What are your goals for Japanese in 2022 and have you been able to reach your goals for 2021?

I was just looking at your timeline thinking, that’s great…I should definitely be able to get to lvl 10+ by the summer then! (I just started last month)

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This might sound ambitious but I am aiming for around N2/N1 level by December of 2022, even if I don’t make it I wanna see how far I can get myself.


I just started taking Japanese seriously about a month ago, so my goal for 2022 is to just keep learning! I would say my main goals are:

  • Do a textbook lesson every week
  • Actually do my lessons and not only my reviews on WK (try to get between level 20-30 by end of 2022)
  • Spend more time reviewing and speaking (even if it’s by myself)
  • Lastly (the big one!) be able to read shounen manga with little assistance by the end of the year

I feel super confident when I look at some kanji and am able to recognize various words or even a full sentence, hopefully I can keep that going as I continue learning!


The screenshots you posted, is that both the first and second books? Just to add to the JLPT level assessment, the first page looks pretty much like N3 to me and the second page nicely covers N2, but I think I only spotted 2 or so grammar points that I didn’t encounter in my N2 studies (with Shinkanzen Master). So I guess for N1 one would need a different textbook.


I didn’t set any definite goals for this year.
In 2022, I want to

  • Finish BunPro N4, N3 grammar

  • Reach level 60 on Wanikani

  • Pass JLPT N3

That’s all! :hugs:


I joined Wanikani this year after a big break from learning Japanese (and a canceled birthday+Olympics trip). Wasn’t expecting much but proud of how much I can do now!

2022 Goals:

  • 365-day review streak :muscle: :triumph:
  • Keep durtling, avoid burn out
  • Don’t chicken out on Tadoku group meets
  • Take a language proficiency exam of some kind (if they don’t all fill up like JLPT)
  • Read a short story in Japanese (something other than manga)
  • Stream/record live translation of Oshiritantei game (? :eyes:)
  • Apply for MEXT scholarship (??? :eyes: :see_no_evil: :crossed_fingers:)

Thank you for all your support and comraderie this year, Wanikani Community! 明けましておめでとうございます!:fireworks: :confetti_ball:


Guess it’s time to check what goals I set, because to be honest I don’t even remember them myself.

I did not get to level 60(as the 51 below my profile picture probably would make clear), I don’t remember what series I was thinking about with the second one, but I probably did it. I finished exactly three games in Japanese so that one checks out, and I did not write anywhere where I could get corrections and I have no idea where that even would be in the first place. I did write a little bit, but mostly just for fun and without getting any feedback on it.

Let’s try to set some new goals, I guess(maybe this time a bit more focused on things that will help me do what I want to be able to):

  • Get to level 60 on wanikani
  • Learn 3000 words aside from the wanikani vocab
  • Write some(no idea how much would be a reasonable goal though. 52000 characters, maybe? That’s just about 1000 per week. Also, I obviously mean writing on my phone or laptop and not by hand, so this goal is more focused on grammar and word choices and stuff and not on kanji writing)

Well, my goals for Japanese in 2021 was to be able to read untranslated doujin

I have, in fact, been able to read untranslated doujin

My goal for 2022 is to begin making my own doujin translations

I’m so happy with this state of affairs that the rest of WaniKani could be a virus that makes my monitor explode in such a way that a shard of glass lodges itself directly in the smell centre of my brain so that I perceive nothing but eggy farts for the rest of time and I’d still rate WK 5/5


Interesting. How does it explain grammar? All in Japanese or it does have English?

Indeed the first screenshot was from book 1 and the second from book 2.

Do N1 textbooks beside the kanzen master books even exist? I mean I already browsed many different textbooks even super hard ones but later on you usually just find textbooks full of hard to read texts without any kind of explanations or exercises.
The question is, is it even worth buying textbooks like that or won’t it be sufficient just to read some hard books. There are people online, who claim they passed N1 just by reading lots of different things.

The grammar explanations are in english but rather short. To better understand the grammar I watch the youtube videos from ToKini Andy where he explains the grammar. I know he is somewhat goofy and his jokes are lame but it still helps me to understand the grammar.

The only other part in english are the reading strategies where they give you advice how to understand texts in japanese.

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Well the Shinkanzen master books are not textbooks. The grammar one only throws the grammar points at you, together with lots of test questions in JLPT style, but there are no texts that use these grammar points, nor are there exercises.
But quite a bunch of textbook series go up to N1. In my school they use the Try! series which goes up to N1 (I do own a copy but it’s at a friend’s place so I cannot post a screenshot rn). Each chapter consists of a text, and a handful of grammar points with explanations, exercises and some test questions. I think they also have a listening part. I liked it a lot when I studied for N3 but I could not get myself to look at the N2 one, so I just went with the Shinkanzen grammar book.

