How to deal with all the new lessons

Lessons are item you are allowed to study, not lessons you have to study.



If it is too much for you, just don’t do them right now

This feeling never goes away. It does lessen and start to grind down over time but even today when I level up I feel this shot of excitement that I’m leveling up, only to fall into the gentle horror of… 50-160 new lessons!

Then I pick myself up, get back on the horse and keep on trekking!


Thank you everyone for responding, I really was kind of stressed looking at it before, but you guys definitely helped alleviate it. As much as I’d like to get Wanikani done as soon as I can, I’ll just try not to worry about what’s coming.

Great community you have here :slight_smile:


I’m just going to add my two cents now:)

I try to do at least 20 lessons before noon, and I never do lessons after noon because the first two review cycles come after 4 and 8 hours (so twelve hours) and after that they keep coming at the same time of day unless you delay doing them when they come up. So by getting lessons done before noon I get all my reviews in the afternoon, where I want them. I sometimes do more than 20 lessons (for instance when I get new radicals) but I usually regret doing more than 40 at a time:p Today I did 60 lessons in the morning and it’s been a bit of a pain tbh.

Reading jprspereira’s Ultimate Guide (they linked it above) was prolly the most useful thing I did in my first week of Wanikani, so I recommend doing that if you haven’t already:)


Level 2 was the level I spent most time on (out of all the levels) - as people mentioned, you’re figuring out how WK works, how to handle what it throws at you and what feels like a nice routine you can stick to.

There’s no need to do all your lessons, try to stick doing all your reviews because those pile up. Then add lessons as you feel comfortable doing so. Remember that reviews keep coming back until you burn the items, lessons only ever have to be done once and will result in more reviews.
Controlling the number of lessons you complete is a key way to keep the number of daily reviews manageable.


I have another approach. I have installed a userscript with a heatmap. And it shows how many consecutive days I did lessons.
I can’t do every lesson at once, or I’ll break that streak.
so I’ll do 20 when i get a new level, so I get vocab and some radicals, and maybe some kanji.
then I slow down to 10 or even 5 (depending on how many days I estimate to guru a radical/kanji).
So for tomorrow I have a lot of reviews, but it’ll go down.

Maybe not the prefered method but my streak is now 25/25, and I really don’t want to break it, says my OCD (yes, that also means I have done 1 lesson a day sometimes)


I’m just ahead of you @HaseebYousfani and I was definitely shocked at the sudden jump in lessons too :sweat_smile: I’m taking it slow with lessons, about 4-8 a day. I prioritize reviews and if my brain doesn’t want to do anything beyond those in a day, I don’t do 'em.

Feel free to check out
:durtle_hello: Lets Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle:
:snail::beach_umbrella: Team Snails on Vacation :snail::beach_umbrella:

for some more folks who are takin’ it easy.


There’s no right or wrong way, you have to find out what works for you, and no one knows that besides you.


I went as fast as Wanikani allows you to be, and I did on average 20 lessons a day (has you reach level 60 in 1 year). Even half that intensity (10 lessons/day) will have you beat a lot of people studying Japanese at college/university. Wanikani works that well :slight_smile:


Typically when you unlock a new level, you unlock 4 different types of items:

  1. Some vocabulary on the older level (in this case level 1 for you).
  2. All of the radicals on the new level.
  3. Kanji on the new radicals that dont use the new level kanji.
  4. Vocab on the new level that only use existing kanji.

The WK script orderer will prioritize the items in the order I have listed, though there are a bunch of reorder scripts on the forums that will let you customize that. Some things to know are:

  1. Vocab doesn’t block anything and is not technically needed to progress a level.
  2. Guruing radicals will typically unlock some kanji.
  3. Guruing kanji will give you level progression and some vocab words (I have seen from 1-6 words out of a kanji).

Also, keep in mind that any lessons you do turn into a bunch of reviews later so I try to stagger mine out to not get overwhelmed. Most people’s rule of thumb is to try to keep the apprentice items under 100 so you dont get too many reviews at once. Also, picking a set number of items you can effectively learn and retain in a day and then keeping that pace with lessons per day will also be a good habit to get into.

I hope this helps!


@jprspereira you are everywhere
thanks for the guide and the guidance… first portugueses I find here

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All part of my world invasion plans…

Glad it helped! :smiley: Nowadays, there are at least 5 Portuguese people here, just search for the typical PT on the usernames :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, i’m one of thouse however I am not using the pt version of my name :joy:
but I will open my eyes in order to find more tugas here

Já agora, por curiosidade, já fizeste o JLPT na UP?

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Fiz em Dezembro de 2017 o N4, mas chumbei por 5 pontos ou assim xD Depois nunca mais voltei a fazer devido ao covid e houve uns anos em que o JLPT na UP foi cancelado. Acho que depois de 2017, a UP só voltou a fazer o exame uma vez em 2019 :sweat_smile:

Na altura, eramos umas 100 pessoas, distribuídas por todos os níveis.

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pois… eu até já pensei em ir a Santiago devido a esse problema

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Eu nem sou português. Sou brasileiro.

Só queria dizer oi mesmo _o/

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Oi, também é bom encontrar brasileiros ou qualquer pessoa de países de expressão portuguesa


if you ignore them they’ll go away.


I’m taking my time. I’m not doing new lessons until I feel comfortable with the vocabulary from level 1. I feel pretty confident already but I still want to clear the mistakes before I move on. There’s no rush :slight_smile:

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By the way, can we just exit at any part during lessons? Or is there a way to set 10 items for example and then have WK exit the lessons automatically?

I see we have a lesson batch before a quiz under settings but this is not the same. There is a tab during review that has a clock and when I click on it, “wrap up” appears. Is this how it is done? I see 10 items countdown after that. But what if I hit the home button or if I just exit abruptly? Would I miss up the SRS or my stats? I don’t want to break anything :slight_smile:

Edit: mmm I think I just answered my own question Lol. I do remember that every time I review 5 items, it asks me if I want to continue or exit. But I would still like to know what happens if I exit before finishing a quiz in case I need to do something else.

By default WK will count a lesson or review as completed once you’ve answered both the meaning and the reading. If you don’t fully complete a session it’ll keep any items you’ve not fully answered (so only one reading or only one meaning answered) in your browser’s cache for two hours, so they’ll count as partially completed if you continue reviewing within that time. If the two hours expires WK will simply treat it as if you’ve never done the review at all, so you won’t really break anything, you might just have to answer them one more time.

So in short, nothing really bad can happen. If you resume within two hours it’ll treat the items as if you’ve never left, otherwise it’ll handle them like you’ve never done the review before.