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Week 3 4 March 2023
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End phrase ということは、おじいちゃんから、宝箱の鍵を手に入れられるんじゃないか?
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こよみ The main character
ユノ ユノ His grandfather’s dog


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Haven’t finished this part just yet, but I like that it’s picking up pace.

I found it super realistically portrayed how our protagonist just “finds” himself in a completely different place and then starts discovering how the universe he slid into has all those おかしい differences, some for the better, some for the worse.


The beginning is a bit strange. I had expected that 暦’s “parallel self” would know his “parallel past” and so know how he got into that box (although not knowing when the branching from his original world took place). What we see here is the opposite: he remembers what happened in our last week’s reading and discovers little by little what is different in his present world.


But it was the “zero world” self that went into the box only with his conscience so without knowing why he was there in the first place. Wasn’t he?


This universe of parallel worlds must be a pain to live in. You have to ask yourself permanently whether the reality that you remember is still the reality that your environment lives in. It would be much nicer if you could choose the parallel world that you want to jump into. This would allow you to undo errors or unhappy events.


How come this week is so much shorter than the previous ones? Just unlucky placement of sections?

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I thought it’s the opposite actually. if it’s only the conscience that shifts/slides, I would expect it to be normal that Koyomi just ends in a random place where his parallel self used to be.


The breakpoints weren’t always conveniently placed, so the schedule is a bit uneven.


That’s ok, was just curious, helps me catch up too. Having a slightly uneven schedule definitely beats having none at all!


Finally caught up.


So some people after a divorce end up needing to basically move weekly over to the other parent, but I guess shifting over to another universe where you live with that parent is probably more troublesome.

I somehow find his obsession with the box and the key a tad bit unrealistic. Were I to be isekai’d in the most boring way at 10 years old, I would definitely have had other things I would’ve worries about before I could even remember that there was ever a box.


I’m pretty intrigued so far, but what struck me about this week’s reading is that it would have been way more compelling had the whole parallel worlds thing not been explained (to some extent, at least) in the first chapter. It’s sort of frustrating being so far ahead of the character in terms of understanding the situation and waiting for them to catch up. This chapter would have been a much stronger opening, IMO. I wonder if the first chapter was tacked on after the fact…

I’m also getting a hint of a general tendency to over explain things, which is probably why this reading feels super easy compared to some of the other IBC books. Like, OK, weird stuff is happening. We understand that through the descriptions. There’s no need to tell us things like “I feel like weird stuff is happening”–it’s obvious.


To be fair, it also took the protagonist surprisingly little time to acknowledge he’s in a parallel universe. If I were the writer, I would leave the protagonist struggling for at least a full chapter :stuck_out_tongue: . But since as you said, chapter 1 already told us the basics so there’s way less to be discovered.


lol, very true. I agree, I felt like he figured it out a little too soon.


I am ultimately glad I gave this more of a chance. The prologue had me doubting whether or not I was gonna enjoy this one, but I decided to give it another shot, and I’m glad I did. I’ve actually read ahead without thinking because it properly hooked me, so I stopped at the 幕間instead of 16% this week (and was tempted to continue).

I do agree that the character pretty much immediately realizing he was in a parallel world seemed a bit silly; like, that’s your conclusion after only a little bit of thought? The writing is definitely a bit on the repetitive side as well, but it’s good enough to keep me intrigued, and I do want to see what is going to happen from here. Definitely a different feeling now than when I finished the prologue and was like… huh. Do I really care what happens?

Overall, I think I will finish this one up. It definitely helps that it is mostly standalone, so I’m not dedicating myself to some long series. :stuck_out_tongue:


Believe it or not, but you motivated me to read a little bit ahead and I’m glad I did :slight_smile:


I think if I were reading this book in English, I would have been much more irked by the prologue than I am now. Since this is my first book in Japanese, I appreciate that they held my hand a bit in the beginning, even if I do think it is a slight bit weaker /less mysterious because of that.


Feels like the story is starting to pick up now. Glad I was able to catch up with the weekly readings.