There is also the Sou Matome series which is split up into different books just like Shinkanzen, so maybe it’s also less of a textbook in reality…


Thanks! I know it’s maybe a lot to ask, but if you have time, could you post a pic of some pages of the second book? Maybe also the grammar ones?

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My goal for 2021 was to reach lvl 60 in Wanikani.

My goals for 2022:

  1. Go through N3 on BunPro.
  2. Read a Japanese manga. I am thinking of ビンランド・サガ, atm.
  3. Get a Japanese pen pal.
  4. I am not really interested in speaking Japanese, but I will try to get better at listening too. I don’t have a measurable goal at the moment though.

My Japanese goals for 2022 are:

  1. Reach level 30 of WK
  2. Know (JP-EN, EN-JP) 3000 of the most frequently used vocabulary

Welp, 2021 sure went quick and very slowly at the same time! This year was a mixture of new motivations and a sense of forgiveness around lack of motivation in studying. I went from feeling completely unprepared for the N3 at the start of the year to taking the N2 and not doing terribly by december (I did literally zero studying for N2, so anything more than 0 is good). Outside of Japanese (yes I know you didn’t ask), I climbed Mt Fuji, improved my photography, and did a little bit of Korean on the side.

This is my fourth or fifth year posting my goals in these threads so I’ve gained a little insight into how good I am at realizing my goals. Spoiler: I suck. A lot. So for my goals for 2021:

So was I successful? Nope. But I’m not upset about that and I also don’t blame myself. In the past I was really harsh on myself towards learning Japanese, and I think this attitude was partially to blame for some burnout I had. Not to mention it made the whole learning process infuriating and agonizing. I’m not a god though and I understand better what I’m capable of. I didn’t meet my goals, but at the same time I surpassed my expectations, so I’m still proud of what I’ve accomplished in 2021. Even if a lot of other people can do a lot better.

So cutting to the chase, here are my goals for 2022:

  • Get to level 60. Surely this time I must be able to get to level 60, I’m only 11 levels off now.
  • Pass N2. Hopefully by actually learning the N2 content in my textbooks.
  • Restart my lessons.
  • Tied to the last one, but improving my speaking to the point of not having to look up words every 20 seconds when talking to someone.
  • Finish a book. Literally any book I have. I have a few now, surely one of them is interesting enough to stick to.

Additional Goals since apparently those goals may not be enough:

  • Read all the manga I currently own (like 13 volumes).
  • Finish my N2 prep books (even though I’ve already passed N2).

Additional Non-Japanese Goals since I want to put them down somewhere:

  • Finish all the front end development courses on FreeCodeCamp.
  • Write a script for WK; it doesn’t have to be useful or good, just as long as it does something.
  • Take at least 10 pictures I’m proud of.



my husband “forced” me to watch anime now and then and suddenly it just clicked

Ha, this is what happened to me! I made some weak attempts at learning Japanese in the past and it was something I always “sort of” wanted to do. Schooling and whatnot was intense and never presented the opportunity to force myself to learn one seriously, but ~2 years ago I finished grad school and settled into my job, so that new “free time” was there alongside the ability to devote some brain power to the task.

One of my good friends has tried to get me to watch anime for probably 15 years at this point; I watched an episode of this or that, but would always say “nah, not for me”. Maybe it is just a different life stage or I watched the one that broke the wall, but I’ve had a total change of heart around it and have been actively trying to find new series to watch as I finish up others.

But it was a big decision in my move towards putting a serious effort towards learning Japanese. I’m a big fan of trying to blend learning with fun / activities. I figured that if I was going to sit here and watch a bunch of these shows, I would double up and try to make it meaningful by using it as supplemental material while learning the language. I’m still short when it comes to vocab and whatnot, but it has been very rewarding to catch words here and there, or see text on the screen like a sign and recognize what it says / parts of it.

Keep it up!


Looking back on Japanese studies during 2021 I was able to:

  • finish the first 5 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin. Just a general read to see more of the kanji I’m learning. I will most likely re-read the entire series once my level is higher.

  • take the N5 in December. I had thought of N4 but I didnt feel quite ready. More on that later once the results are posted.

  • continue lessons, even though certain grammar points and -ない form have been particularly frustrating.

  • retain and recall kanji readings in simple articles without furigana.

As for 2022, I would like to continue improving on the points listed above, with the addition of refreshing my conversation skills. This year was quite heavy on written comprehension!


Goals for 2022:

  • WK Level 60
  • JLPT N2
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sort out life and data

Happy New Year


What would such a “study buddy” be? I mean, how would that work, what would we do? :smiley:

Mine was to be satisfied with my level in Japanese. I am not but I did reach breakthroughs so for this year mission complete in my eyes.

For 2022 I want my listening ability to be a great, it is lacking. And to actually start doing the JLPTs given covid.