Wanikani is too slow and the Radicals are Useless. also Why Can't I just level up in one day instead of 7?

So, I just want to give a sincere thanks to Koichi and the whole WK team. He is the man. Kanji is the man. Wanikani is the man. They is the man. The Crabbigator is the man. Wanikani is epic. Learning kanji is general the most unpleasant part of learning Japanese from what I have heard. For me, it became, and still is, my favorite part about learning Japanese thanks to the epicness that is WK. You transformed something difficult and tiring into a fun game which I desperately wanted to beat. So thanks. I really appreciate it.

Also, I am gonna put this here partially to brag but partially as a message to anyone struggling right now. As you can see, I got stuck for a really long period of time, 3 times, and I still made it. Each time I thought I was done for and there was not way I would make it back. If you are in a slump right now, don’t feel like there is no chance to get back. I felt like that a few times and it sucked. Just sit down, do some reviews each day, get back on track, form good habits, and once you have caught up, meet me in level 60 land. The rumors were true, there is cake here.


Nice!! Congrats Tama!


It took you over one year??? Preposterous!
I could do it in two weeks if it would let me skip levels. This site is useless.


Congrats Onion!

Well done!

Thank you for not reading the FAQ and the Guide. If you were unable to locate the search function I refer you to this post which explains it in detail.

However since I see you are new here I will provide you with what you’re looking for so you don’t have to overexert yourself looking for the answer.

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Please tell me those are all rickrolls…


Not a single one.


YAY! You did it! And you have a pretty new userpic, too!

EDIT: the speed on your last levels is INTENSE. I thought I was just imagining things when your badge number kept changing.


Why is the how do you search the community forums thread closed?


Not really clear. Apparently some of the posts may have been inappropriate or something.

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Why did wanikani email about this thread is what I’m wondering.

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Because we missed you, of course

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This list burns my eyes, but also, why am i not getting reviews? I did a lesson why cant i review it im not learning anything thanks


Congratualtions! I was wondering when you’d reach 60 :stuck_out_tongue:
Also you totally got me with the title ._.


That is very random. You mean like this thread as in this thread? Weird…

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Congrats @TamanegiNoKame

I’ve been told when I started learning Japanese that kanji is a total nightmare, slow torture and close to impossible and then a friend told mii about WaniKani, so I can totally relate.

That screenshot is really helpful too.
If you don’t mind answering - I was wondering about the change of pace -
It looks like you were able to learn faster after each time you’ve got stuck.
You went from 9 days on average to 7 days on average to 6 days on average.
Was it a “hitting a wall” situation every time your brain was about to recalibrate itself to a faster learning pace as a result of practice or just mechanical changes you’ve made (scripts, change of schedule etc.)?


I dare you to reset back to level 1. You can’t turn down a dare. It’s the rules.


They grow up so fast

I feel like just yesterday you were in the 40s and profile picless.

EDIT: missed an s


So, @2tea, the honest answer, from 9 to 7 was mainly that after learning kanji for a while, learning new kanji became a lot less painful and my brain got better at it. And from 7 to 6 plus, I started using a script to put the kanji and radicals first in my lessons, so I would always do the radicals right away which lets you level faster. For the three plus day levels, by that point the learning kanji process became pretty mechanical for me and also I started pre-studying kanji before the time I was supposed to level up. So really, I don’t think the crashes had much to do with it. Your brain just improves at learning a certain type of information over time. Also, I just became more and more willing to sacrifice sleep because I am moving to Japan in a bit and wanted to at least be pretty firm on kanji before I leave.

EDIT: I guess the one thing the crashes reinforced in my mind each time was the need for forming habits and letting those habits drive my schedule, so in that way, they did have some effect.