Is a study log a good use of time?

You can make tables with boxes as well and organize them into weekly/monthly charts and then you don’t have to constantly type out “Hello today I once again did my reviews and my lessons” as well.

Personally creating a study log made me really push myself harder on “do more reading!” and that’s been really helpful. I also like having a space dedicated to my studies so I don’t feel like I’m spamming updates.

But if you think a study log might be too much there’s things like the Read/Listen Every Day challenges (where you don’t have to actually read/listen every day, but you can still use to log how much you are reading/listening).

Or something like Accountability Partners (Anyone can join) for a bunch of Accountability partners who update each other periodically. Or Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route if you want to specifically join a group of relaxed pace partners.