Level 60! I'm so happy

Level 60! It finally happened! It took me a year but I finally made it here and I can’t believe it
It has been a really long journey and I noticed the more I did WaniKani that I could understand more and right now I’ve got a general enough understanding of most Japanese I come across. I honestly can not give enough thanks to everyone behind this website for making this amazing resource and the community for being so awesome!
Here is my levels
I forced myself to stay on it most of the time and maybe procrastinate for a day at most but I’m glad I got here.

What I can do now
I can pretty much understand all of the general array of topics like I said above but I kind of need to improve my grammar a bit more but even with it just around N3 level I am doing fine for the most part. I’d say that anyone who gets to this level, if you have a decent enough grammatical understanding overall you should be fine with everything though obviously I am nowhere near done with my journey in Japanese and I have a long way to go but I think of it as finishing High School. You finish all the basics for your life and now you get to branch out and choose what you want to learn.

What I wish I had done
I really do wish that I had done a lot more reading and grammar study as it would be more consistent with my level of knowledge of vocab and kanji so I’d definitely advise anyone using wanikani to do that a bit more so they don’t make my mistake of not making use of that time to further my learning even more but each to their own pace.

Again, thanks everyone for being here with me on my journey to level 60 and I hope that we can all stay on our journey to learning and bettering ourselves with resources like WaniKani.

P.S. Love the gold


Longest level 8 days O.O


Dude, you’re a madman. Congrats for sticking through so well! I could hold up the 7 day level up maybe until lvl 12 :sweat_smile:


Congratulations! Enjoy your newfound knowledge! :+1: :mortar_board:
Those are some spicy level-up times :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

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How did you manage to do the levels so quickly? I pretty much do all my reviews and lessons as soon as they become available (well - I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to do them but other than that).

Were you getting the reviews correct all the time? Does that make the difference?

Having said that, WK is absorbing about an hour a day of my time and I wouldn’t want to do more, especially as I think grammar, reading, watching anime and conversations are as important.

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Holy alligators… You’ve motivated me to pick up my game. Congrats!


Congratulations on level 60! ^w^
You’re my motivation to keep going :muscle:


Congratulations !!

The Ultimate Reorder Script allows you to front-load your radicals and kanji every level. Since leveling is dependent only on these two factors (vocab isn’t considered), you can accelerate your leveling if you make sure to hit those early and accurately. Similarly, getting any radical review wrong or missing more than 3 kanji after you guru the level’s radicals will set you back anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days.


Did you sleep!!! Wow. Congrats on getting to cake level!

Congrats, quite impressive !
How long do you spend on WK each day ?

I spent about 1-2 hours

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That’s some crazy dedication at the end - well done!

Damn that’s fast, you must have a nice retention rate.
I’ll take a slower route but I’ll get there too !

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congratulations! Now only 6 months until you’re 100% burned! Do you still have many low level unburned items?

I have a few but not too many though there are some items I struggle with at least since I’m not constantly doing lessons anymore I can really focus on burning them now so that is good

I’m glad to be a motivation

Yeah I slept and balanced it through school

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Congratulations! Impressive timeline as well :3

Congrats and enjoy the freedom finally! You deserve it!

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