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This is an off-shoot of the 僕が愛したすべての君へ club, which was read as part of the Intermediate Book Club! The two books are closely related and loosely spoil each other’s events, so they are best read as a set. Read order doesn’t particularly matter, other than the endings having a different tone to them. When reading both, if one is looking for a happier tone, starting with this book and then reading 僕愛 will be the best bet!


Natively L29

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(Note: I added a spoiler warning for the final line because it seems the author’s tendency from the other volume to spoil things immediately made it into the product description. Unblur at your own risk! Or maybe not if he spoils it right away in the book anyway. Remains to be seen. )


Rough Translation

In a world where it has been demonstrated that people routinely shift between slightly different parallel worlds – Hidaka Koyomi, who lives with his father after his parent’s divorce, meets a girl named Sato Shiori at the Institute of Imaginary Science where his father works. The two harbour a faint infatuation with one another, but everything changes when their parents remarry to each other. Convinced they won’t be able to be together, Koyomi and Shiori try to jump to a world where they won’t end up siblings, but… there is no meaning in a world without her.


Given that we are currently not counting on very many members of the club, this is more of an informal discussion space, and we won’t be adhering to a schedule. We will all read at our own pace and just discuss things as we like (clearly marking spoilers/mentioning where we are at, of course). If we do get more members than expected that want to read on a schedule, of course, feel free to say so and I’ll set one up! (To that end, there is a poll in the participants section).

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Since this is an off-shoot book club what we could do alternatively to a regular weekly schedule is putting discussions for specific parts of the book and/or pages into the Details tag:


Nothing here yet! :smiley:

Or we could accelerate the schedule a little bit. For instance, the 序章 part is quite focused and for me it took maybe 30 min to read it. As in the first book, there are some physics explanations so the respective vocabulary is needed.


This made me chuckle


Yeah, I think that’s a good way to go about it, for sure. Right now, where there’s not very many of us, I think just keeping it without a strict schedule will be for the best. At the slowest, I would probably be going for a chapter a week or so, anyhow, though I guess it depends on if this volume is suddenly more difficult than the other. :stuck_out_tongue:


It gets a little more technical at points, but overall they are about the same.


I read through the 序章 while on break at work, and I have to agree with @WeebPotato’s assessment that the writing feels a bit better.

I mean, he still immediately made that spoiler warning in the description unnecessary, but otherwise, I definitely enjoyed this little blurb better than the initial blurb in 僕愛.

Maybe I’m just biased because Guinness is like the only alcohol I will still drink from time to time nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:



I vaguely remember thinking that the 序章 was nonsensical. :laughing:


Funny enough, it took your Guinness gif for me to fully understand what Koyomi meant by the direction of how the bubbles float to change depending on if one looks from the inside or the outside of the glass. :smiley:

I think the Guinness Cascade intro was a bit of a funny one, but definitely a writing classic in terms of introduction styles.

I don’t mind the spoiling at the end of the prologue so much. Actually, I think this is fine, because we already get a taste of how high will the stakes go throughout the story. This also is a bit of a classic in writing and for me personally it makes the story all the more interesting


I’m still somewhere halfway through it, but already wanted to cry a couple of times. The narrative in this book is way more coherent and we get introduced to the concept of “desire/thought” (念) as a driving force for switching to a parallel universe. I think this will play an important role during the whole story.

In general, I would say this book makes way more sense than the previous one and they should’ve been published in the reverse order

  • book 2 as the story
  • book 1 to fill us in on what happened to the other Koyomi who would accidentally switch between parallel universes to meet Shiori, for instance.

The funny thing also is that the narrative of this book seems to invalidate some things from book 1

  • Meeting Shiori during Koyomi’s childhood was not relevant at all. It was a random personal experience that happened, but it had no impact on the story.

