🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

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I feel like I am not a qualified listener in any case, but still a beginner learner. However, I cannot forget the goal of being able to listen to anything, even when travelling or passing by. Though, if I am able to untiringly listen to knowledgeable stuff, that would be meaningful.

It might be in grand scheme of vocal communication, but not really – vocal chatting is even farther than chatting at all itself.

Real progress and thoughts, as a sum of listening, reading, and other skills, would be in my personal Q4 home post :fallen_leaf:.

Nonetheless, daily calendar will be made here link to my listening progress (max 1 per day). Progress about mainly listening will be put in this thread.

Unlike the planned reading one, I count on-days for listening and don’t count off-days. Not going to punish myself or anything, only about awareness. Also, listening is going to be the focus for this season.

十月 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
第1週目 01 :headphones: 02 :headphones:
第2週目 03 :headphones: 04 :fountain_pen: 05 :headphones: 06 :headphones: 07 :fountain_pen: 08 :fountain_pen: 09 :headphones:
第3週目 10 :headphones: 11 :fountain_pen: 12 :headphones: 13 :headphones: 14 :fountain_pen: 15 :headphones: 16 :fountain_pen:
第4週目 17 :fountain_pen: 18 :fountain_pen: 19 :fountain_pen: 20 :headphones: 21 :fountain_pen: 22 :fountain_pen: 23 :fountain_pen:
第5週目 24 :fountain_pen: 25 :headphones: 26 :fountain_pen: 27 :fountain_pen: 28 :headphones: 29 :fountain_pen: 30 :headphones:
第6週目 31 :fountain_pen:

I put in 3 months, because that has always been my intention.