Script Abusers Anonymous

Let us gather around and unburden ourselves of the guilt we feel to this day.

I make this plea:
Crabigator, give us the grace to accept with serenity the errors that cannot be changed
The courage to change the typos that should be corrected, and the wisdom to know one from another.

What is script abuse?

Script abuse is when you use a userscript to cheat the system in wanikani, to the point at which it becomes a habbit that over time ends up leaving you in a bad situation. Whether it’s using an ‘undo’ script to change your answer because you 'totally knew that’ or using a re-order script to always get your kanji lessons, while ignoring your vocabulary lessons.

What are the dangers?

  • Not actually learning properly - always correcting yourself rather than letting an item drop a level is a road to never actually getting the item properly lodged in your memory. Certainly the item will level up and get out of your queue for a while, but eventually it will come back and you may find you don’t remember it at all.
  • Overloading yourself with old lessons - if you go two or three levels without touching your vocabulary lessons you can end up with potentially hundreds of lessons in your queue. Not only does this present a problem in terms of catching up, but it also ignores the fact that the vocabulary lessons themselves aid in recalling the kanji readings and in learning alternate readings.

Are scripts the problem?

Absolutely not! Scripts are actually extremely useful and all scripts have a purpose. In the same way that cake is quite clearly the best thing ever, but if you abuse it by eating if for every meal, you’re going to get sick. Ultimately self control is the issue here, some of us have a lot, some of us (me) don’t!

So why this thread?

Lots of us have stories about how we abused scripts in the past and I thought it would be helpful to share them in one place, rather than scattered across the forums, in the hopes that people learn to use scripts responsibly!

What’s my personal horror story?

Let me tell you a tale of weakness and woe.

I have been on WaniKani for two years now, but I have twice taken long periods of time away. When I first levelled from 1-8 I made liberal use of undoing my answers. Because of this, I remebered next to nothing after a few months. So I reset to level 1.

I was then so desperate to level quickly that I skipped a lot of vocab lessons, cherry picking my kanji and radicals as I went. This went on for enough time and to such an extent that I found myself with over 600 vocab lessons undone. I’m now facing that mountain and pledging myself to remain 0/0, but I only have myself to blame for being in this situation.

If we take the time to unburden ourselves of this guilt, we can pledge ourselves to be better and hopefully disade others from this path.

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I (ab)use scripts to procrastinate


Yup, that sounds about right ^—^


Is it abuse creating scripts instead of stuyding/tackling reviews?


Is not using a script “script abusing” ?

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Looks like @Kumirei calls it procrastination and I’d defer to her judgement on that :stuck_out_tongue:

They can abuse your eyes if poorly designed.

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The double-check script has literally been a life-saver. Some may call it abuse, but I would call it “me not typing what I just said in my brain”.

brain → “oh that’s じんせい”
hands → “にんぜい”
brain → “wait. is that even a word?”


100% - I’m a very fast typist AND I type a lot, so always have tired hands. I mistype all the damn time, so the double check script is absolutely essential. It is just also absolutely essential that I remember to let myself fail if I genuinely do.


It’s rare that I type a meaning question with correct spelling


I’m always pleased to see how forgiving WK is in most cases, I typed Japneese earlier for 日本語 and it accepted it perfectly happily.


no scripts! i like vanilla…


That has been happening a lot to me since I’ve started with Japanese actually! I’ve gotten so used to typing nn for ん that I happen to generally type characters twice all the time, especially when I’m already writing but still thinking about what I’m going to write (and not just in Japanese lol)

So yeah, I use the override script for those incidents and also sometimes for the first review of an item. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really hurt my memory if I can’t recall a kanji on the very first review but on the following reviews I don’t cheat


Hmm I do use reorder so radicals and kanji are always first, but I make myself 0/0 every level so I haven’t had vocab back up too bad on me. Did I end up going over 200 apprentice items to make sure I got 0/0 in the nick of time last level? Maybe. I’m gonna hate myself in a month when those reviews come back to haunt me


I think that’s healthy enough, doing Kanji and Radicals the day after levelling up, then do your vocab in batches of 20 or so every day is my plan once I get all my current stack down. I had 680, I’m down to 290, so the pain will be over soon… and then there’ll be pain for another two weeks or so as the Guru 2 reviews come in… and then again when the Master ones come in… but that is Future Jerry’s problem.


I’m sure future Jerry can handle it as well as present Jerry! ファイト!

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Your faith is well placed the future certainly won’t see me in a ball crying



sidles into the room




Despite the title of this thread, something about this doesn’t quite seem anonymous. I just can’t quite put my finger on what… :thinking:


We’re all in this together, it’s okay.

I was going to put a disclaimer, but it seemed a bit on the nose :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t have…


I don’t have a problem.