Back to the drawing board

You’re right! I started just about 10 years ago and also instantly recognized that as pelican just now after seeing your screenshot. I didn’t reset when I started back up a little while ago so that radical is long since burned, and honestly spirit is a much better word for that radical so I didn’t even question it when I’ve been getting kanji like 禅 or 祈 recently.

Neat, I wonder what other adjustments they’ve done.

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My weekly check in for anyone interested. Not much to report this time but I’m doing it anyway for my own accountability.
My Nanna’s health deteriotated at the end of last week, and this Wednesday just gone she passed away. She was 96 and had struggled with old age dementia for the last handful of years. She had long since forgotten who I was, but she was beautiful and loved anyone who showed her kindness, so we would always get a flurry of kisses and a cuddle. I am so happy she’s no longer trapped by that failing mind and she is completely restored in Heaven. But it is so strange to not have her here.
I somehow still managed to keep up reviews and lessons. I think spacing out lessons has definitely helped with curbing the ferocity that the reviews come at you with. (trying to see positives!)

Ironically, the night before Nanna died I was given 死 and all the vocab level 7 has to offer to do with death, like 死亡、亡くなる、死体… thanks a lot, level 7. -_-
But it did mean that this morning I was able to tell my Japanese friend at church that my Nanna had passed away without just reverting to something basic like 死んだ. So that’s something at least.
(Sure, I figured out that my speaking ability is a mere whisper of its former self (which itself wasn’t that great!) but anyway)
So yeah; on Level 7 and doing okay. It’s gone quicker than I thought; I’m half-way to where I used to be up to! I guess that’s to be expected seeing as I already know the kanji and vocab; it’s in my brain somewhere. I know things will slow down once I start learning completely new stuff. But I’m glad I haven’t taken years to get back to my pre-hiatus level. :slight_smile:


Back again… two weeks since my last update, but nothing much to report.
I somehow kept up my reviews during the time I was preparing various things towards the funeral and working during the day, but lessons suffered. I am now on Level 8 but still trying to not get overwhelmed with the lessons and am being disciplined and only tackling 10-15 a day if that.


I am really sorry to hear about your Nanna. :purple_heart:
10-15 new lessons a day is the way to go. I used to rush the lessons and do as many as I could each day. I had to scale it back rather quickly.


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Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

I’m glad that people suggested this advice to me because I’m yet to be overwhelmed with a backlog of reviews, which is what occurred last time!

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It’s me again.
Not much to report progress-wise. I am just taking things slow, but still regular and keeping up with reviews and lessons. Just aware that I’m likely past the level-a-week phase and progress is slowing down.
I’m still on Level 8 but I think I’ve got about 14 kanji left to pass properly before I can move on. I think I’ve completed all the lessons.
One thing about level 8 is the number of words for ‘body’. When the heck do you know which one to use? I know they’re all slightly different in meaning, but it’s just made me aware of how much I don’t know. In English, the one word ‘body’ can be used for all different situations but it depends on the context to know what it means.
I’ve become aware of the fact that I really should start practicing sentence structure again so that I can actually use the vocab and kanji that I’m relearning.
Anyway that’s all… again, no pressure to ever reply. It’s more an online progress diary for me than anything. Although you’re welcome to chime in whenever! :smiley:


just read through the whole thread, i’m sorry to hear about your Nanna.

for learning the subtle differences between very similar words, i really recommend reading. though it’s hard work (and probably too early at level 8) reading has really shown me how words are actually used, in context.

limiting the number of lessons you do is indeed super important. if WK were a car, lessons would be your accelerator. but WK doesn’t have a brake, once you’ve done a lesson, you have to ride out the momentum of the reviews coming at you.


Hello and thank you for your message (including your condolences). :slight_smile:

Oh I like that car analogy; very nice!

Re: reading, that’s a good idea. The only real reading I’ve practiced with is with my volumes of One Piece manga(!)… I know the story well enough in English so even if I don’t understand everything I can still figure out what parts mean what based on what I remember… also it very kindly has furigana. XD But manga is hard, especially one like OP, because of the amount of slack language and slang and different speaking styles… so yeah, not the best for proper reading practice I guess!


oh, i’ve done almost all my reading so far in manga :smiley:

…i’m not saying that it’s good though :wink:

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Just a quick one to say that I’m on level 9 and still going strong. :slight_smile:
I have 30 lessons sitting there, slowly tackling them one day at a time.

