I did it! 🥳

I’ve learnt many kanji! So many that I’ve reached level 60! :crabigator: :sparkles:

Some of you might think this post came out of nowhere, and you’re not wrong. It has actually been a whole year since I reached lvl60, and I’ve had many cakes since then :chopsticks:

Heatmap of the reviews I’ve done, courtesy of @Kumirei [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

(the intervals are at the automated range of 1-90-150-225-300)

As you can see from the heatmap, I started my journey back in January 2019. At that point I had started a BA in Japanese Language at university, and the plan was to learn tons of Japanese (including kanji!) and then be in Japan for a year as an exchange student. I would say I did learn tons of Japanese (including kanji!), but sadly, the exchange program didn’t happen because of the pandemic and lockdown, which started merely a few weeks prior to the scheduled date of travel. Guess what happened to my motivation… Yup, that’s right, took a huge hit. I wanted to try sitting the N3 JLPT exam during the summer while in Japan too, but obviously that plan was cancelled along with the Japan trip.

I’m glad however that I kept hanging around here with the WaniKani community, for many reasons. I’ve learned ways to (more or less effectively) learn Japanese, I’ve had fun in the Campfire category, I’ve read books with some of the book clubs, and I’ve met so many amazing people on here :durtle_love: I can’t express how happy I am to have experienced the journey of studying Japanese along with this community. And the journey is not over yet! :crabigator:

Some stats, courtesy of @rfindley wkstats.com

More stats!

A: [Userscript] Total Progress Bar (Allows Level Progress Removal)(aka 2Cool4Progress)
B: [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown
C: Wanikani: Woah Burns
D: [Userscript] Levels by SRS
Shout out to @Sinyaven for their ConfusionGuesser script :pray:

Thanks to the scripters for their amazing work :raised_hands:

Thanks to @Ditto20 for motivating me into reading books that were way above my level :joy: I figured that if I read books of the same level of difficulty as her I’d reach the more advanced level faster. I’m super glad I got to meet you :eyes: :heart: :sparkles:

Thanks to @Belthazar for personally nudging me into joining a book club twice(!) before I finally caved in :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to @konsei for arranging the 2020 Olympians thread. Many motivated people leveled up together :muscle: :sparkles:

Thanks to @jprspereira for the Ultimate Guide for WK and for teaching me the importance of routine!

And a huge thanks to the Tofugu team for creating WaniKani and for sending out the bestest emails, I still remember how nice it was to read them after signing up and after each time I leveled up. Thanks for the durtles and the cake! :durtle_the_explorer: :cake:



ok imma read the post now <3


u welcome


Well done! I was legit confused it was your post :grin:

Is that last picture your current SRS items? How concerned are you about those leeches?


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


How are you always so early @Kumirei ?! :rofl:

Also congrats @Redglare :cake::birthday::confetti_ball::partying_face::tada::balloon:
That probably should have come first :sweat_smile:


Thanks! All the screenshots of stats were taken today! I’m not very concerned about leeches, I’ll learn them eventually. Hopefully, I’ll burn all of them some day :fire: :durtle: :fire:

@anon9242278 @Maulrus Thanks! :grin:


Congratulations! :grin:


Woah, so many people hitting their 60s lately! Impressive!

Here’s a cake for you, good sir!


You’ve been improving at a crazy speed :OOO so I’m so 嬉しい to hear that I could be part of it <3 Congratz! :tada:

At that point of WK I really was tired of it. Doing the reviews felt like a waste… so doing the self-study for the leeches really helped me getting back to enjoying Wanikani more and to bring all those items up for burn.


Congrats!!! (Again)


Congratulations!! :partying_face: :cake:


Well done!

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Well, for a neophyte legislacerator, you’re not so neophyte anymore :partying_face:

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I love posts like this, motivates the rest of us to keep going! Thanks for sharing your story :partying_face:


Congratulations! :tada:

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お目出度う! :partying_face: :tada::tada:

Please, have some cake! :birthday:



aaaah dkkdslsl Thank you so much, everyone! :grin:

I’m not a sir, but I’ll take it :joy: Thanks!

Thanks, fellow Olympian! :grin: :partying_face:

Thanks to you (and @FlamySerpent :eyes:) for inspiring me! <3

I know what you mean. After a while, all the items in the lower srs levels were consisting mainly of leeches and I felt like I was doing the same set of items over and over without really learning them. Some of them I got confused with other similar or not-so-similar items (which is why I recommend the ConfusionGuesser script!), some of them I straight up just forgot. Will take the tip of doing self-study on leeches! I’m a bit of a completionist after all, haha. Gotta burn 'em all :eyes: :fire:

I’m also kind of racing with Kumi in burning them all first :joy:

omg :joy: senpaaaaai <3

no u :eyes: Congrats on reaching lvl60 too! :partying_face: :tada: :birthday:


Wowow I’ve been mentioned :eyes: Good job with reaching level 60 though!! :heart_eyes: Really glad to see that you’re enjoying reading though, nicenice :eyes: :durtle_love:

I second this, I think it helps a toooon to self-study them. What I’ve been doing now is doing self-study for the wrong answers (like for the last 100 hours) a couple of times in a row, and also adding some of those to Kitsun where I can practice English->Japanese and listening.

Speaking of which, I haven’t done self-study in a couple of days.. :eyes:


Congratulations! :tada:
Also if it’s gonna be possible again, have fun in Japan!

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