Removing the Progress Bar

How about replacing it with dancing Hard Gay gif?


How about a CAKE button that when you click on it, you reset back to level 1 ?


If you’re using uBlock Origin or similar adblocking extensions, just add this line to your rules:

I don’t necessarily agree. That bar is in relation to items guru’d. Which means that a level 60 with 0 items on Apprentice would have 100% on both. It’s a good goal, but it doesn’t take much time to do it once you reach level 60.


Alright yeah then that makes little sense. I thought the bars were in reference to a higher SRS level, like Enlightened. That would take longer to achieve and probably pose more of a goal for a level 60.

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Maybe it could be done in exchange for burned items?

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Burned items could be an option. However, I feel that something like this would be much better:

This is from one of my decks on Kitsun. Notice the colors and the ranks. I feel that once all radicals/kanji from level 60 get guru’d, seeing something like the distribution of items by SRS would be pretty cool. I fear that just being about burns would turn the focus too much on them. This way, an item going from Guru to Master is still viewed as progress.


I have made a tiny script that removes the contents of the Progress bar square, as removing that thing on its own breaks a whole bunch of scripts that are dependent on the position of that div.

Also I will definitely try getting that Kitsun action going on, as long as @neicul is ok with that.


I think hiding it with CSS (using display: none) might be a better solution. Other scripts would still be able to find it, but it’s not rendered in any way. That’s what I did

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Ah! That would do it then. I’ll edit the script once I get home.

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Absolutely fine of course! :smiley:


Finally did the darn thing. It hath been removeth. Now let’s get to work on that progress bar.


I made a special page for the script, so here ya go

Also I finished the progress bar!!! :open_mouth:


Not level 60, yet still 2 Cool 4 Progress:


If you want, in the script you can set RemoveProgression to 0, so you will still have your kanji and radical progression under the bar :slight_smile:


Great script! Beautiful and clean. Thanks.

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Could you give me an idea of whereabouts in the 700+ lines of code to find this please?

Edit: Found the code line, tried to change the setting from true to false (or vise versa), looked at the code some more and realised all I had to do was look in the script settings drop down menu on the dashboard and check a couple of boxes. :smiley:


The code no longer works like this. I have removed the easy access to variables, and the settings page is now available in your Account menu

EDIT: Oh wait you realised that already. I already had some info about the settings in the first post of the script thread. :wink:

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Hi Pep95,
can you please tell what is this status bar with Joyo progress bar? thanks

postscriptum - found it :


Do you mean you want a progress bar specifically Joyo? I’ll have a look at that once I have written my thesis! Sounds pretty interesting. Maybe I could also do one for JLPT etc. :wink::thinking:

Oh heh, I understand now :sweat_smile:

@Kumirei I think I deserve some commission now :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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