[Userscript] Total Progress Bar (Allows Level Progress Removal)(aka 2Cool4Progress)

no u though


It’s implemented! :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.

Also added which stage you’re hovering over.


I’m currently fighting with GM_registerMenuCommand to get one of those nice nifty TM menu’s, as it seems that it somehow turns off my wkof? Maybe I should look into actually using that WKOF menu instead :sweat_smile:

In the mean time while I take longer than average to get past this problem, if you really want to change the color, you could open the script, go to line 176 to 185, and change the background-color attribute as shown below.:sweat_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.

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If anyone is interested in Breeze Dark colors I used these




Super cool progress bar:

I mean… Sure it works :slight_smile:


Posting to remember this when I get there :dizzy_face:


I did it! Weeeee!

Ok so I kind of did it but not really that conveniently.

I still haven’t mastered user input yet, so I am going to work on that, but in the mean time I have found a solution.

Basically, at the top of my script, I have added a whole bunch of variables with instructions to very easily change what you want to change.

You are now able to change the color of all 10 possible item categories! I have also added in a functionality called auto-fade. If you turn this functionality to 1, it automatically takes the colours from Apprentice 4 and Guru 2 and makes a nice fade for the other related subcategories.

Also, I have added the framework for being able to change the location of the progress bar, but that’s not working yet. WIP!

I also added a preset for my light theme standard settings, and for @Kumirei’s Breeze Dark Default.


I just realized that this doesn’t actually replace my level 60 progress bars for some reason:

I checked my scripts and don’t see anything that obviously modifies this display… any ideas? :sweat_smile:


It’s a setting now! Presumably defaults to not replacing the vanilla bars so that non-60 users can still enjoy the script out of the box? Anyway, look at the top of the script and you should see that there is a setting for it


I can’t live without Kumi’s Levels by SRS.

I like the second one.

Also, if it’s possible, I like standard kitsun order style. It’s the reversed one. Yellow on the left, then enlightened blue, and apprentice on the right.

I wonder if there’ll be an easy setting for this script.


Yes, as kumi said, the Remove Progression variable should be set to 1 if you want to remove the other progress bars. I’m currently almost done with the settings page though, so we’re almost out of this hell-hole of setting management.

Will be a setting once I get prepend/append or before/after to work. Or find a work-around…
(But first settings)

That is quite easy to implement, so I’ll get right on that. :wink::ok_hand: (once I’m behind my laptop)

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I got it working, but it made me think; maybe the default could be “off” for level 60, but “on” for all other levels? (:

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That was the case, I accidentally didn’t switch it back when uploading :sweat_smile:


Added the ReverseOrder for you!

Still struggling with the settings menu :sweat:

If you’re doing WKOF settings then rfindley’s scripts are good examples of how to do it

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Ah, I’ll have a look there then. I mostly have a problem where if I use wkof.settings.name_of_script.whatever gives the error that name_of_script is undefined. Bit weird.

Are you wkof.include()ing the settings module and wkof.settings.load()ing the settings?

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I think I do?


I had the menu at some point, but it didn’t relay the information to the variables, so then I found out how to do variables from the settings but the settings menu disappeared for some reason.


This is what my variable calling looks like.
It seems to not recognize total_progression or something.

Wow! Ok! I’m on mobile right now. Later when I’m back on my computer I’ll test it.

Shouldn’t it be wkof.settings.total_progression.general.LockedLessonColor etc.?

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