Who Has Reached Higher Levels with no Scripts? Raise Your Hands

So, looking through the replies, I cannot find anyone who actually responded to the question. Instead, everyone seems to have answered whether or not scripts are useful or could be considered cheating.

I am going to take this to mean that nobody reaches higher levels without using them.



Thank you. I wasn’t really looking for a debate about this. People seem to have strong, perhaps somewhat even emotional opinions about this, which is somewhat understanding considering how much time we all invest in Wanikani, therefore we all want to believe we’re making the best use of that time. I really just want to know who has succeeded without using them.


Probably people that never used the forum and are not aware of their existence.


When I read through the replies I see a lot of people who atleast imply that they use scripts and then provides their reasoning for why they do so.

Some quotes are:
“I wouldnt want to use WK without scripts now that I’ve seen them.”
“I don’t really use any scripts of consequence”
“Could I complete WK without scripts? Yeah I guess. Would I want to? Noooope.”

Doesn’t that mean they responded to the question?

The topic of this thread also makes it difficult to answer the question if you use scripts, since it is only aimed at people who does not use them. At the same time people want to voice their opinion.

I think some of the emotional responses has to do with the original wording of the thread, before the edit.

“A lot of users on the forums talk as though scripts are virtualy essential for success” can be interpreted as a challenge to how people use Wanikani or an accusation that the way that they use the site is in a “less pure” way. Not saying that was the intention, just that it is a possible interpretation that could have been avoided by more careful wording.

I think the edit that was made makes it better, but I am not surprised that this initial confrontational tone gives echoes in the kind of replies that get posted. If there is anything to learn here I think it is that wording of the first post of a thread is immensely important to how the rest of the discussion pans out.


Like most people have said, learning kanji is learning kanji. There’s no script to make it easier really.

There are people who care more about levelling up than learning the kanji and abuse scripts to level up as fast as possible, but those kinds of people don’t usually last long.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the script only works on computer. I think there’s no solution for the app. Maybe you could try this to see if it works:

Script: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-all-typing/raw/master/Memrise_All_Typing.user.js


The number of people who reached higher levels is really small anyway, you won’t see many hands in any case.

And your question could also imply that WK is not optimal because so many modify it, but it is actually a smart move from the developers side to let their users implement features on their own for free. This question wouldn’t have come up if there were checkboxes for everything in the settings already included.

I also use KaniWani and the lack of ultimate timeline makes me a bit nervous, the default “next hour/next day” info is kind of useless.


Using Violentmonkey would only work if he/she uses Firefox and goes to the memrise website instead of using the actual app, but I’m not sure if the web version of memrise works well on smartphones?

This is also one of the main reasons I stopped using Memrise, as there was no way to disable multiple choice answers on the app.

I just take them as they come. No rush and I don’t see the benefits of knowing when reviews will happen etc. If I make a typo then I make a typo - I still know the word whether WK records that I do or not. I’m happy with how WK works as it is but each to their own.


Yep, it was the same for me for some time. I discovered this script recently, so yeah now I only use Memrise on the computer. It’s not like I spend all day using it like WK, so that makes things easier :slight_smile:

Sounds like I should give it another go with this script then :wink: Thanks for sharing!

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It’s a question that implies something strange, that’s why the actual question was largely ignored. If someone used the script that turns their burned items background gold, then by his definition they “didn’t reach the higher levels no scripts” but what exactly did we learn about getting to the higher levels from that info?


I didn’t use any scripts other than the correction one on my phone (due to fat fingers).
It takes a long time :slight_smile:

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I reached approximately level 25 without using any scripts and without adding any synonyms (because I didn’t realize I could).

Then, I made it to about level 35 only using an occasional synonym or two, but no scripts.

Now, I use the Allicrab app on my phone with both the Jitai and Override scripts turned on. I use the Override script sparingly, only to correct honest typos or similar, and the Jitai script is a font randomizer, which actually makes reviews harder - so I should get some credit for that. :slight_smile:

And, of course, the re-oredering scripts have been sort of rolled into the Wani Kani main app. All hail the Mighty Crabgator!




I use a couple of scripts, but nothing like Ultimate Timeline or anything that reshuffles lessons to the front. I know that WK changed now offers users the chance to structure their lessons a little more, but I just keep mine at shuffled. I review radicals, kanji, and vocab all at the same time instead of having radicals/kanji/vocab at the front.

I use golden burn (it changes your burnt items from gray to gold), level duration (just a tab on the top of your screen that tells you how long you spend on each level), override (which lets you ignore words marked as wrong, which I mostly use for spelling errors, and stroke order (during my lessons/reviews, I can see the stroke order of each kanji, which is probably my favorite one as I keep a kanji notebook).

I think these have all made WK a better experience for me. Especially the override for silly mistakes like putting “clear weather” for 晴 when it’s meant to be “clear up.”

Even if you don’t want to use any scripts, I would recommend this one.

You wouldn’t want reach Level 60 or All Burned by typing “five things” instead of “nine things”, would you?

Unless WaniKani has Blacklist-some-English-typings as a default feature… (it might in some future updates.)

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I have just found this one: https://community.memrise.com/t/course-forum-tinycaterpillars-courses/1753 and it is quite cool.

I would recommend creating your own course (probably by batch creating via Copy+Paste from spreadsheet/Excel), or Book Club creating a course, also (by adding contributors).

Memrise seems to be better for sharing than Anki.

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I would count that as wrong, obviously. But if you input “nine thyngs” or “9 things” instead of “nine things”, are the first two wrong? The first is obviously a spelling error, but maybe your finger slipped on the keyboard, etc. Close but no cigar seems a bit to constricting for me, imo.


Rather you like it or not, if you have two people that are level 60, one using scripts but not abusing and one person using 0 scripts, they will know the same thing. Chances are that the Script user will just have learned faster by being able to ignore typos and use the timeline to better see when they have current level reviews.