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Week 12 6 May 2023
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Proper Nouns

Name Reading Notes
高崎暦 たかさきこよみ The main character
ユノ ユノ His grandfather’s dog
瀧川和音 たきがわかずね A top student in 暦’s class
虚質科学研究所 きょしつかがくけんきゅうじょ Institute of Imaginary Science
佐藤綾子 さとういとこ The founder of imaginary science


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Story Comments

This week was actually pretty sweet. I’m finally kinda warming up to the characters. :joy:

This week's comments


Just some random thoughts about all that shifting around

All that shifting around keeps throwing up questions in my head :smile:

I don’t remember if it says whether 暦 returns to his own world every time before he shifts to another, but I assume he can just shift from world to world now, right? So let’s say that he shifts to world 1 so that he is swapped with world 1 暦 (who is then in world 0). If our protagonist then shifts from world 1 to world 2, does world 2 暦 get swapped to world 1 or to world 0? :thinking:

In case of the former, 暦 could theoretically shift all the way to world 35 leaving behind a string of 暦s that are all just displaced by 1. So then what happens when our 暦 moves back to world 0?…

Stuff like this is great. :joy:

Yes, our protagonists are growing up :joy: and 暦 is finally reaching sensible conclusions like ‘when you marry someone, you should be willing to marry all their little variations :blush:


Okay, this week was damn good. And even managed to read it on time :sweat_smile:.


Wanted to ask, but always forgot. How would you read stuff like “二、三日”? Like, I’m mostly aware, that if it’s stuff like “二〜三度”, you can read it just as "に、さんど”, but what if the readings are completely different and don’t make much sense without the counter? Would you just read it as “ふつ、みっか”?


Okay, this was a speedread and a half. I’ve read way too much eminence in shadows this week, so I had to do the entire week’s reading today (starting at 5am for an hour or so, then continuing at 7am while going to and at uni). Don’t do like I do, I really don’t recommend it.


Well, things didn’t go as awry as I would’ve expected them to. I thought we would see a very different universe, where Kazune actively hates Calendar’s guts, making him question the whole “I love every single possibility of you” life motto he acquired just recently. Still, very cute chapter, though definitely won’t beat last week’s in terms of enjoyment, I don’t think.

However, especially the beginning section seemed incredibly easy to read. Not sure if I’ve finally got accustomed to the writing style, or if it was actually just easy, but I properly blasted through the first 4-6% of this week’s section.

That “long jumps don’t occur naturally” sentence was very ominous, but if I understood it correctly, we are time skipping the wedding(s) as well. Strange.


ふつか and みっか, yes. I think the only outlier is 1 day where it changes depending whether it’s an ordinal or a timespan.


I mean, literally written as “二、三日”, as in “2-3 days”, that’s the question here


I always read it as 「ふつ、みっか」because that’s how I would say it out loud if I were kinda fumbling over what number of days it would be when speaking aloud, but I don’t know if that’s actually correct.


Ah, apologies. I misunderstood the question. I usually read them as に, さんにち, but that’s not correct. @MrGeneric is probably correct here.


I realized something, this book has an audio book version. I should’ve remembered, because the first few weeks I listened along to it. So I went and checked there, and surprisingly

This is in fact the winner here. The voice actor says にさんにち, no pauses between words, nothing. That, to me at least, is kinda wild, since I don’t think those are common (if even correct) pronunciations.


Good to know! I’ll have to revise my internal voice on that, then.

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See, the thing I’m afraid of is that it could be very much speaker dependant.


Also a possibility. I’m gonna ask my tutor how she would say it as an experiment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, do report back if you do, I’m really curious


My thoughts (I didn’t read this week separate from the previous and next reading but looking at the comments I am writing in the right place)


Like others I thought this was a cute chapter. Although I feel like the concept of “it’s the same person just different sides to them depending on the parallel world” is a bit obvious, I kept wondering why Calendar was getting hung up on things until he made that realization lol. I feel like if this actually happened, society would’ve come to that conclusion as a collective by that point already. But, I get it makes for a better story.

Thank you Gorbit99 for checking the audio book on that! I always hesitate when I see that in writing how to properly read it.


I agree, it seems like 暦 tends to fail to understand a lot of things that should be obvious lol :rofl:.

reply to StarlitGlitch

Is it? To me at least it sounds perfectly natural, that the person that came to your universe might not be the same as the one you had. Especially if you think about universes that are several IP numbers away. Where would you draw a line then?


Yeah, I don’t think it’s so obvious.

Also, the voluntary shift seems problematic. If you shift to a universe where the other person didn’t choose to do a voluntary shift, then it wasn’t a voluntary shift for that person.