Is there a way to fix misspelling something afterwards?

So I was learning the radicals on level one, and there came ト (the toe radical.) in a review. Me being kind of at fault too for doing it on my phone, I clicked on W by accident and typed tow instead of toe. I think I’ll actually prefer doing reviews on my phone as it’s easier to take my phone out than my laptop, but with using the phone comes typos every so often. So if I happen to make a typo again is there any way to correct that later on?

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Yes, with a time machine


Have you tried looking at the answer before hitting enter?


The Wanikani unofficial app has a few add-ons installed, one of them being an X button you can click that will pretend you never entered that, and you’ll get that same review again later on in your review session.

I tend to type quickly, especially when I know the answer which leads to misspelling things pretty badly. The X button saves me so many times, oh man…

Otherwise, for desktop, the add-on linked above is great and I use it too.


Well, I do proofread most of the time, but I don’t double-check 3 letter words too often. But I will be, that’s for sure

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This is exactly what happened, I’ll check the app out!

i already spend hours a day wanikani. typos happen


the wanikani app isn’t official?

No. They are third party applications.

If you create a link to the website on your phone desktop, a wanikani icon will appear and then it will look like an app with no browser borders or URLs, but it’s a web app. It’s very nice. But, as they mentioned… there are unofficial apps with the same name that happen to have extra features.

I tried to add greasy fork to my phone and the scripts, but I never got it working. Did somebody?.

If you have android

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