:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

Lets Durtle the Scenic Route is a group similar to the “lets level together” groups. :durtle_hello:
But in this group we don’t aspire to level fast, we are taking the scenic route and enjoying the process :turtle:

This is a group for people who don’t want to rush toward a set goal, but just durtle along slowly, maybe using 2-3x the time per level, or even more!
For normal levels that means 14 days or more (but anything more than 7 counts)
For fast levels that means 7 days or more (but anything more than 3.5 days counts)
Random, variable level up time is fine too :durtle_noice:
You can have a level at full speed cause you had more time, yet still fit this group if you don’t push yourself to do so all the time.

Goals: (you don’t have to aspire to all the goals)
Go slow, we are in no rush
Take time to enjoy the lessons, don’t rush through them
Avoid burn outs
Avoid needing to reset
The journey is more important than the end goal

Get 0/0 each level, durteling our reviews and vocab lessons is part of the journey -
Note: Our version of 0/0 is to have zero lessons from previous level before doing current level, and reach zero on reviews as often as possible. Don’t churn out all current level lessons to reach a full 0/0

I might add more later, feel free to come with suggestions :durtle_love:

Retrospectively inspired by スローライフ


This post can be edited. Please add yourself to the list:

Find your Average Speed here: WK Stats

:durtle_durtverted_lvl1: Durtle Squad :durtle_durverted_lvl2:

Username Team Average Speed Joined Level
zencakv :caught_durtling: 72 days 9 10
potatonaught :durtle_cat: 60 days 1 20
DurtleHeaven :durtle_officer: 54 days 1 12
ninakali :durtle_megane: 46 days 30 30
OwenDG :durtle_officer: 36 days 4 18
quilltips :durtle_megane: 35 days 11 15
Mirabilia :durtle_cat: 34 days 1 11
bellynx :durtle_noice: 33 days 9 18
winteri_nights :durtle_stabby: 30 days 12 12
vevelemouton23 :durtle_noice: 30 days 34 35
silvercanopus :caught_durtling: 30 days 15 43
raindrops :durtle_tomato: 28 days 10 37
ChicagoGreen :caught_durtling: 28 days 5 9
lungmao :durtle_vin: 26 days 2 2
Nemuitanuki :durtle_love: 25 days 20 28
Moritaro :durtle_megane: 24 days 22 22
nihao20 :caught_durtling: 24 days 6 9
rilakkumacafe :durtle_officer: 24 days 11 25
catnin :durtle_stabby: 24 days 6 10
wct :durtle_noice: 24 days 7 37
MiphaontheMoon :durtle_the_explorer: 23 days 9 9
modpodge :durtle_cat: 22 days 13 16
kramabrab :durtle_officer: 21 days 28 28
deenarrhea :durtle_hello: 21 days 23 41
zubora :durtle_cat: 20 days 9 10
Karakayn :durtle_megane: 20 days 10 21
Lizziemanan :durtle_megane: 20 days 5 5
TechnoChimp :durtle_stabby: 19 days 2 11
Yumari-1 :durtle_cat: 19 days 22 42
Kyarra :caught_durtling: 18 days 2 9
Need2Read :durtle_hello: 17 days 6 21
Coyoteclaw11 :caught_durtling: 17 days 9 11
Wizz :caught_durtling: 16 days 9 54
alygator :durtjovahs_witness: 16 days 7 11
oncejess :durtle_tomato: 16 days 2 5
Jirachi :durtle_hello: 15 days 15 28
Cruciarius :durtle_officer: 15 days 3 14
DelvinWolf :durtle_yellow_rodent: 15 days 4 13
fallynleaf :durtle: 14 days 6 60
Kraits :caught_durtling: 14 days 12 22
Coriande :durtle_cat: 14 days 6 9
MaineJ :durtle_hello: 14 days 8 9
XiaoAddict :durtle_stabby: 14 days 12 12
Lewby :durtle_noice: 14 days 4 9
Student-Bunny :durtle_megane: 14 days 7 19
albireoNox :durtle_tomato: 13 days 7 45
hiukan :durtle_stabby: 12 days 49 49
cybershark91 :durtle_hello: 11 days 4 4
BoppingB :durtle_noice: 11 days 12 18
FirstMate-san :caught_durtling: 10 days 5 36
321pyro :durtle: 10 days 2 4
mcoll :durtle_durverted_lvl2: 10 days 4 4
areej1 :durtle_megane: 10 days 10 10
beyondandabove1 :durtle_the_explorer: 9 days 9 10
smellslikerain :durtle_tomato: 9 days 5 18
kinza :durtjovahs_witness: 9 days 9 11
Akeras :durtle_tomato: 8 days 3 3
patternfinder :durtle_cat: 8 days 3 14
Euruzilys :durtle_tomato: 8 days 8 10
AnimeOverlord :caught_durtling: 8 days 11 13
nyahongo :durtle: 8 days 1 3


Emoji Team Name
:caught_durtling: Caught Durteling
:durtjovahs_witness: Durtjovah’s Witness
:durtle: Regular Durtle
:durtle_cat: Durtcat
:durtle_durtverted_lvl1: Slightly Durtverted
:durtle_durverted_lvl2: Somewhat Durtverted
:durtle_hello: Introdurtle
:durtle_love: Love Durtle
:durtle_megane: メガネ Durtle
:durtle_noice: Noice Durtle
:durtle_officer: Officer Durtle
:durtle_stabby: Stabby Durtle
:durtle_the_explorer: Durtle the Explorer
:durtle_tomato: Tomato Durtle
:durtle_vin: Vin Durtle
:durtle_yellow_rodent: Yellow Rodent Durtle

Any Durtle Emoji currently available. You can change as much as you like depending on your mood.


Anyone know how I can make post two Editable for other?




I added you to that team! :caught_durtling:
Hope I can figure out how to make the post editable.


You need to be a regular to make it a wiki.
Or a mod can do it for you.
Is this scenic enough?


Yes that is very scenic route! Durteling all the Apprentice down to zero!

So do I ask @mods ? Does that work?
Would love help with making post 2 a wiki please :durtle_love:


I think it is @Mods.


Thanks! :durtle_love:

Also, you have the perfect name for this Durtle group! :crabigator: :durtle_noice:


Yes except I get to return to my real name next week!


Name changing is fun! I have changed a few times too (I was Stabby (as in the Durtle) for a while. Had something else at first before that. But that was before I could afford the subscription so wasn’t that active)


I don’t think tags are strictly case sensitive. @crabigatrdurtlemunch.


I didn’t have the s at first (put mod). I edited it :caught_durtling:


Ahaaaa now I understand! Unnecessary, though, since Rose already summoned them with their tag :wink:


I wanted it to be on the post with the actual question too so they don’t have to read around to find why they were called :durtle_the_explorer:


Well, sorry for my derailment, since I probably don’t even fit the description for this leaderboard. Have fun, and durtle it easy, folks!


Anyone can durtle around in the forum thread even if they level faster. Thanks for stopping by on your journey :durtle_love:


Yeah, I’m not taking the fast levels at full speed, that’s for sure. I’ll keep doing my ±20 lessons per day, and I’ll keep spreading my kanji lessons.


If you are doing the fast levels slower than the full speed that still counts! :durtle_noice:


@DurtleHeaven I’ve made the original post a wiki as requested, so others should be able to edit it now.