How many times have you reset your level?

No shame here. We all have good reasons to reset our level.

I was wondering if there were other people who have reset their level multiple times and what was the reason.

My first reset was from level 28 to level 11. I made the huge mistake of focusing on kanji and not doing vocabulary. Once I started focusing on vocabulary lessons, my review piled up badly to a point that I had 1,500 lessons and 3,000 reviews. Resetting to level 11, the last time I did things as it was supposed to, was a big relief.

Second time, I made it up to level 16 and was doing well. Had everything under control. However, this time around I had a very big change in my life: had my first baby. Once the baby was born, I completely put Japanese and everything else in my life on hold. I don’t regret it one single bit. It was the greatest year of my life. Now a year after this, I decided to get back. Of course, I forgot to set Vacation mode on. Too many reviews piled up again. A lot of forgotten items. Going through a lot of incorrect reviews and re-reading its mnemonics felt like a big chore. I decided to reset to level 11 once again and so far: I’ve been managing to study and do my reviews every day as much as possible.

It has been a good experience. I think I learned a lot from my first reset, including the responsibility and power of the re-order script. I really feel I will reach level 60 this time around. I really wish the same for all of you multiple resetters as well. 頑張って!

How many times have you reset your level?

  • 1 time
  • 2 times
  • 3 times
  • 4 times
  • More than 5 times

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I’ve reset twice.

The first time I was only at level 2 or 3. I had started and then forgot about it for months. When I came back I reset.

Second time, I made it to level 33. I decided that I didn’t feel I knew the material well enough and that I had probably abused scripts. So I decided to start over and do it properly this time around. The results have been excellent. My accuracy is way higher and I’m a lot more confident when I read. Definitely worth it.


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Will 100 poll options be enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

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What scripts would you discourage us noobs from using?

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It’s not that there are any you shouldn’t use. Just make sure you use them appropriately.

When I say I felt I had probably abused them, I think I was being too lenient on myself with the ignore script. Like I would type something in that was close but not quite right and convince myself that it was an acceptable answer when it wasn’t. Then it would move on to the next SRS category when it shouldn’t have because I should have known it better.

I hope that makes sense?


Yes, it does! Thank you.

I’m a sloppy typer which is why I installed the ignore script but knowing me, I would rely on it too much. In my review earlier, I mistyped 太 as “far” and was so upset. Its probably better that way. I should learn how to be more careful.

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  1. from 47ish to 1 (there were only 50 levels then), needed some extra motivation
  2. from 60 to 40, wanted to do the last 20 levels properly, but I only made it to 42
  3. from 42 to 26 (hopefully my last reset), lvl 26 that seemed like a good starting point (even though I lost a lot of burned items), that was the first level I had many kanji in apprentice
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how do you reset?

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I had reset from level 23 to 1 for a couple of reasons. First, I took about 6 months off of learning Japanese so I had forgotten quite a number of things. Second, I, too, abused some of the scripts (especially the ‘ignore answer’) and wanted to do things right the second time around.

Oops, I said I had a couple of reasons but it turns out I really only had two! ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Settings > Danger Zone > Reset Level

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I’m just getting started so I haven’t done so yet.

I’ve used literally zero scripts. So I’d say…all of them.


I recently reset from 17 (I think) down to 7. I had a lot of life events (losing both my parents, having a debilitating accident, etc.) that led to me leaving WaniKani for…I don’t even know how long. Years. I kept trying to come back, but I was so behind and had forgotten so much that it was seriously hopeless. About 1000 reviews to do, and I was only hitting at like 25% accuracy. When I left, there was no reset button, I’m almost certain. If I had known it was there, I would have come back ages ago.


Twice. Once from level 8 to 1, then from 9 to 1.
It went like this :
→ “no time, gotta do some UNI assignments”
→ 1000+ reviews
→ “wow so much reviews, not gonna do that now”
→ 6 months later : “I would love to do WK, but I pretty much forgot everything”

@MasterSenSenpai Hey, you’re back!

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Just once, from lv 53 to 1. Did it to go back through with a focus on writing.


I just reset for my first (and hopefully only) time. I was at level 23 before going back to the start. My original start date is all kinds of wrong, I signed up, forgot for a long time, then dabbled before I tried to get serious last year. For the first part of last year I really pushed my way through, absolutely abusing the reorder script to skip out on vocab. I was working at home at the time, overnights, and had way too much free time and decided arbitrarily that I wanted to hit level 20 by my birthday in May. I did it, but there were a ton of lessons piled up from all the vocab I had skipped.

I had planned to whittle those down, but then I got a promotion that put me back in the office all day, and I had an hour drive each way (no public transport option, sadly) and I got overwhelmed with just having no time. I started looking into buying a house to reduce my commute, and closed in mid-September so it’s only a 20 minute drive now. I’d hoped to pick it back up after that, but by the time I was finished with moving and getting life somewhat together we found out my cousin’s cancer had spread to her brain and we were told she didn’t have much time left. She lived out where I had been living, so it was back to that hour drive each way whenever I did have any time in order to spend as much time with her as possible. A couple of weeks after she passed, I tried to come back and chip away at the reviews but even reordering my 1800+ reviews there was so much I was messing up and that I had forgotten (at least in part due to neglecting the vocab) that I bit the bullet yesterday and reset. I’ve never installed the ignore script because I don’t trust myself with it, but I shouldn’t have trusted myself with reorder either. :slight_smile:

I did have to talk myself out of being ashamed of resetting rather than just pushing through, but now that I’ve done it I feel like it was the best choice for me.


Thanks! I disabled most of them.

I mean, thats just his opinion. He is certainly the minority when it comes to this topic as well. The problem is that people overcomplicate it way too much. If you think something will benefit your learning and you wont abuse it, no reason not to use it.