[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

The Ultimate Timeline no longer appears either. I suddenly have the generic WK display. What happened?

None of my scripts are running, even though Tampermonkey is enabled and running. This isn’t your problem, of course, but any help would be welcome!

Hmm. Reloaded Firefox and now some of the scripts are working, but that horrible Review Forecast is still there. Guess I shall use Tsurukame. Sigh.

Has anyone made a version of this that runs as its own webpage rather than as a script? I installed this on my laptop and love it, but I’m on my ipad or iphone 99% of the time.

You can use scripts on the Firefox browser with Tampermonkey on phones and tablets

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It’s not obvious how to make that work.

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I’m assuming Firefox on a tablet will have the same method.


I don’t think that works on iOS. Extensions are not allowed.

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There is sadly no such website. Maybe this would work for you though?



You know what would be supergreat? If the wkstats people talked to the Ultimate Timeline people and integrated the latter into the former. That would be serious bizness.

They’re the same people :sweat_smile:



Let’s do this thing!

Well, I’ve definitely considered it. Like all things, it’s a matter of finding the free time.


Don’t work too hard :pray:t2:


I believe in you


I noticed that some of my reviews are labeled, SRS level undefined. Is this related to the new SRS levels that are being released?

edit: oops, yes i see that today was deprecation day.

Screenshot of the problem


The script is otherwise usable. No crash to report.

Edit: It seems it is the newly learned/recently reviewed items that are affected. As far as I can tell items that were reviewed before the API change display the correct information.


I’m wondering if it is a problem with things that are “apprentice level”

Guru level 1 and 2 are showing. I will guru some of the undefined ones tonight and report if they change from undefined to guru 1.

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I think this is because guru items are reviewed less frequently than apprentice items. They are more likely to have been reviewed before the API change.

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I can check this, because I reviewed last night after the change.

I can confirm, when I reviewed guru 1 to guru 2 items last night they were leveled up to guru 2 but read as undefined.


Hi all,

Ultimate Timeline has been updated to work with the new Wanikani changes.

:point_right: [ v7.0.28 ] - Update to work with Wanikani SRS changes.