Make ignore script work in Android

I’m missing a lot of times to do my reviews because I can’t use my phone for Wanikani. I just don’t like the vanilla app. I’m not native in english, I have lots of typos, and sometimes I just know but don’t remember the exact word I wrote in spanish.

I tried to install tampermonkey or a similar app in my phone and I added the script, but It didn’t really work. I opened wanikani in tampermonkey browser (it is supposed to apply the scripts, right?) and it didn’t.

I really need this. Did somebody make it work?

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The third party app has the ignore script built in. If you want something else then Firefox + Tampermonkey does the trick.


I can confirm that the third party Android app has the script built in, and it works beautifully. It’s the only place I’ve ever used it, seeing as typos are far easier to make on that tiny keyboard.

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U tried this app?

Or is this app u call “vanilla app”?

vanilla means adding the link to to your desktop in android. That creates a “web app” without having to install an external app. This works with KaniWani as well. :slight_smile:

You say the one mentioned after your post?

WK For Wanikani is the one I’ve used as well. Now I stick to Firefox though, since I can install whichever scripts I want

I have the ignore turned on in my app, but it never actually appeared for me, so I never got to use it… So many typos unignored.

It doesn’t look like the button in your browser, it’s an X to the left of the input field

You can also hit backspace to ignore a wrong answer.

Oh. My. God. I ignored the ignore button!!! :sob::face_vomiting:


I was so excited when I read your comment about installing any script. Then I tried using the web app, and I hated it. Here is why: when I hit enter, the answer gets processed, but the keyboard shuts. This slows me down significantly, as I am used to jamming enter between typing responses and having my reviews just fly by.

Ah, yes, that happened for me too sometimes. Now I just use a modified version of the Anki Mode script when I review on mobile


You sir/madam are a blasphemer! :scream:
In all seriousness, you don’t input answers then? :thinking:
Also, how do you make the gifs on your phone? :pray:

I don’t input when reviewing on mobile (which I try to avoid). It’s just not efficient.

I believe I made that gif by downloading an app for recording the screen, recording, then uploading to

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Anki mode rocks! I don’t know how everyone else manages to not go insane over having to type the answers on mobile (or on the desktop… :innocent: ) .

Wait, so I’m using the android app but you’re telling me there’s potentially a better way I should be running reviews?

Only started using this yesterday so very new to it!

Really depends what you consider better.
Multiple things have been suggested and I will go over them one at a time with the necessary disclaimers:

  1. Using the android app with the ignore script on:
    This is great provided you use the ignore feature only for typos, and not to cheat when you genuinely don’t know something.

  2. Using Firefox + scripts on mobile:
    This is good if you have multiple scripts you want to run that are unavailable in the above use scripts responsibly.

  3. Using the AnkiMode script specifically:
    This is a subject if debate and I do not know if it is a good thing or not. WaniKani literature would have you believe that having to input the entire answer is better for memory than simply selecting whether you remember an answer or not after seeing it. While I have not read any definitive paper on this, I find it makes intuitive sense to me for this to be true. But it might not be.I must admit that I have been sorely tempted to use the AnkiMode script simply to speed things up, but have so far resisted, for fear of hurting my retention.

  4. Using scripts on general:
    On desktop especially, I find not using scripts to be an unwise decision. Many scripts exist to aid you in tracking your progress, and not to influence it. I cannot imagine a good reason to not want to get a better idea of where one stands in their studies.
    Other scripts exist to make your learning experience more immersive, and yet others exist to make the process more entertaining.