[Userscript] Overall Progress Bars

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Created in response to: a request

Adds a progress bar for each level to the dashboard

There are ways to display each level:

Either as stacked bars showing each SRS level

As single-color bars showing the average SRS level of the level

Or, as unstacked bars

Download at

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Congratulations. Loved this extensions.
Just one suggestion for improvement: to add the percentage of burned itens on the tool tip after the number of burned itens.
For example: on level 1 it shows “burned: 81 itens” it would be “burned: 81 itens (100%)”




Looks great :grin:

The single-color view also serves as an easy to see indicator of how hard a level is. I’m actually quite surprised at how much worse I was doing on level 25 compared to the other levels around it.

Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 21.08.24


Wow! That was fast!


Same here on doing worse on lvl 25:

P.S. I was half expecting to be Rick-rolled when I clicked on “The Bubble Tea Parlor”, and then I see your card background :rofl:


That looks really beautiful, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One remark, though: The “one color” option doesn’t seem to work too well at some levels, e.g. my current progress is

Here you can see that level 39 is 2/3 purple already, although the “one color” bar shows it as plain pink; level 36 has almost no enlightened items but the “one color” suggests enlightened for basically all the items; and level 40 has some apprentice lessons already, so I’d expect the “one color” to be slightly pink-ish, but my digital color meter tells me that level 40 has the same grey as the other bars… Is this just due to the nature of how the colors blend? Or is there some other reason behind it?


How many apprentice/guru items do you have for that level? I suspect it’s something to do with the interpolation so I want to check what the average should be.

Either way it’ll hopefully right itself after doing some more reviews for that level’s items

In level 39 (149 items altogether) I have 18 in locked/lessons, 53 apprentice, 78 guru.

In level 40 (168 items altogether) I have 10 apprentice and the rest is lessons/locked.

In level 36 (142 items altogether) I have 1 in apprentice, 10 in guru, 27 master, 13 enlightened, and 81 burned.

Level 38 should be this color:


Level 40 should be this color:


Level 36 should be this color:


So checking the hex values, it’s not the reason I thought it was, so I’m not sure what it could be, only Kumi may know :thinking:

Ah, thanks for calculating those colors! Yep, that’s more along the lines of what I expected to see. :+1:

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Wow, thank you! That’s really interesting to use. Also agreeing with the other two people in here. 25 is also one of my worst levels - still XD That’s really interesting to learn!


It is (most likely) due to the script differentiating between locked items and items available in your lessons queue. The script is not actually blending all the colors, I went with B’s idea of average SRS level, so the locked items are causing the average SRS level to be between locked and in lessons, both of which are grey.

That said, I changed it so that locked items are the same as items in lessons. Please tell me if it looks better, as I don’t have any locked items to test with.


Heads up, I changed how you choose the display mode in the settings, so you may need to change your settings again after updating

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Yes, now I can see a slight pinkish tinge creeping into the grey block of level 40, that’s really nice! Thank you :slight_smile:

Still I don’t understand the colors for levels 36 and 39, as in these levels (almost) all items are at least apprentice. But the colors for these two levels don’t match the expected mixed color. Any idea why these two levels look so different from what is to be expected?

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The script accounts for 10 different SRS levels; from locked at 0 to burned at 9. Apprentice and guru account for 4 and 2 individual SRS levels respectively.

For level 36 you said you had 1 apprentice, 10 guru, 27 master, 13 enlightened, and 81 burns. Let’s say the apprentice is apprentice 1 and guru is guru 5, then the average SRS level is 7.65, which is between Master and Enlightened.

(1*1+10*5+27*7+13*9+81*9)/142 = 7.65

Similarly, for level 39 you have 18 locked/lessons, 53 apprentice, and 78 guru. Depending on the SRS level of apprentice items, the average SRS level could be anywhere between 2.97 and 4.56, which would be within solid apprentice color

(18*0+53*1+78*5)/149 = 2.97
(18*0+53*4+78*6)/149 = 4.56

edit: While mixing the colors may make more sense visually, average SRS and interpolation makes more sense for measuring your progress

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I think it looks better like this. For reference, I just started doing level 44’s lessons, and this is how the bars look for me now:

I noticed the bar gets slightly more pink with each lesson I do, which I think looks best. You’ll have to ignore levels 50 and 51 though, due to 公告 being moved to level 50 and 又 (both kanji and vocab) being moved to level 51 after I burned them, it looks like I’ve already done 9 lessons on level 50 and 18 on level 51 :grin:


Now this is a debatable point, but let’s put this aside for the moment.
What confuses me the most is that the colors do seem to be mixed up to level 35, while for level 36-39 they are flat? Does this mean we have mixed colors up to 35 and after that average SRS? (In other words, my head cannot make sense of what my eyes are seeing, please help!)


They are all average SRS level, but if the average is, for example, 8.5, then it will be a mix between Enlightened and Burned, but if it is 5.5 then it will be flat Guru, because both 5 and 6 are guru, and anywhere in the range 1-5 will be apprentice, because there are 4 apprentice levels.

However, I can look into making it a smooth gradient

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@NicoleIsEnough I just pushed 1.2.1 which tests a smoother gradient. Can you please post a screenshot of your bars with that?