[Client App, Discontinued] WaniKani for Android

Hey dont know whether it’s my phones problem or the apps. Just thought I might ask of anybody knows a solution. Since recently I am no lomger able to use the app to go to the forums and stuff. The load bar loads and then the screen goes blank. Reviews and learning works as usual.
Any guesses what happened?

This is a really good app. Saves time from opening the website. Also provides notifications in case I forget.

Not sure if it’s my phone or not, but the app seems to be having trouble connecting through mobile network (works fine on WiFi) - any idea why this might be happening?

I dont know if this is the right place… But i use the wanikani Android app a lot as its way more flexible.
So i was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate the learning reorder script into the app. I would like to learn the radicals and Kanji first and then do vocabs over the period it takes to level but I currently don’t have a computer so I have to go through mountains of vocab before reaching the radicals and kanji.

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just make sure you get to 0/0 before guruing your last kanji for the level – then you’ll always get radicals and kanji first


If you have an android phone, the reorder script works on Firefox :slight_smile:

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does the ignore script also work? Asking for a friend.


A good advice regardless of whether you use a phone or a computer


The override script works, which provides the same feature I think

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On the settings page on the wanikani site itself, you can stop the audio from autoplaying during reviews and lessons. If you change these settings, it’ll mute on the app as well :slight_smile:

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This app is great. I’m faster on a PC but I use it all the time when I’m away from the computer.
I just wanted to suggest a dark mode if possible? I just found Breeze for the web version and my eyes are very happy about it. Not sure if this app is in any form of active development but it’s just a thought.

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Looks like this app is no longer available on the Google Play store – unless I’m looking in the wrong place … ?

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It was no longer maintained anyway. There is another application, Flaming Durtles, that works like a charm.


Love this app. Still use it to this day and vastly prefer it over Flying Durtles. Can’t really say why, it has less features, but it just “feels” right with all the little things that I miss when using Flaming Durtles. Saddens me that it will be dead once API v1 will be discontinued.

Anyone with coding knowledge has any idea how feasible/difficult it is to make it work with API v2?

It’s definitely feasible, and not too difficult for someone with experience in native Android app development. But it’d be a lot of work, I’d guess a few solid days of coding. All in all, the biggest problem would be to find a developer who has the right skills and experience, and who would be willing to dive into an old, dusty piece of code like that. Especially since it would probably also be a big, unpleasant job to polish the code to a state where it’s acceptable for the Play Store again. Google has a lot of rules for that.

It’s all possible in theory, but I fear all of the old Android apps will simply die a quiet death come September.

the biggest problem would be to find a developer who has the right skills and experience, and who would be willing to dive into an old, dusty piece of code like that. Especially since it would probably also be a big, unpleasant job to polish the code

Yeeep. I doubt anyone would be willing to deal with this codebase unless paid properly. :slight_smile:

That’s also why I think trying to upgrade this codebase to API v2 isn’t a great idea. You’ll have to change plenty of things and that’ll inevitably be a pain. When I say the codebase is a time machine on GitHub, I mean it - quite a bit in there is straight from 2013. :grimacing:

Now, regarding working on a new app, I’ve thought about it a few times. Even started some work. But then —don’t even remember where— I read rumors of official apps being in development, so I figured maybe I shouldn’t bother. Add to that my free time decreasing and the project died.

It’s been around a year since then, and there’s still no official apps in horizon, so maybe whoever wrote what I read was mistaken and after all, maybe it’s a decent idea to build a new app.

For those reading this and are technically inclined, I’ve been working with Flutter for the past 2 years, and it’s fantastic. So I’m thinking, if I am to work on another WaniKani app, it’s gonna be built with Flutter, for Android and iOS (and potentially Mac/Windows/Linux). It’s also much much easier/simpler/faster to build apps with than native Android.

However, I’m not confident I’d have the stamina to build a production-ready app alone, on top of my full-time dev job and other projects. I would be totally up to set up a GitHub org and work with whoever is interested though. React or React Native experience translates very well to Flutter, for example, so if you’re in that camp, are willing to learn, and have the time, you could join up, and we could have a good time. :slight_smile:

I’ve always done my own designs, but it’s just been what I feel looks nice and is good design – no real expertise. So if we do assemble a team, and if you’re a designer who’d be willing to help out, I’d gladly welcome input from you.

So yeah… If there’s anyone interested in any way, I’m definitely down to talk.

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It wasn’t a mistake, official apps are in development, but it looks like they are still pretty far off. And even if/when the official apps arrive there will still be a place for unofficial ones like mine (and hopefully more - choice is good). Some of the most popular features in Flaming Durtles for example are inspired by userscripts and are the kind of features that the WK devs will almost certainly never put into an official app.


I realized you were the dev of Flaming Durtles shortly after posting my previous message. Hey there. :slight_smile: I would offer something like joining forces to make Flaming Durtles look fancy or something, but you seem to be doing native Android so whatever… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and you’re right. Maybe I’ll start a project sometime and do some groundwork, then see if anyone wants to join the effort in a new thread.

Yeah, my Java day job made that an easy decision, as well as the fact that I’m moving away from using iOS and I really, really don’t want to deal with the criminally abusive App Store policies, which are affecting iOS WK apps as well. So I don’t need cross-platform support.

FD is definitely not a pretty beast, but it’s always been my priority to keep the UI simple, fast and efficient. And when I look at what passes for good app UI design these days I see too much form over function, too much bling and bloat at the price of usability, too many people who think they know what ‘usability’ means but really don’t. I know there must be a nice middle ground there, but until I find it I have firmly chosen one side of that raging river :wink: . I know it’s not to the taste of some people, but that’s the price of letting a backend dev do frontend design without proper training :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha. I can respect that. I’ve known a few others with similar opinions and I think you make a fair point, although I guess I prefer to get as close to the middle ground as I can.

As for iOS, I couldn’t agree with you more. Just the other day, an app we built for a client got rejected after initially being approved, and who knows what will happen now. Apple’s developer practices, and especially the App Store, singlehandedly make me want to switch away from mobile development sometimes.

At the end of the day, though, so many potential users are on iOS that you can’t just ignore it as a business. And in the case of a potential WK app built with Flutter, the work to get it to iOS is so little besides the struggle with the App Store that the the number of users who might benefit from me biting a bit of that bullet kind of makes it worth it. I still rage when something negative happens, but… :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping these antitrust investigations yield some results.