Wanikani for olds

goodness, I’m 59 in two weeks and feel very old now…
going really slow, but enjoying myself. In the past five years I have been to Japan four times (yes, on my own, yes, fat old woman in Japan) and substantial progress has been made. but kanji is a means and not a goal…と思います
(btw I reset twice, no problem, it’s not the olympics)


I’m 42.
Wife, 4yr old and twin 1yr olds. Been on level 10 for 258 days. :flushed:
A lot of days lately where I don’t do reviews or I’ll do very few. Thinking to reset to a lower level. I’ll get there eventually too.
Good luck to you all.


Consider aiming higher in JLPT levels - level 5 requires very low proficiency. I know it feels like you’re lagging behind the others, but 30 minutes a day is a good investment.

Remember that SRS is more about logging in at regular intervals than raw time spent. I will probably pass you as well, but I have a schedule that allows me to log in 3+ times a day. That means I hit guru on radicals and kanji asap and level every week even without a fast level. It doesn’t really mean I’m learning faster than you. You are still spending more time studying than me, and I think you will have more to show for it.

You don’t have to start at the bottom, and I imagine JLPT5 will put you to sleep. Especially if you’ve been at it for 4 years

As much time as you spend studying, I would like to think that level 3 would be doable by December. You might not ace it, but I bet that you’d have a good shot at passing.


Just a small correction, the OP has been studying for 4 years. I’ve only been studying for 6 months (wanikani for about 4 months).

But you’ve given me something to think about. My iTalki 先生 gives me japanese audio clips to transcribe as homework. I think they are JLPT practice clips. It’s a short conversation followed by a question. If I listen to the clips once straight through I can mostly guess the answer (though not always) though I never understand every word. Then I go back and repeat them a bunch of times as I get the transcription right for every word. I assume those are JLPT 5 level clips. I feel like by December those would be no problem for me.

I think registration opens in August. Before that I’ll dig up some Level 4 practice tests and see how I do. Thanks for the advice.


As long as you don’t stop you’re doing perfect :wink: 頑張って!

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Never too old to do something you want to do! (Early 50’s here :wink:) You have great determination and tenacity to smash that amount of reviews that many times, awesome stuff! Are you getting somewhere? Absolutely! I knew I wasn’t going to be a fast leveller, needed to balance life, work and WK. Will I finish, I hope so in a few years. Pop your vacation mode on if life needs to take front & centre, it’ll stop those reviews from blowing out.

Check out a couple of the slow lanes here if you want a bit of a boost along. You got this! :muscle:


It’s all about finding whatever your sustainable pace is. If it’s getting overwhelming, or if you burned out before doing it a certain way… it’s worth thinking about adjusting that workload.


Still more consistent than my gym schedule! Good job :smiley:


I’m on …whatever level, and definitely it’s hard to read NHK News Web Easy. Extremely hard. I’m going to come back at that at level 25 – I think things start rolling a bit better once one has enough kanji under the belt, but definitely not before somewhere between 20 and 30. And I’m the same with listening comprehension speed – it’s slow going for sure and that’s natural. That’s so great you’re doing iTalki!

Thank you for the good wishes! I wish you the best of luck as well! And endurance. :blush:

P.S. Hey, check this out – thanks to @FireFairy:

So that’s encouraging! Stick with it – I’m doing 5 lessons per day now, but at my “full speed” capacity I was doing 10-15 lessons per day. Going slow is good.

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I went on holiday in March 2018 and then again in September that was a rough year digging out of all those reviews !! Started a new Japanese class in August 2019 and that caused another 0 lesson streak. Who cares about speed. Also, if I get surprised by a vocab burn attempt with kanji I don’t recall, I frequently ‘resurrect’ the kanji to re-learn.



Congratulations on reaching level 60. But, where did you download this heatmap? It’s what I have been looking for, as it shows time in hours and minutes. Please post a link so I can get the heatmap too. thanks

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I want to make a chart that compares everyone’s slowest level because I’m curious.
Should I make this a seperate thread?

Mine is 92 days
Add yourself

|username| slowest level |time|
|nemuitanuki|level 17|92 days|
|Maulrus|Level 2|203 days|

To the thread


This is far more inspirational than the “finished WK in a year” threads. The resilience to pick oneself back up repeatedly is admirable.

Good luck to you!


Make a separate thread for this…


that would be Kumirei’s WaniKani Heatmap ^^


Wow, I didn’t expect this kind of response at all. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

I have two years of college study under my belt but I have forgotten a lot because of misuse. I started a new job about a month ago now and I get off work earlier than before so I’ve been trying to establish a new routine. Once I get my queue under control and get lessons going again, I’m going to get back into Tobira I think. I’ve been saying that for a while now…hahaha


Another oldish here. 38. Been “studying” 5 or 6 years. I might be able to pass the N5.
Lately hovering around 55% on WaniKani.


Thank you so much. I have been searching for this for a long time. Need to prove my study time to my employers and this heatmap allows me to do it.


The time will pass regardless, so I’m going to use some of it to learn kanji and vocab. I’m in my 40s and I’ve got a little baby. It’s not easy, but at least having Tsurukame on the phone is helpful. That means I can sneak in a couple of reviews here and there, and it’s also really helpful because I sometimes need to work quickly and I make typos and all. I’ve maintained a decent pace to average about 10 days per level starting properly in January after deciding on the lifetime sub at a discount.


I am with you in the same boat. 41 and employees with a kid. But we go on anyway! Kudos to you!