  • The ending with meeting Shiori made no sense. Why would Koyomi feel happiness? He didn’t even know her name, because when they met during childhood they didn’t introduce themselves. As a result, the “I hope other Koyomis are also happy” ending felt like a cop out. First we get a cliffhanger at the end of the prologue and then a “non-ending” where the cliffhanger is not resolved :confused: .

My girlfriend also thought so :joy: . But then again, she doesn’t like physics in sci-fi.


There’s no order to reverse. They were published on the same day without any indication of an order to read them in (not one that I’ve found at least). I think the author wanted this to be a choose your own adventure kind of thing. Though as I’ve said previously, having read this book second originally I think this one fits better being first.



I should’ve checked the publication date, huh. Yes, that definitely sounds almost like an interactive novel approach.


Finished chapter 1 + intermission


Really liked this chapter. The motivations of both of Koyomi and Shiori are clear. They both would like to use the parallel universe switching to achieve something they currently can’t in their own universes. But to Koyomi it’s clear that the universes differ in good and bad ways - grandpa dying in one universe, his dog dying in another.

Koyomi also learns about the meaning of life via “warmth” and “cold” of living things. He’s noticeably more humble and therefore way more likeable than the other Koyomi.

There are 2 events which don’t make sense if one didn’t read the previous book, but also these are rather minor and easy to skip.

Really looking forward to continue reading this one :smiley: .


I also finished the first chapter and the intermission, and I agree entirely. Koyomi is so much more likeable this go around. For that reason alone, even knowing this will have a bit more of a melancholy feel to it, I’m glad to have read this one second. I think I would have soured more on 僕愛 to see the Takasaki Koyomi’s attitude being so poor in comparison to Hidaka’s.

The better writing continues to stand out. It baffles me a bit why it feels so much better given they were written and published around the same time. It’s strange. Maybe it’s just that I jive with the thought process of Hidaka Koyomi way more than I do Takasaki, so the writing feels better… Similarly, Shiori is more likeable than the originally somewhat spiteful Kazune, to be honest.

Kazune was interesting, but not really likeable until most of the way through the book, and then she was just there. Knowing that something happens to Shiori has me both dreading and looking forward to the rest of this book.

I do tend to like sad stories that stomp on my heart, so maybe that plays a role in my enjoyment, too? It has that feeling of something setting up for heartbreak, much like the Plastic Memories anime. It’s (mostly) happy for now, but you know it’s just building up to take that away.

Also, that dog poem, man… Maybe this hits a little harder because my grandparents also had golden retrievers that I grew up with and was extremely sad when they passed within a couple of months of each other, so I relate heavily to this Koyomi for that whole situation with Yuno, but wow. That definitely affected me a bit. :face_holding_back_tears:

Sorta stirred up similar feelings as Where the Red Fern Grows if you’ve ever read that. :face_holding_back_tears:


Yes, if I were to read this book first and 僕愛 second, I probably would’ve given up on 僕愛, because I would anyway know the more important parts of the story.

I’m not sure what’s up with the writing. It’s the same author, but the overall feel of the books is to me personally vastly different.

I liked sassy Kazune, but I guess I prefer the gentle yet stubborn Shiori. Let’s see whether she’s more flashed out at the end of the story.

I also like sad stories more, because they make me feel something. And this one is going to be a sad one for sure :frowning: . The dog arc almost made me cry on the underground :sweat_smile: . Sorry to hear about your dogos T.T.

But romcoms and rom dramas when executed well are also great. For instance Oregairu or Bunny Girl Senpai - there are sad moments, but in the end we get a happy ending.

I haven’t read Where the Red Fern Grows, no. Could try it maybe, heh.

Getting into chapter 2 now. Woop woop!

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Yeah, I was reading in a park and very thankful for the seclusion of the area I picked because I 100% teared up. :joy:

No worries! That was 15 or so years ago now, so I’ve now lived more of my life without than them with… I’ve definitely yet to get another pup, though, personally. Mostly because living in a city like Vancouver makes it difficult to want to; I like dogs to have some degree of freedom to wander in a wide open space, so I would feel bad keeping one in a relatively small apartment. Even walks and such wouldn’t feel sufficient to me, you know?