Here’s a random question: anyone got a favourite level? Like, is there a certain set of kanji/vocab you liked learning at one time, or are there particular radicals you’re fond of that came in a certain level?
No reason, just wondering!


You may be interested in the :durtle_hello: Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle: thread, where we embrace ‘going at our own pace’ so that we can maintain a sustainable (and enjoyable!) WaniKani experience even when life stuffs comes at us. Just an idea! Congrats on getting back to level 9! (A little while back I reset to level 7 from 28, myself! Now I’m back to 14 and feeling way less stressed about it. :sweat_smile:) Cheers!

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Ohhh thanks for that! That sounds like a lovely group :smiley:
How do you join a group?
Oh wait… is it just a thread to bookmark?

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Yeah, basically. You can actually edit I think the first comment (?) and add your name to the list of people, if you want, but that’s totally optional. It’s really mainly a thread for like-minded folks to share their experiences. :blush:

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Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Almost New Year! I hope everyone had a good time and is staying safe and healthy.
It is stinking hot in my part of the world; Christmas Day was 43 degrees Celsius (sooo like 109.4 fahrenheit apparently)! it seemed even more absurd than usual to be hearing Christmas songs like ‘Let it Snow’ and ‘White Christmas’ tinkling through the speakers. ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ are literally the last thing we want here… fire in summer is a death wish! So funny how most Christmas songs are based on a Northern Hemisphere experience, yet we continue to play them year after year.

I have now slowly ticked over into level 10. Nothing much to report, just that.
I think it’s pretty good progress for three months or so of taking things slow. Then again, I am still covering vocab and kanji that I’ve previously learnt, so I am anticipating things to be less encouraging once I get back to level 13 (where I stalled in my first go).

I have seen all kinds of threads and discussions popping up about 2022 goals, and honestly I don’t really have any. Maybe that’s part of the problem; I have no real definite purpose for learning other than I want to; that it’s part of my heritage and I feel embarrassed for having let it go for all these years. But when you put a lot of effort into something, people expect that it’s to help you get work or something. I got asked that once years ago; ‘What are you going to do with it? What can you use it towards?’. That really made me feel silly for learning for interest alone and reminded me of the time I could’ve been spending learning something ‘practical’. I’m trying hard not to think about that but I do hope that one day I can become proficient enough again to be able to combine my Japanese heritage with my profession (illustration).

Anyway. A bit of a long winded one today but it has been quite a while since I last posted.
As always, don’t feel pressured to reply; I just find it helpful to write here for my own accountability and thoughts. :slight_smile:


In my book, ‘no definite purpose for learning other than I want to’ is an excellent philosophy! Hope your heatwave has broken. If you’re in the city I think you’re in, it’s heading in my direction today and tomorrow :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Thanks so much.
Thankfully today’s temperature was like 10 degrees less than Christmas, although it is quite humid inside. Outside has a nice breeze which thankfully is a Westerly rather than from the east. (I’m in Perth! Where are you?)

Thought so, from the forecast! I’m in Melbs, the heat has come across the country, but will break by the weekend.

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Checking in late but here I am.
@Spelchek I’m trusting you made it through the heatwave… although from the looks of things over there re covid I think the heat is the least of your worries… :frowning:

Recently, for the first time since resetting my progress, I had a couple of days where I didn’t go on Wanikani. I’ve just come back after that break and did my 100+ reviews, only to find that lessons had piled up and I was suddenly on level 11. It’s the first real bank-up of lessons so far… thankfully the reviews aren’t going nuts. (I can’t say it enough; your advice on how to space out the lessons and reviews has been a lifesaver. Such a different experience to last time!)

So I am edging towards where I left off last time … level 13/14. It sounds funny but I’m getting nervous about learning some brand new stuff. XD

Oh! And I came across another blast from the past; this radical:
I remember learning it as ‘Ent’! I also remember having such a hard time with it because I never saw LotR beyond the first one (and still haven’t!) and could never remember what the heck the word was for the talking trees Koichi was talking about. XD Maybe that’s what the general feeling was? I dunno.
This meant that the mnemonic for ‘fast’ (速) was an Ent on a scooter (or was it ‘slide’ back then?!) , but now it’s something about a bundle of pizzas which is a bit more convoluted and not quite as fun. Ah well!

Bye for now from level 11!


Just a very quick one. I am still on Level 11 since my last update. I have slowed right down to a crawl, it feels. I went on holiday for a week and came back to my first major backlog. Thankfully things are back on track now. Feels good to not stress about the speed I’m going/not going. :slight_smile:

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