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Word lists

Book not found on Koohi, so only the user wordlist is set up - for anyone to contribute and use.
Google doc wordlist

Discussion Threads and Reading Schedule

We will start the book June 19th.
As of 24 May, the schedule for the first 5 weeks is proposed (covering the first story of the book). At the beginning of the 5th week we’ll have a poll to determine at which reading pace to continue with the followin stories.

Week Start Date End Phrase End Page (PB) Page Count
Wk 1 19 June 後の祭りである 20 15
Wk 2 26 June カラフェを持って出てきた 37 17
Wk 3 03 July 途方にくれていた。 58 20
Wk 4 10 July 事を思い出していた 74 16.5
Wk 5 17 July (end of 1st story) 90 16.5
Wk 6 24 July 「いえ」とだけ答えた。 114 22
Wk 7 31 July 房木は文字の読み書きが苦手であった。 129 16
Wk 8 07 Aug 高竹はコーヒーに手をのばした。 148 19
Wk 9 14 Aug (end of 2nd story) 175 27
Wk 10 21 Aug 未来からの訪問者の行動はすべて無駄になるからである。 195 18
Wk 11 28 Aug その場から姿を消した。 215 18
Wk 12 04 Sep 久美に会えなかった三日前の話である。 241 26
Wk 13 11 Sep (end of 3rd story) 265 24
Wk 14 18 Sep 重たい空気のまま日が暮れた。 289 23.5
Wk 15 25 Sep 言えない言葉だと思った。 311 22.5
Wk 16 02 Oct ミキは男を無視して部屋の奥へと姿を消してしまった。 331 20
Wk 17 09 Oct (end of the 4rd story, end of the book) 348 17
Kindle location for each week (TBD)


Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun!

Proper names used in the book:

In progress

Cafe staff:
時田数 ときた・かず
時田流 ときた・ながれ
時田ミキ ときた・みき

First Story, 恋人
清川二美子 きよかわ・ふみこ
賀田多五郎 かただ・ごろう
平井八絵子 ひらい・やえこ

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So, following the conversation from the main thread:

I feel like starting with 15 pages a week to test the water and decided later is indeed the best option.
@ everyone else, thoughts?

By the way, I do not have the book yet, so I do not know where are the natural breaks in the book (or even if there is such thing besides the various chapters). So the schedule will remain empty for a few days :sweat_smile:


I took a look at the ebook just to get a feel for the book, and here are my findings:

The book is divided into 4 chapters which are pretty much the same length (I guess around 85 pages each). So for the schedule we could split each chapter into 6 weeks or something.

In chapter 1, there are several dividers (indicated by a coffee/tea cup) but the resulting subsections vary wildly in length. Chapter 1 is comprised of 8 subsections, the shortest are maybe 3 or 4 pages while the longest ones are ~21 and ~27 pages, respectively.
Inside those chapters, there are a few breaks induced by the word カランコロン (the shop’s door bell, I assume). Those might make for nice cliffhanger breaks :wink:
Other than that, I saw only one or two “normal” breaks. But my general impression is that we should be able to find enough locations to get a good schedule breakdown.

Maybe it would even make sense to only create a schedule for the first chapter initially, and then see about it after we voted on how to continue?


@mods could you please transfer the ownership of this thread to @Kawazoe? :slight_smile:
It would be great if you could also make the first post a wiki.


I have got the same impression as you did. The in-book original dividers are all uneven, so we’ll have to use artificial breaks every now and then to keep the pace suitable for most readers.
I have tried to preliminary split the book using as many natural pauses as possible, but the result varies from 12 pages to 23 :thinking:

@Naphthalene, I too vote for the idea of trying the ~15page pace first and then vote on how to continue.

