Let's praise these USERSCRIPTS and their awesome CREATORS

Hey Guys!

I started to use scripts when I was Level 2 and I really LOVE some of them.
Therefore I’d like to interchange some experience about scripts with you.

Which scripts do you use?

Why do you use this scripts?

Are there scripts you avoid on purpose?

Did you make bad experience with scripts?

Okey, I’ll make the start:
My most important scripts are the Ultimate Timeline Script and the Ultimate Reorder 2 Script. Without them I would not be able to keep up the fast speed of 1Lvl / Week.
Of course I would never abuse the Reoder Script to neglect my vocab. Actually I always do all my vocab before the next level.

The next script I want to point out is Katana Madness. It converts the on’yomi readings into katakana. I really love this script, because I think it is very useful to know which reading you are learning. When I see a jukugo of only kanji without okurigana or a jukugo with okurigana I can intuitivly guess the reading. Actually I do my vocab lessons like: “Oh, it could menan this and could be pronounced like that”. If it’s right, I just skip it :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t understand why WK teaches On’yomi in hiragana :confused:

For me as a non-native English speaker the Close but no Cigar Skript is very valuable, because I repeat the correct spelling of English words. For example I always wrote “independAnce” instead of “independence”. I will learn about 8000 Japanese vocab, so I will repeat about 8000 Engisch vocab. And a “bit off” spelling is total useless for me. I would just remember the wrong spelling of English words.

I absolutely LOVE (!!!) the Auto Commit Script. If you type in the correct menaning/reading it will just commit it to WK and go forward. OMG, I did spend SO MUCH TIME checking my input!!! And despite that I always got typos in the okurigana. Or even better: In my head I got the correct reading, but my fingers just press other keys. For example this stupid “nn” for ん. Or I love to type いる instead of いろ (色). With this script I get faster through my reviws (about 50% faster!!!) and I got way less “fake leeches”. Before the script I got about 80% right, now I got about 95%!!!
The downside of the script: I get more than one chance. When I type something and its note automaticly commited, I start to think: may it use the other reading? What did I do wrong? And than I remeber: Oh, yeah this vocab used to read like that. And I think: yeah, I actually knew that, lets type it in :confused:
Do you think this is bad for my learning progress?

And there is one more little helper: The Hide Context Sentence Script. Its just useless, if you want to read a Japanese sentence and the translation stand just beneath.

The Leech Trainer Script looks interesting, but it doesn’t do much for me. I always have between 1 and 10 leeches when I get new vocab, but that is just normal. They will disappear after a few days, so I won’t train them separately.

Thanks to all hard working programmers of the scripts! You are AWESOME! Really, WK gets soooo much better with this scripts!!

~T :lion:


My favorite scripts include:

Less essential but I love them anyway:

Thanks so much to all of you who invested their time into this. I wouldn’t want to do WaniKani without these scripts!


To be honest… yeah, I do :sweat_smile: when I used Memrise for a couple of weeks, one of the things I thought was absolutely the worst was the way it would automatically submit your answer once you typed it in correctly. I would just keep typing in different possibilities until I hit the correct one (and then it moves on so you barely have time to process which was correct). I didn’t actually get to know the correct answer at all.

They do tell you whether it’s on or kun, and writing the on’yomi in katakana is just a dictionary convention. I don’t use this script and I’m still able to guess the readings of new vocab like you are.

Not that I don’t think this is a good script, but for me the value would be in katakana exposure.

Scripts I Use

Ultimate Timeline - of course. For me this is the must-have script. Only being offered information about my next set of reviews is useless for helping me to plan my reviews, and I do have to plan them, because I have life to get on with as well as WK.

Jitai - randomises the font your reviews are displayed in, so that you don’t just get used to the WK font. Everything about this is fab; I can’t recommend it enough.

Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition - tells me whether a kanji was constructed with a phonetic component, or whether it’s used in other kanji as a phonetic component. Contributes even more to being able to guess readings.

