level indicator (needs css adjustment)
  • WK ultimate timeline
  • WK lightning mode
  • WK anki mode (had to change code to make buttons)

Link to changed scripts:

I think I will also be looking at some other scripts to make them more mobile friendly (maybe as a workaround until the original authors implement it themselves). If anyone has a problem with me editting their scripts, please tell me and I will remove the link.


  • Install the Firefox app for android
  • Install violentmonkey through the link above
  • Install the userscripts on your phone (click the link to the script and it should ask you if you want to install the script in the topright corner)

P.S: The main reason I made this topic was because @rbsaito was looking for a way to do this but I think pms are disabled on this forum(?) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey I will try it now! Can you give me the the link for the anki mode working in mobile? I just installed the Violentmonkey add on


Updated the original post, it now has a link to the anki script and some instructions if needed.


This sounds awesome. Will try out now.


Thank you so much! Im waiting for my review batch in 6 minutes to see if its working!


Haha yeah, being able to finally reorder reviews/lessons, do anki style reviews and see the timeline on mobile feels great! At first I was thinking about making an app which included these features but this is a way easier solution ^^


This is revolutionary!

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I’m not a fan of Firefox. The Android app (newer one) works fine for me. I do wish they’d integrate a few more of the popular scripts, though.


No problem! Let me know if it works.

Also, the anki script adjustments were done when I had little time so dont mind the layout! I will make it a bit more userfriendly later today :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have Android! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻


Neither am I, but I promised myself to only use it for Wanikani :wink:


I like the option of being able to choose. :blush:


Want me to send you a Kindle fire?



Is that a yes???


I have the feeling that you saved my life!!! Its working perfectly!!! I love you! Marry me


Holy cow @Glias !
Another marriage proposal!


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