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Week Start Date Chapter End Page End % End On Page Count
Week 1 18 Feb 序章、あるいは終章 21 6% End of 序章 15
Week 2 25 Feb 第一章 1/3 37 12% 幽霊でもなんでもいい。もう一度おじいちゃんに会って、鍵を── 13
Week 3 4 Mar 第一章 2/3 47 16% ということは、おじいちゃんから、宝箱の鍵を手に入れられるんじゃないか? 11
Week 4 11 Mar 第一章 3/3 + 幕間 63 23% End of 幕間 after 第一章 16
Week 5 18 Mar 第二章 1/4 76 28% それは、瀧川さんからの手紙だった。 11
Week 6 25 Mar 第二章 2/4 95 36% 我ながら、人生で一番かっこいいシーンじゃないかと思った。 20
Week 7 1 Apr 第二章 3/4 106 40% それを聞かずにすべてを終わったことにできるほど、僕は大人ではなかった。 11
Week 8 8 Apr 第二章 4/4 119 46% End of 第二章 13
Week 9 15 Apr 幕間 + 第三章 1/4 139 53% そう言って、深々と頭を下げたのだった。 18
Week 10 22 Apr 第三章 2/4 147 57% この問題に、世界は今も答えを出せないままでいる。 10
Week 11 29 Apr 第三章 3/4 163 64% …一〇回目のシフト実験の時だった 19
Week 12 6 May 第三章 4/4 180 72% End of 第三章 19
Week 13 13 May 幕間 + 第四章 1/4 195 77% 重ねられた唇のように、その罵声は柔らかかった。 13
Week 14 20 May 第四章 2/4 211 83% そして父さんが口にした用件は、僕が全く予想だにしていなかったことだった。 18
Week 15 27 May 第四章 3/4 226 90% 「犯人が、分かった」 16
Week 16 3 Jun 第四章 4/4 + 幕間 238 95% End of 幕間 after 第四章 12
Week 17 10 Jun 終章、あるいは序章 253 100% End of book 13


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  1. Any potential spoiler for the current week’s reading need only be covered by a spoiler tag. Predictions and conjecture made by somebody who has not read ahead still falls into this category.
  2. Any potential spoilers for external sources need to be covered by a spoiler tag and include a label (outside of the spoiler tag) of what might be spoiled. These include but are not limited to: other book club picks, other books, games, movies, anime, etc. I recommend also tagging the severity of the spoiler (for example, I may still look at minor spoilers for something that I don’t intend to read soon).
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A mark HTML tag got left in your post, which is making it render weird in some parts.


I think I got it. Thanks.


I’ll work on a proposal for the schedule sometime this week. Does anyone already have a physical copy? I’d love to know how long the prologue is so I can better judge the pages on my digital copy.


I’m not sure if I’m ready for the Intermediate Club yet, but I bought this book recently.
I had no idea when I bought it that it was going to be your next pick so I’m wondering if its a sign that I should join in and try to keep up with you all :grin:

I have a physical copy, heres the contents page.

Not sure if there is more than one version out there though.


Oh yeah, I am ready for this. Also a good starting date. For anyone who’s in Europe, I contacted Verasia.eu via email a week ago and they will likely have the book available in the next 3-4 weeks.


Haha that looks like fun chapters to turn into a uniform reading schedule :rofl::weary:


It’s not too bad. I plan to tack the 幕間 “chapters” onto their preceding chapter. The schedule will end up like this:

  • 第一章 part 1
  • 第一章 part 2
  • 第一章 part 3 + 幕間

That kind of thing.

There will certainly be some variety, but quick math shows that I can probably get consistently between 14 and 19 pages. The book has a lot of breakpoints within each chapter, so hopefully they line up nicely with the desired page counts. It’s entirely possible we’ll end up with a few weeks under 15 or over 20 pages if it doesn’t line up in parts, but hopefully that’s rare.


That sounds much better than it looked to me at first sight! :+1: Hope you can find good breakpoints in the chapters!


This shop could be an interesting alternative to https://www.amazon.co.jp for the beginner or intermediate level. However the choice in non-manga literature seems rather limited.


They have a mix of study materials, manga and novels. Many of the novel offerings were added within the last 1+ years and as far as I know, they’re adding new items very quickly :slight_smile: .


Am tempted to finally join another WK book club, but I have too many books in my lineup already.

…I will continue to consider :eyes:


Do we have an emoji for this book? (:

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Is there an emoji for parallel universes?


:couple_with_heart_woman_man: would work if you are leaning for the “romance” aspect?

Otherwise, :milky_way: kinda covers “universe,” though not parallel. There is no Schroedinger’s cat emoji. :joy:

I also haven’t read it yet to know if there is a more appropriate emoji right under our noses.


Let me know what emoji you want I’ll put it there.

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Haha. I have no idea what emoji is appropriate here. :joy: I was just spitballing options. Some books are harder than others, for sure.

Indeed, I should brace myself if any of my nominations are picked in other clubs… I have zero clue what emoji to use for either of them.

Edit: Besides which, an emoji isn’t strictly necessary. Just a fun identifier if there is one that fits!

What about :package: ?



Love it. :package:


Unfortunately the break points are not very conveniently placed… I’m getting chapters as low as 11-13 fairly often, and then the occasional 19-20 page week as well. The 20 page week is bookended by two 11 page weeks, but I see two 19 page weeks in a row about 2/3 of the way through the book. I haven’t gone further than that since this is more time consuming than expected and I wanted to get feedback before continuing.

Should I break at arbitrary lines when needed or is this variety in page count okay if it leads to natural break points?

  • I prefer natural breakpoints where possible, even if it leads to more variety in weekly page counts (within reason)
  • I prefer a more consistent number of pages per week, even if some weeks end on a random line of text
  • I have no preference

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