Pitch Info - tells you (with a great diagram too) the pitch type for vocabulary. It makes me pay more attention to the pitch in the recording, and helps me interpret it more accurately. I’m also learning what the different pitch options are.

Lesson Hover Details - shows you how many radicals, kanji and vocabulary lessons you have from your dashboard, on hover. I was always going right into my lessons to find this information, so this saves a lot of time.

Auto-Focus Notes - this literally means that when I click into the notes text boxes it goes straight to typing mode without requiring another click. An essential script, haha!

They’re all amazing and I’m incredibly grateful to the people who created them; and for the WK Open Framework, of course!


I use this script too, and yes, definitely. It’s very convenient but you really don’t learn as well. I combat this by disabling it for a while every few levels and making sure I learn properly.


My script usage got a bit out of hand, I will try to sort them by importance for me :slight_smile:

  • Wanikani Override
    • I use it all the time, I don’t really rely on the WK radicals, and this stupid MacBook keyboard now has the habit to press B twice, grrrr
  • Wanikani Self-Study Quiz
    • Great script, and got even better recently! I just go through all kanji on the current level again quickly several times, no problem with the level afterwards!
  • Dashboard Progress Plus
  • Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
  • Jitai
    • I shouldn’t have installed that exploding banana font or how it was called …
  • Niai Similar Kanji
    • I often think “haven’t I seen this before?” Very useful to find troublemakers that are just too similar.
  • Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answers
    • Show all meanings after your answer, good to reinforce also the meanings you don’t use (thanks again @DaisukeJigen for adding it!)
  • Katakana Madness
    • Also helps with the phonetic compositions (because they only apply to ON readings)
  • Lesson User Synonyms 2
    • Also add synonyms during lessons, I really wonder why this is not part of vanilla WK
  • Keisei
    • Starts to help you from maybe level 10–20, I think it’s great :wink:
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
    • For sorting radicals and kanji to the front
    • I only turn it on during lessons when I need it, this extra bar freaks me out
  • Wanikani Stroke Order Diagram
    • Very useful to get a better feeling for the kanji, I will practice writing later™
  • Doushi – I have this script in “permanent alpha”, it shows other verbs with the same kanji, with the same reading, …
  • Wanikani Pitch Info
  • Wanikani Real Numbers
  • Timer script – another script in development, a timer that also computes stats like median time per answer, …
  • DotDotDot Expander
    • Prevents the unnecessary abbreviations with … even on wide screens
  • Golden Burn

The scripts definitely turn WK from like 7/10 to 10/10.


I want to thank @rfindley


Oh my, this again. Let’s see, let’s see… @acm2010 You thought you were out of hand, heh, have a look at this.

Most of these are active, however some I only turn on periodically. I’ll include styles as well, because why not.


  1. Wanikani Open Framework
  2. Wanikani Open Framework Additional Filters
  3. Wanikani SRS Grid
  4. Wanikani Override
  5. Wanikani Real Numbers
  6. Wanikani Real Times
  7. Wanikani Improve
  8. Wanikani LevelUp Celebrator
  9. Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
  10. Wanikani Review Wrong Info Click
  11. Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus
  12. Wanikani Stroke Order
  13. Wanikani Lightning Mode
  14. WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+)
  15. Wanikani Lesson User Synonyms 2
  16. Wanikani Review Count Analysis
  17. WK Do You Even Kana
  18. Wanikani Tab Notification
  19. WK Community Mnemonics
  20. Wanikani True Result
  21. Wanikani Super Burn Happy Script
  22. Wanikani DotDotDot Expander
  23. Wanikani ALC
  24. Wanikani Example Sentences
  25. Wanikani Mistake Delay
  26. Wanikani Part-of-Speech
  27. Wanikani Egg Timer
  28. WK Auto Commit
  29. Wanikani LEsson Tab Transmutation
  30. Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
  31. Vocabulary for Wanikani
  32. Wanikani Forums Lesson/Review Status
  33. Wanikani Condensed Progress Bars
  34. WK fix ‘Next Day’
  35. KanjiDamage mnemonics for Wanikani
  36. Self Q.O.L.
  37. Wanikani Common Vocab Indicator
  38. Wanikani SRS Level Progress
  39. Wanikani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer
  40. Wanikani Pitch Info
  41. Visually Similar Kanji
  42. Wanikani Review Audio Tweak 2
  43. Wanikani Kanji Info
  44. Wanikani Levels By Stage
  45. Wanikani Niai Similar Kanji
  46. Wanikani Lesson Hover Details
  47. Wrong of the Day
  48. Jitai
  49. Wanikani Burn Manager
  50. Wanikani Info Page Tweaks
  51. WaniKani Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition
  52. Wanikani Dashboard Level Progress Detail
  53. Wanikani: Move context sentence to top
  54. Wanikani: Level Duration 2.0
  55. Wanikani Zero Zero What’s This
  56. Wanikani: Order Vocab’s Kanji Breakdown
  57. Wanikani: Autofocus Notes Area
  58. Wanikani: Highlight Radical Names in Reading Mnemonic
  59. Anki Mode (only on mobile)


