Discovering my love for language through WK

Well, then it’s not that illogical, but you still need to remember the alternative meaning, which still supports (pun intended) my point :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this! I still get this wrong even now many levels later, so this will help immensely!



I hope you’re all doing well! I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t really had any updates, just working through my current reviews and lessons! :grin:.

I definitely feel like it’s getting tougher the more I learn, like my retention isn’t as good as it initially was, but I’ll keep on going and hopefully SRS will do its job!

Here’s an overview of my last review (just finished it):

All of the Kanji I got wrong in this review are ones that I did for the first time last night, so I’m not too surprised. Pretty happy with the ones I did get right though. Hopefully I can bump up my accuracy after a review or two of these new Kanji :smile:.

I have 26 lessons to complete today, I was going to do all 46 lessons last night but I decided to just do 20 of them, I don’t think it’s worth it for me personally to do so many lessons and then immedietly forget them T.T.

Sorry this update is a little dull, hopefully I will have more to say next time, I have been browsing the forums this week and it is definitely fun / motivating.


Yeah, I’ve started chipping away at my lessons in smaller chunks. It makes it a lot easier to remember what I’ve learned but also helps me not get overwhelmed with reviews.

Don’t worry about forgetting things. Some kanji will stick in your brain easier than others.

Some days I’ll have 170 reviews and my brain is on fire like “let’s do this!!” but then I’ll have days with 25 reviews and I struggle through them. Like today! :sweat_smile:

But just keep trucking on and eventually you’ll find that those kanji you struggled for ages to get to stick come to you without really trying!


Some days I’ll have 170 reviews and my brain is on fire like “let’s do this!!” but then I’ll have days with 25 reviews and I struggle through them. Like today! :sweat_smile:

Totally feel you on that one! and some days my motivation dips but I get my reviews done anyway because it’s important to me and I don’t want to break my streak :smile: + I want to learn Japanese so badly.

I think my posts will be slower anyway because level 1 and 2 are “fast levels” :smile: but I’m not concerned about that, for me this threads just to keep people updated on my progress and also write anything interesting I notice about the language or that I enjoy :3.

But just keep trucking on and eventually you’ll find that those kanji you struggled for ages to get to stick come to you without really trying!

For sure I will!


Hey! quick update before I go back to getting lost in the forums and obsessively reading random threads :durtle_noice:.

I just finished my review and got 100% 正 for the first time in a few days so that has motivated me a lot!

And I should fingers crossed be hitting level 4 in 一日 or 二日.

I’m trying to use the Kanji / Vocab I’ve learned in my posts such as above, while I know I’m not using proper grammar and it’s a little bit weird to be mixing english with random Kanji that I’ve learned, It 100% makes me feel that I’ve learned something and helps reinforce the words when I use them like this :grin:.

kanji lvl3

I only need 14 more Kanji at Guru to level up, and I’m pretty confident I know them :grin:.


Now (こん)Origin (げん)Noon (ご)Heart (しん) Door (と) Direction (ほう) Father (とう)
Fur (もう) Winter (ふゆ) North (ほく)Half (はん) Old (こ) City (し) Wide (ひろ)
Task (よう)Arrow (や) and last but not least Life (せい)

I didn’t cheat and I haven’t double checked these, but I’m pretty confident :crabigator:.

I tried to buy membership today, however I got an error message, I’m not sure why so I’ll try again later and if it fails I’ll send an email off to the support team!

I also joined “let’s durtle the scenic route” this week + found out about durtle emoji’s and fell in love with Durtle_noice :durtle_noice: :durtle_noice: :durtle_noice: :durtle_noice:

I may have also spent some time making a very poorly drawn WK meme:

Inspired by @marumuju :

That basically sums up my progress :kissing_smiling_eyes:.


Excellent peeformance!

(I know, I know, I’ll stop… at some point!)




LEVEL 4 WOOOHOOOO! onwards and upwards :durtle_noice:

level 4

I’m so happy :smiley: !



AYYYYYYE, SUPER CONGRATS!! :tada::partying_face::sparkles:

I too just leveled up recently, woo hoo


Ugh, not really sure what is going wrong today, but I just can’t seem to get these words right, this may be my worst performance yet.

