Finally level 60!

Now, I am granted access to the Secret Clubhouse!

I always belong to Sect Turtle. Anyway, lucky to have a unique Title name. Uniqueness is a value.


Sure, sure. Title, whatever.

I am always one to hope for people to add the tale of how it came to be in ShotgunLagoon’s “How’d you get your Sect Name?” thread… XD (Even though I’m pretty sure I know why, in your case.)

Yay! Finally, I’ve joined the team!


I have 2 questions since there seems to be lots of experience users here.

  1. What happen if I got 60 and stop my subscription . Will I still be able to do the revisions to remeber what I’ve learned ? ( Am I back to lv 1 ? Same question with any level btw)

  2. How do I get the reorder script to work in my wani app ? Besides lv up faster will it do any harm to my learning ?

edit: do I really need the reorder script when there’s new update to Wani (the setting “ascending level then subject”)


  1. If your subscription lapses, you’ll only have access to the free content. Levels 1-3. If you reached level 60, I believe your level indicator will stay gold and say 60 though.

  2. I don’t believe any apps have reorder capabilities. But I only use one. As for if you need it, it depends what you want to do. Some simple things can be achieved with the update you mentioned, but you need it if you want to level up regularly at the minimum pace without much stress. The setting you mentioned will not help you level faster. The only abuse you need to resist the temptation of is not doing your vocab lessons.


Do you need reorder for reviews? WaniKani new update only do so for lessons, including apps.

If you want one for reviews, for iOS would be New iOS app. For Android would be Userscripts on Android (Browser).

If you ask me, in the end, you have to focus on learning all vocab first, rather than Kanji.

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To add to polv, for reordering on android, I find the new lesson filtering script much better to use than the usual script. Obviously it doesn’t work for reordering reviews, but it works amazing for lessons.

Oh man, I never knew there were re-order scripts for mobile devices :joy:well, too late now! :sunglasses:

As usual, @Leebo beat me to answering the question…

and oh by the way, I also made Level 60 XD




I command you on finding a way to use ようやく

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Here I am


BTW how many people are there on level 60?

Wow thats that’s amazing

Not easy to find out. There used to be a list of “Golden Children”, but that list has disappeared from WK website.

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Yeah, that list had 42 entries and it was full with level 60 users, so all I know is that there are more than 42 of them.


wel anyways great job y’all. You guys are the real inspiration to us beginners. :heart:

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I love that app

Made it to 60 a few days ago. Took me just over two years and really took a hit during my trips to Japan with and without vacation mode.
I will continue on the road to burning all the turtles, but it feels nice to be here.
Time to bask in the glorious warmth of my burning turtles!