Hiding all timers and calendars?


So I’ve reset back to level one again, and already I’m feeling the pressure of the SRS gamification get to me. Could you consider adding an option to hide all timers and calendars for upcoming reviews? I know this might seem silly, but in the several times I’ve done months-in-a-row of WK, I would develop way too strong of an attachment to the SRS cutoffs, and it affected my performance in things unrelated to japanese as a result. It can get pretty stressful.

Ideally, I’d like to hide the element that holds the next review/next hour/next day on the main dashboard page. For the reviews and lessons count, I’d like to just see 0 or *. Pretty much I’ve found out emprically that knowing the SRS timing does not work for me. I’m not in any rush to maximize vocab intake; I just want a consistent schedule of managable chunks. I don’t care if I mess up that one last kanji, keeping me just shy of the level up. That’s unnecessary pain. Reviewing old content and learning new content are both beneficial. If I have a light review day, cool. I’ll just do something else with the time I allocated that evening, maybe study up on some jargon in Japanese I’d like to know. If I can’t finish all the reviews in my allotted time, well shoot. That probably means I took on too many apprentice items. But that’s a separate issue.

My goal here is to do a morning session and a night session of vocab study, without getting stressed out by timers and balloons. When I run, it’s deterministic. I know exactly what I’m doing from the beginning. Whether it’s a 5K or an hour-long, I’ve budgeted it in for the day. It’s among the most reliable activities there is to do. It’s a joy, and days without it are painful.

I’m trying to approach that level of determinism with vocabulary study. If it were possible to apply a stamp in and stamp out way of thinking to WK, I believe WK would be so much more accessible.


Hello, I can easily make a script for that but I’m going to bed right now so it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Hey, that sounds great, thanks! Do you know if there’s a way to run it in iOS?

Sorry but that’s outside my area of expertise. I haven’t owned an iOS device in many years now. I know you can install scripts on Android browsers though, not sure if the same method can be used. If you want to try and see if it works on iOS there’s a nice topic about it here

Afaik you can not run userscripts on a ios device unless its integrated in one of the WK ios apps.


Well that’s unfortunate, guess there’s nothing we can do about that then :confused:

@basketball I finished the script if you still want to use it on PC, let me know if there’s anything missing you would like :slight_smile:


@RysingDragon Absolutely beautiful! :smiley:


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