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Alright, nearly everyone wanted more natural breaks, and I did manage to end every week either at a chapter end or a little symbol. Originally I intended to pick among several of those breakpoints to find ones that flowed well with the narrative, but there were fewer than expected, so in most cases there was really only one choice. Hopefully it works out well enough. As mentioned, this led to some unevenness, but I don’t think it’s too bad. Week 6 is bit long at 20 pages, but it’s surrounded by two 11 page weeks. Additionally, there are two 19 page weeks in a row at weeks 11-12, but they are surrounded by short weeks as well. So I think anyone who has trouble reading that much in a week can just do extra in those light weeks to make it work.

My proposed schedule is below. Since I only have the kindle version, the page counts are approximations. That said, when I sum up the total number of pages I get 248 pages, and Amazon lists the print copy as being 253 pages, so I think this is pretty accurate. If someone has the print copy and wants to replace the page count approximations with the physical count, feel free. Regardless, someone with the print copy will need to provide the end pages for each week.

@maskedkoala When you copy the schedule into the OP, you should do so by doing a full quote of my post and copying the source. Reason is that I did spoiler part of the one of the week’s end text and that probably won’t carry over if you just copy the rendered table.

Proposed schedule
Week Start Date Chapter End Page End % End On Page Count
Week 1 序章、あるいは終章 6% End of 序章 15
Week 2 第一章 1/3 12% 幽霊でもなんでもいい。もう一度おじいちゃんに会って、鍵を── 13
Week 3 第一章 2/3 16% ということは、おじいちゃんから、宝箱の鍵を手に入れられるんじゃないか? 11
Week 4 第一章 3/3 + 幕間 23% End of 幕間 after 第一章 16
Week 5 第二章 1/4 28% それは、瀧川さんからの手紙だった。 11
Week 6 第二章 2/4 36% 我ながら、人生で一番かっこいいシーンじゃないかと思った。 20
Week 7 第二章 3/4 40% それを聞かずにすべてを終わったことにできるほど、僕は大人ではなかった。 11
Week 8 第二章 4/4 46% End of 第二章 13
Week 9 幕間 + 第三章 1/4 53% そう言って、深々と頭を下げたのだった。 18
Week 10 第三章 2/4 57% この問題に、世界は今も答えを出せないままでいる。 10
Week 11 第三章 3/4 64% …一〇回目のシフト実験の時だった 19
Week 12 第三章 4/4 72% End of 第三章 19
Week 13 幕間 + 第四章 1/4 77% 重ねられた唇のように、その罵声は柔らかかった。 13
Week 14 第四章 2/4 83% そして父さんが口にした用件は、僕が全く予想だにしていなかったことだった。 18
Week 15 第四章 3/4 90% 「犯人が、分かった」 16
Week 16 第四章 4/4 + 幕間 95% End of 幕間 after 第四章 12
Week 17 終章、あるいは序章 100% End of book 13

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Brilliant. Thank you!

And thanks, @seanblue, for putting together the schedule.


I’m super late with the info, but:

and also

Hopefully they restock soon!


End pages

Week End Page
1 21
2 37
3 47
4 63
5 76
6 95
7 106
8 119
9 139
10 147
11 163
12 180
13 195
14 211
15 226
16 238
17 253

For kindle users:

here are the locations of the end pages (approximate, because I don’t know which spot of the page kindle takes to determine the location)

Week End location
1 158
2 283
3 385
4 551
5 658
6 846
7 964
8 1086
9 1251
10 1352
11 1528
12 1702
13 1821
14 1985
15 2138
16 2256
17 2379
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I was thinking about doing a read aloud for this book club if there’s enough interest. For those not familiar, this is where we meet on Discord once a week (on a one week delay from the schedule) and take turns rereading that week’s assignment out loud. It’s good for practicing your kanji readings and speaking fluidity, not to mention just fun hanging out.

It can be a bit difficult to schedule because of time zones. A time that’s worked for most people in the past (sorry U.S. west coast!) is around 9:30pm Japan time every Sunday. Japan doesn’t have daylight savings, but many other countries do, so your time can change by an hour when that occurs. For example, this would be 8:30am U.S. east coast time for most of the book club, but the first two weeks would be at 7:30am.

Would you like to join a book club read aloud?
  • Yes, and the above time works for me
  • Yes, but at a different time (please specify)
  • Maybe, and the above time works for me
  • Maybe, but at a different time (please specify)
  • No

0 voters

(cc for people who have joined before: @Kyasurin, @NickNickovich, @Belerith, @NicoleIsEnough, @catbus)


So to the first readaloud would be 2023-02-26T12:30:00Z?

Just posting this to see the actual time for myself :laughing:.


Yeah, and here’s some later examples for people affected by daylight savings:




I’m US East coast right now, but I work on Sundays from 1:30 until 9:30pm my time, so I answered maybe but to be honest I would almost definitely not make the meetings before the Daylight Savings time change, and possibly not after just because I’m usually not an awake, functioning person at those hours since my work schedule shifts my sleep schedule pretty late.

I really love read-aloud sessions, but it’s pretty loose maybe for me. Sorry about that!

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Totally understand. It’s honestly earlier than I’d like, but if it were any later the individuals in Japan and Western Australia wouldn’t be able to participate. If we don’t get enough “Yes” votes we’ll reevaluate the time though.


Thanks for the tag! I wasn’t planning to read the book, but if we’re doing a read aloud… :wink:

I won’t be able to to make the 26th due to work, and that’ll happen somewhat frequently throughout, but that time plus minus a a couple hours would work for me. It’s pretty much midday here.


My thoughts exactly :rofl:

Although I’m not sure whether I can read the book beforehand, but maybe it will work out just fine if I jump into the read aloud straight away :rofl: we will see :sweat_smile:


This is my first time participating in a WK book club! I recently bought the book on bookwalker with a few extra coins that I had left. I’m looking forward to it!


This seems interesting. Bought and ready to start :eyes:


Bought the physical copy; it was my first time reading a proper novel in Japanese. Got through the first couple of pages to test myself. A lot of lookups, but it was manageable. The biggest issue was dealing with my lookup software. Then I remembered that I have a Kindle and after an hour of troubleshooting got it on there. The ability to lookup a word just by touching it is a gamechanger!


I just checked the book again on Natively: 僕が愛したすべての君へ | L30

It’s reported as Level 30 (~N2). @seanblue in your experience, is that really so or is the book easier than that?

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I should hope that I find that rating accurate since I’m the only one on Natively who’s actually compared it against other books so far. :joy:

But yes, I think it’s more or less fine. It’s harder than かがみの孤城 which is a 28, but easier than 本好き and 獣の奏者, which are 32 and 33 respectively.

Keep in mind, as I mentioned in my original proposal post, there is some sci-fi mumbo jumbo that creates occasional difficulty spikes. I expect some readers will gloss over those parts, which I don’t think should impact their enjoyment significantly, but will increase the difficulty nonetheless.

Hope that helps. Did you have a specific concern or just curious?


Yes, it helps a lot, thank you! :pray:
The concern was mostly my reading speed. I asked you specifically, because I know you’re the only one who wrote such a nice extensive review on Natively :wink: .

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