Is there a script that shows previous level progress?

I like how the dashboard shows beneath each radical/kanji a segmented bar, which shows you how close you are to moving that item up to guru.

Does a script exist that shows that for items from previous levels? So, for example, I’m on currently on level 2. When I go into level 1, I think it’d be nice to see icons in the same format as the dashboard with a little progress bar showing how close that item is to moving into Master/Enlightened/Burned, etc.

Not a script, and making no distinction between apprentice 1-4 and guru 1-2, but wkstats might be interesting for you (tab items).

Have a look at this


You’re right, not quite what I’m looking for, but still interesting nonetheless! Thanks.

That’s almost there! It’s useful, but I’m also looking more for the SRS level of each individual item when going onto previous lessons pages.

Not that I’ve seen, but my Levels Overview Plus script will show you the SRS totals for past levels which is partially there. What you’re asking for would be really useful in combination with this I think. For example, you can quickly see how many apprentice items you have left in level 1, and then click into level 1’s details page and see which specific items are in apprentice and how close far along they are.

You’re right. I might head into the script request thread and see if someone can work their magic and make it happen.

Sure it does, if you configure to…

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FYI I’m currently making a script for this


I can’t wait to see it! Thanks!

Ok It’s not quite done yet as I have some final styling tweaks and code cleanup to take care of, but would you care to install this and let me know if it is what you were thinking?

PS: For anyone here who is good with CSS, for some reason the apprentice/guru sub-level container I have seems to get bottom-aligned to its available area whereas everything else gets top-aligned, and nothing I do will seems to change that… I really don’t want to start fiddling with negative relative top position, but it’s a workaround for now. Anyone willing to tinker with it and maybe see what’s happening would be greatly appreciated!

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I’ve installed it and it looks great! Simple and easy to see what SRS level I’m at just by looking at the page, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

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Apologies for bumping this quiet thread. But I just wanted to say Thankyou to you Razorcat, as I have installed your script and I really like it. It gives a superb overview of what’s going on with all my vocab (but it’s hidden away on the levels page so it can be really clear and comprehensive, without cluttering up the main page). Sometimes when I’m stuck with all the vocab from the previous level I feel like I’m not getting anywhere very fast. But this is helping me see that in fact, I am progressing. Thanks :dango: :tea:

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I really appreciate the bump! I’ve been meaning to “finish” this script and make it’s own official thread for it, so I might do that tonight since It’s pretty much done…

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Ok @lacier @Epona, it’s officially up and has its own thread now. I also had the script sort the items by SRS stage, so that items with a lower SRS stage will be at the top and easier to find.