Looking for motivation: I feel like I am losing it

It’s okay to go slow when you only have so much time! I am part of the durtles, the people who just take it slow… Because the goal is to keep learning and having fun! I am personally not able to have more than 40 items in the apprentice section, and I rarely do more than 20 lessons per week. Everyone works different.
I also struggle with motivation, especially when efforts are produced in one direction but the others don’t seem to change. And there’s so many different aspects of learning a language, it’s impossible to prevent that from happening I believe…

When I feel that way, there’s two paths:

  1. Take the time to look at what I actually learned, and how much I know now that I didn’t know before. Congratulate yourself for your efforts and allow yourself to be proud of that!
  2. Think of what’s motivating you initially, and what would motivate you more. Maybe you need to diversify your efforts and start writing, listening, speaking or reading more than just learning kanji?
    I personally like to re-watch an anime easy enough and realize I understand better than last time.