I got 心 wrong like 8 times in that one review (EVEN AFTER LOOKING AT WHAT IT IS) omg. how is this possible. Not to mention the vocab for Fur which i’ve already forgotten + inside / outside.

I need some new mnemonics for these vocabs, or something to help, because I’m seriously struggling with these ones :frowning: .


it can be helpful to set aside some time for those tricky items one keeps forgetting. i also sometimes find that i need to try out a few different mnemonics for a kanji (or vocab) until one sticks.

but also, sometimes we just have bad days. there are so many things which can influence how well (or not) we do on reviews, some days will just be bad. don’t let it weigh on you too heavily, and keep on keeping on ^^


こにちは! I around the same level and I feel the same way these reviews can be rough sometimes… But we push through!


Your brain might be tired. I have days like that where I’m just getting things wrong left and right (like yesterday!)

The way I remember 心 is thanks to all the anime, games and manga I consume. こころ shows up in so many songs. So that stuck in my head instantly. しん was a bit trickier to stick until I remembered that it shows up in manga. It’s like the opposite of どき どき, when a characters heart “stops” in fear.

外 and 内 I have no problem remembering がい and ない but I still trip over そと and うち I’ve yet to come up with decent mnemonics for those.


So I took your advice, took 6 days break from doing any new lessons, definitely feeling refreshed! I know 6 days is a long time, but I kept up my reviews and I am taking the slow scenic route anyway :slight_smile: . Been spending a lot of time on the forums as you all might have noticed hehe :stuck_out_tongue: the POLL forum is fun!

Made some new friends @trunklayer, @Joeni @patternfinder, @anon3564849 and a few others but I don’t want to spam them all hehe ! :smiley:

Finally started my level 4 lessons this morning (it’s 8:45am) I did 10 radicals, and a combination of Kanji / Vocab totalling 25 items in total! not too many it’s over my 20 item limit but because radicals have less information I thought it’s ok.

Just a little up-date since I haven’t posted on this thread in almost a week even though I’ve been around.

I managed to get my apprentice items down to 2, but I strongly suspect some of my level 1 & 2 items will drop down from Guru because I’m struggling to remember some of the vocab by memory (is that normal? I assume it’s just part of SRS).

I also wrote sort of my first sentence this week, not sure if it counts:

“こんにちは!わたしは sober 今日” but I tried! and it’s my first time using 今日 although I did write it as こんにち rather than as きょう but now i’ve started my level 4 lessons I know the difference! :durtle_noice:


Slowly getting things up to master Woohooo!

100% :smiley:


Japanese has made me realize a lot about English.
One of the things I was explaining to someone just today is that Japanese made me realize that, in English, we say things like (for example) “I don’t think it is” when what we mean is “I think that it is not.” It’s out of a long-since standardized politeness that we don’t even consider polite anymore, I believe.
Anyway English speakers often try to say 思わない in these situations in Japanese and it just doesn’t track.


Ooh that’s a good observation, I never considered that one before! :smiley:

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Not doing too well on my reviews today, but at least they’re above 67% I guess.

Review session numero uno.

Session two:


Once again my review was a bit poop today:

Review screenshot

I am starting to do poorly for older stuff I had learned, I am also - It will be interesting to see SRS in action, I hope I actually can learn and improve them.

I’m only level 4 so this is still quite worrying to me!

I had a few questions for you lovely community members though, when I see Kanji like 氷 I immedietly know it’s “Ice” but I can’t remember how to say it - I go to readings that I know are common “Shou?”

Do you guys know the reading for every Kanji you’ve learned? or is it similar where you can read them, but you forget how to say it (e.g. for 氷 knowing it’s こおり, or just knowing it’s Ice and forgetting how to say it).

I feel like I am remembering Kanji really easily, for “Past” “Say Humbly” “Early” “Ice” but I forget how to write it :durtle_noice:.

My other question was, even though I’m learning lots of stuff I haven’t actually spoken any Japanese, how are you guys tackling this? Are you just mastering writing for now?

I can say Ookii for big etc, but I feel like if I went to put a sentence together (vocally actually speaking) it would take me forever to recall the words. I can recognise the Kanji straight away though.

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