  1. Wanikani Rubyizer
  2. Wanikani Forums: Spongebob Time Cards
  3. Wanikani Forums: Rainbow Flairs
  4. Wanikani Forums: User Tags
  5. Wanikani Forums: The Countdown Script
  6. Wanikani Forums: Like Counter
  7. Wanikani Forums: Large Image Embedder
  8. Wanikani Forums: Hide Users
  9. Wanikani Forums: New Topics or Replies Autoclick
  10. Wanikani Forums: Expand Tall Images
  11. Wanikani Forums: WK Profile Link In Usercard


  1. Jisho Audio
  2. Kaniwani Audio
  3. Kanji Highlighter
  4. NHK Furigana Toggle


  1. Hide Remaining Count in Review Session
  2. WaniKani Breeze Dark
  3. Wanikani Remove Useless Panels
  4. WaniKani / Kanji Stroke Order
  5. Wanikani Forums: Transparent Theme 2.0
  6. Wanikani Forums: Display level 1 and 2 as <3
  7. Wanikani Forums: Display level 42 and above as 42+
  8. Wanikani Forums: Repair the bot
  9. Wanikani Forums: Revert change to like buttons
  10. Wanikani Forums: Switch bird emoji to a pigeon
  11. Animate Borx’s Rotation
  12. Wanikani Forums: Blobs

Hey, that sounds like an awesome Idea. Maby I will modify my script, so that it will be inactive off for master+ ?!

Wow, you really use many scripts. I always try to not use that many scripts, because I’m afraid that they could interference and become buggy. Did you get any bugs because of too many scripts?


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Haha yeah, some do interfere with each other, but in those cases I just do some CSS or JS magic and force them to cooperate. I’m also sure that some of them don’t work at all because of interference, but I have no way of detecting that unless I look for a specific feature of the script.

Better have false positives than false negatives.

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I only use three: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline, WaniKani Override and WaniKani Reorder Ultimate 2. The Holy Trilogy of WaniKani Scripts. I also think they cover three major holes in the system: a proper data visualisation system, the ability to mark an answer as incorrect (to stop wasting time reviewing an item just because of a typo) and being able to review items as one pleases.

Edit: thank you @kumirei, typo inception.

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@rfindley can even see the future

I will praise every single userscript I use in this thread.

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:bird: :bird: :bird: Is it really usefull?

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Yeah, when I realize that I do not really remeber a high rank item, i commit it wrong on purpose. At the moment I feel like I remember my items very well, but the future will show if it is right o.O

But thanks for the warning, I will abolutely take it seriously :slight_smile:


You tell me which is better



As someone living in Paris, I can’t suffer pigeons anymore so I definitely prefer the cute bird heads

Without userscripts I wouldn’t be here anymore at all, because I can’t possibly type through hundreds and hundreds of reviews. While I love all the scripts I use, Anki mode irrelephant ver. and user synonyms are my shared my number one! :heart_eyes:

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