Advice to a long time student, new to wanikani

As someone above already mentioned, WaniKani’s use of Vocab is primarily in support of learning the Kanji. Therefore, it is not optimized as a vocab learning resource – which is good in a way, because it is optimized as a kanji learning resource, which is what we’re all here for mainly. But if you’re looking specifically for vocab, there are other resources that would serve you better in that regard.

Personally, I’m currently using BunPro as my ‘supplementary vocab’ learning tool. BunPro is primarily focused on Grammar. However, they’ve recently been adding lots of new features and improvements to their site, as part of a Beta program (which one has to opt-in to, so it’s not visible by default; just have to flip a switch in your account settings).

And one of those features happens to be an additional/parallel SRS system for learning vocab. In particular, this is useful because BunPro is great as a supplemental tool for learning from traditional grammar textbooks, and those textbooks often include lists of vocab for each chapter, so you can study along with both the grammar and vocab for any of several popular textbooks.

And also, they have vocab decks specifically for the JLPT system, e.g. levels N5 to N1. And that’s what I’m currently studying. Near the end of N4 vocab, myself.

Regarding when & how much to study: There are lots of guides and posts explaining how to use WaniKani ‘optimally’ in terms of, for example, speed, or time-spent. Many have already been linked above. However, some of us have decided to take a much more relaxed and pleasantly-focused approach, focusing more on the long-term, slow-and-steady strategy. There’s a thread at :durtle_hello: Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle: if you want to check that idea out. It’s just a bit of a different philosophy on learning Japanese, and in particular how to use WK to that end.

Oh yeah, and I second @WaniTsunami’s warning about the false ‘Lesson God’. The Review God is indeed the one you want to focus on.

In fact, many people who’ve spent too much time paying homage to the ‘Lesson God’ ended up with waves of reviews crashing onto them later on, after constantly doing many lessons a day, and they eventually could not keep up with the tsunami of reviews. Their review stacks would build up to hundreds or even thousands of reviews, especially if they took any time off and forgot to turn on Vacation Mode.

Many such hapless folk end up burned out.Some are able to recover and continue, but switching allegiance to the Review God. But there are even those who’ve been so burnt out this way, like myself, we ended up too burnt out to continue the ‘old ways’, and have chosen to ‘durtle the Scenic Route’ instead. :sweat_smile: