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Week 6 25 March 2023
End page 95
End % 36%
End phrase 我ながら、人生で一番かっこいいシーンじゃないかと思った。
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Name Reading Notes
高崎暦 たかさきこよみ The main character
ユノ ユノ His grandfather’s dog
瀧川和音 たきがわかずね A top student in 暦’s class


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Man, 暦 sometimes :joy:. The end line for this week really sums it up.


暦 is pained to know that he’s a Chad 85 parallel worlds away /s


Early chapter spoiler


Thank you 店員さん, I did in fact, forget what her name was. Apparently having bad name memory and Japanese reading don’t mix very well


Oof, I have the same problem.

So, I wonder if 暦 is an unreliable narrator. The part where he was talking about how he accidentally went to a website about how to talk to girls or whatever was funny. But now I’m wondering if he’s made up this whole parallel worlds theory to cope with the fact that he is 1) forgetful, often forgetting where he’s put things and 2) 100% socially incompetent. Did he really start tanking his grades to make friends, or is he just being a depressed narcissist?


Why not both? :joy:

To be honest, I’m not sure why he really started slacking and dropping his scores. Was it really the typical “my new, better high school version” which is a topic in quite some anime/manga/novels or he is just hungry for attention. Up until this point I think Koyomi is fairly egoistic and thinks very highly of himself. Let’s see if that changes…


Damn, they’re both kind of hard to bear so far lol. If I got it right she’s having issues with him because he doesn’t want to not meet anybody else but her? Especially with other girls he has a presumably platonic friendship with?


My dude literally quoted a clickbait article (that he totally clicked by mistake and only read because he was extremely bored, and it totally wasn’t sought after – I love that this is considered important enough to stress, because now I don’t believe you at all, 暦) on love advice that compares women to curry, and that men sometimes get tired of curry, no matter how much they love it, but they’ll always come back to it in the end… and he expected that to go well? Bruh. :joy:

Side-note, while we obviously don’t see the 85th parallel 暦 (yet?), he seems like he would be insufferable in a different way…

Starting to wonder how many shifts it would take for him to be likable. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the bright side, even if I don’t like 暦, I’m still enjoying the story, and definitely want to keep coming back for more, and as far as difficulty, this is a nice one. It’s easy to digest with essentially no look-ups (other than when I forget the reading for 虚質 for the umpteenth time because my memory is terrible, and I have to go back and find it and then kick myself because really, it’s obvious and I need to quit doubting myself), so odds are good I’ll pick up the other 2 books just to see how they go (and hope that 暦 is likable somewhere along the way.)


Hold up! Was the reading ever given? At least my edition of the book has close to zero furigana. Like, I had more furigana in コンビニ人間 and here the same words (鬱陶しい, for instance) give me nothing :sweat_smile:


It was. Once. :stuck_out_tongue:

On my Kindle version, it’s 13%, when he first reads the sign on the outside of the building.

But overall, yeah, the book is not fond of furigana. :joy:


Heck. My version has furigana there as well. I think I skipped over that bit and proceeded directly to the next column of text without realizing :man_facepalming: . I’ve been reading it こしつ not to mix up with 居室 and because it somehow sounded better that way. I also see that 障子 got furigana.


First week since the initial catch-up period that I didn’t wait until Friday to do my weekly reading. Luckily too, since this is one of the longest parts. I think this was a combination of just having a crazy amount of travel time (wk reviews happen in the evening, so don’t need to do those) and the last and this part being intriguing enough, that I couldn’t really put the book down.

I do feel, that the second half of this chapter was the hardest since the first few weeks. The talk was vague enough that if you missed a few crucial words, you would miss what the sentence was saying.

Calendar is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole here. That excuse he tried to pull together about curry was just literally painful. He’s really bad with people I guess. But the chapter itself was nice. I like the girl a ton, curious how the other book compares to this one now.


I keep reading this, keep disliking the main character but still somehow feeling bad for him, and I’m intrigued where this is going and how the World 85 暦 came to be, so not much to say.