Oh, 100% agreed. Those are two of my favorite series (think we have talked about that before), so I’m with you there! Happy endings can also be great, as long as the journey has some deeper moments. 僕愛 struggled with that part a bit, I feel. A lot of the deeper moments got rushed and skipped over to some degree, so they didn’t have as strong of an impact as they could have.

It is good, but an emotional gutpunch. It’s a pretty simple read; it was required reading in school circa grade 6, if I remember correctly, because apparently American schools like to traumatize their children young, but despite being a required read, it really stuck with me and I love it even to date. Funnily enough, the town I’m moving to at the end of this month actually has a statue commemorating that book outside of their public library.

There is also a couple of movies (one from 1974 and the other from 2003) that cover the same story if you don’t want to dedicate the time to the book. Both were pretty good.

Nice on starting Chapter 2! I likely will be a few days behind you (though I think you’re being reasonable and spreading your reading across multiple days while I’m sitting down and reading single chapters in a day :joy:) since I have to sit down and create a schedule for the next VN Club pick this weekend, but I’ll definitely be posting when I do finish up that chapter also!

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Polish schools also like to traumatize their students :joy: . There are some books I had to read in elementary or middle school which would make sense to me only as an adult. Like, Catcher in the Rye makes sense for a teen, but some books on socialism and/or totalitarianism - I don’t know man :joy: .

I’m not doing that on purpose, actually. I’m just poorly juggling my free time. I’m thinking of pushing a little bit, because my girlfriend wants to read ある男 with me - me in Japanese, she in her native language.

Which game is it? :eyes:

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Yeah, we hit those in highschool, but by then, I was also doing some college courses, so I couldn’t tell you which were required reading for my actual age group and which weren’t. 1984, A Brave New World and the like, right?

One book I do know was for my age group (and not from one of the college courses) was A Tale of Two Cities… and I hated it. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Ahhh, can definitely relate to that… :joy: I still have a bit of packing I should be doing as well…but I’m gonna keep procrastinating it and then finish it in a panic the week before, knowing me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, I’ve not heard of that one, but the synopsis sounds interesting. It’s going on the list for sure.

Kind of a death game/mystery with canon yuri romance (not R18). Seems interesting! It’s got multiple endings, so this weekend, I’m trying to get a rough idea of if that’s something we can do in a single pass in the 19-21 weeks asceibed to the club, or if we have to split it up across an offshoot. Plus finding the right stopping points and such. VNs take a lot more work to schedule than manga or books, I’m finding really quickly. :joy:

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Yup, these ones exactly. Also Heart of Darkness and Lord of the Flies I think in mid or high school.

This one’s a really interesting one. Can’t tell much, unfortunately, otherwise I start spoiling some of the story! I watched the movie during a movie festival here and bought the book on a trip, because I found it super interesting. But my teacher warned me the Japanese is quite difficult and the Natively score reflects that.

Feel free to ping my on the VN thread :pray:

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Yeah, that 42 is intimidating. :joy: I’m likely put it off for a bit longer, but I am definitely interested in it! Thanks for turning me on to it!

Will do! You just want a ping when I post the preliminary schedule or?

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Yup, just the initial schedule. Thank you! :pray:

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I haven’t finished the whole chapter 2 yet, but

第二章 - also spoilers possibly

Oh boy oh boy… things are really starting to heat up! My girlfriend called it smut, but I have to say this is exactly the kind of story I was looking for.

There is some hesitation and uncertainty coming from Koyomi, but it’s good to see both Koyomi and Shiori reach some level of understanding finally and how to deal with their unusual familial situation. Looking forward to reading further.

There is also a couple of weird instances where Koyomi refers to himself as 僕 which don’t really make sense, because both him and his father use 俺. Feels a bit like a misprint, but it happens twice so I’m not sure…

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