Genki 1 & 2 Grammar Posters

Go you from 22 days ago!

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^ _ ^

Well haven’t reset yet.
Level 20 at the time of this posting and still going strong.
Looks intently at future me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You better be like at least 25 next time you read this…

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Thanks for these. I’m on Genki Chapter 3 right now and I’m struggling :frowning: It’s so hard! But I know i"ll crack it eventually.


No worries!

Did they help any? How’s your progress?

I was 25 the next time I read it!

But it looks like I’m going to be stuck here for awhile…

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3 months later and I’m still 25…

I am working on it though…

(. _ . )

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looks at level

Le Sigh…

Self Note:
Last post was when I reset to 1
This post was at level 5

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Think of it as strengthening your foundation in a light/web novel Aikibujin san :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ll be decorating my classroom with these posers …


Don’t be discouraged! Just do your best; that’s all anyone (including yourself) can reasonably ask for anyway! :hugs: 頑張ってがんばってください!:sunglasses::+1:

Myself, I recently reset down to level 7 from 28 (details if anyone’s interested in how and why I decided to), and when I did I realized that I had previously been trying too much to ‘rush’ it, and was ‘playing the SRS game’ too intensely, which (for me, anyway) hindered my enjoyment of the whole learning process. Ultimately, though, my main goal is to actually learn Japanese, and to accomplish that I (personally speaking) need to be able to actually enjoy the process. That’s what keeps me going! :sweat_smile:

Therefore, when I found the thread :durtle_hello: Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle:, I instantly knew the ‘philosophy’ represented there was exactly what I was looking for – basically to ‘go at your natural pace’ to be able to really enjoy the whole process of learning on WaniKani. Maybe you’d like to check it out? It’s also a kind of ‘group’ (really just a thread, but you can add your name to the list of folks if you want to, just for fun), and the people there are very supportive. Maybe it might be helpful to you? Just an idea!

In any case, thanks for the links, and best wishes on your learning journey! :sun_with_face::rainbow::sparkles::hibiscus::turtle: :smiley:

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Just seeing this topic for the first time so i’d glad to thank you! :smiley:
I just printed them to help me go through genki 1. (lesson 7 atm :slight_smile: )

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Yeah I have a tendency to post more than I do reviews when I become attached to a thread.

Before my recent reset I was on a thread that was racing to level 20 by 2020. I ended up hitting level 25 by 2020, but it was way too quickly and I worked for months to try to get my review count down, but my biggest problem was retention. I was getting, at best, low 80% on reviews, but my average was 60-70% and I just couldn’t seem to bring it up even when I got my reviews under 100 a day. So I hit the red button, yet again.

I definitely will be taking it slower this time though, so yeah that group does sound more my speed. I think it was the thread that I was in that may have inspired that one. I’ll have to decline for now, but thanks for the invite! :grin:

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And this post was level 11.

Still level 11…

And nearly a year later…

*Looks at level, sees 12 *
Le sigh



(by the way the posters are super useful!)

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Currently 15…