So the first story then could be split as:
1wk - 15 pages. Pp 2-3 (prologue) plus pp 8-20 (story 1), ending with 「…後の祭りである。」
2 wk - 17 pages. Pp 21-37, starts with 「どうなんですか?」, ends with 「コーヒーの入った透明なガラス製のカラフェを持って出てきた。」which is followed by “cup divider”
3 wk - 20 pages, 37-58 (artificial break)
4 wk - 16.5 pages, 58-74 (cup divider)
5 wk - 16.5 pages, 74-90, end of the first story.
This way we will try the 15-p pace and the 20-p pace too and see which is more comfortable. Btw, the pages above refer to the paper book :scroll:


Done and done :white_check_mark:


Book arrived today! Any thoughts on a word list?


I’d like to create a word list, but koohi does not have the book and if we want to have one, we’ll have to create it ourselves.
I will set up the google table for the wordlist, even if I would be the only person to complete it. Anyone who wants to contribute or to use it is welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Proposed reading schedule for the first story (for 5 weeks) and the google doc for vocab list (blank yet) were added to the top post. In case anyone could share the breaks in the electronic version, I will add those to the reading schedule.

Also, regarding the read aloud sessions: even though I adore them myself, I have no chance to even join one, needless to mention hosting it. Anyway, here is the poll to at least see if there are enough people interested in the reading sessions. And may be among those would appear a volunteer to arrange the details (Please shout if so!)

Would you like to have a read aloud session?
  • Yes, please create a time slot selection poll
  • No, I have no time/no interest
  • I’m just lurking around, show me the results

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Depends on a couple factors for me, so I feel bad voting.

I love read alouds, but I’m still debating whether I’ll read the book, and I often have to work weekends so wouldn’t be able to make it every time…

If you manage to create one I might join!


I was just thinking, the current read-aloud for Koteki no kanata will stop around when this book starts off, and maybe we could try and hijack that slot if there is enough overlap in the interested members of both books? It only works well-ish from US East Coast to Australia, though, so if there are people from the US West Coast or NZ then that won’t work out. But it might save you a lot of hassle with fixing a time slot and stuff…
Don’t know whether @seanblue has already decided about joining this book club? And would maybe like to continue to host a read-aloud session?? :upside_down_face:
(Or do you have different plans meanwhile?)


I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to join. If there’s a read aloud I’m more likely to join, but still no guarantee. It might be better to just let the process play out and see what happens. If it ends up at a time I can join and if I join the book club overall, I don’t mind hosting/guiding the read aloud session though.

I don’t have separate plans to schedule another unofficial book club.


I really like the google spreadsheet vocab lists, thank you for starting it. I will help contribute.

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I feel similarly. I’m part of the Yona read aloud, which is hard enough to fit into my schedule each week. If the time selected works, then I’ll join from time to time though.

reading schedule:
week 3 does not end on “(嘘でしょう!)” but on “(嘘でしょ!)”
(for those who like me have to search their e-books)


In my (Bookwalker) version it’s a bit weird but they are using an unusual kanji for うそ…

Here they are displayed side by side in Jisho. The top one is the one my IME gives me, but my book contains the bottom one… Therefore I could not find this line in my book just by typing it in. (Just in case somebody else also has issues finding this spot: this is probably why!)

EDIT: I looked further into this and Kanjipedia is convinced that the bottom one is the one that should be used…

Somehow reminds me of what’s going on with 殺人出産:woman_shrugging:


That explains why I couldn’t find the position by searching for (嘘で. Finally I found it by interpolation of the positions of the weeks before and after. The () helped to find it.

Haha yeah I took the same approach :joy_cat:

This will most likely be way too hard for me at the moment (as I’ve pretty much only read manga so far) but just popping in to say that a friend that I trust the opinion of read the English translation of this and was telling me and everyone else to read it because he thought it was incredible. It’s probably a while off for me but I expect that it will be a really nice read! :blush:


I mostly heard opinions that it’s sweet, heart-warming, soul-soothing type of the book. I saw comparisons to 博士の愛した数式. And that it’s very good in its sub-category.

(But I, uh, wasn’t able to finish 博士の in a translation into my own language, so I’m staying away from this one. It’s not like I don’t like sweet. For example, I like はめふら for its sweetness and optimism. But it’s a different kind of sweet and I don’t know how to describe this difference :confused:)