Reset Regret

I just reset myself back to level one.

I lost my job almost two years ago! I haven’t done reviews since then. But I was only on level nine. I probably could have eventually gotten caught up. But I was going back through my burned items and there was a bunch that I couldn’t remember right off the bat. I figured resetting back to level one was the safest bet. I could have just resurrected all my burned kanji.

Maybe I shouldn’t have gone all the way back to one, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Please tell me I did the right thing because I’m kind of regretting my choice.


I reset from level 20 to 1 twice. I’m actually enjoying myself again, getting back in the habit in preparation for getting back to learning new material.

Basically, at level 1 again, you’re resolidifying your knowledge and recreating a habit without also having to struggle with material you don’t know at the same time :slight_smile:


Con: You lost maybe 10 weeks of progress
Pro: The first 10 weeks will be much easier this time and it’s less likely that you will give up


This will be a great way to ease back into doing reviews before your brain has to switch fully back into learn from scratch mode. I reset at just about the same level a while back and I don’t regret it.


You did the right thing!

No regrets!!! :metal:t3::fire::fire: now you can go full speed since you’ll already know a lot of the stuff!


Don’t worry about it one bit. On one hand you may be thinking that was time lost because of how long it takes to level up, but don’t think that way! You’ll get back into a study routine easier this way :slight_smile: and you’ll probably be surprised at how much you do remember. All that brain exercise is going to go a long way to solidifying everything in your mind.

Keep it up! You’ll fly past level 9 eventually.


I usually argue against resetting, but since your goal is to relearn all the stuff you burned two years ago, I think resetting sounds like a nicer way to handle it than manually resurrecting everything xD

If you want to level at max speed, you could get from level 1 to level 9 in 2 months or less


I reset from level 20 to level 4 after 1.5 years, no regrets! Well, I had them for a couple of levels, when I didn’t have many reviews and guru items, but believe me, it’s for the best:D
I only recently encountered items I truly forgot, so everything before that was faily easy, but I could finally do vocab lessons normally and get 0/0 for every level. I just now started taking breaks:D


I reset to level 1 a long while back where I was around level 11 at the time I believe. It’s possible you may have been able to get through it, but it’s too late now and I’d suggest just focusing on the now. Going through these levels you may find a lot of kanji/vocab you still remember after all this time and it will make it easier than the first time through. I made it through a reset and reached the end and I believe with enough hard work and dedication you can too.


As a twice resetter… definitely worth it. The two months it will take you to catch up is nothing compared to the two years you were gone. Enjoy the extra boost of confidence from knowing a bunch of stuff on the first levels!


You’ll not regret it once you get the hang of it again!! Like others have said it’ll take around 9 weeks if you go as fast as possible (this is not something you MUST do of course) so it’s really not that big of a loss and you’ll learn everything well at once now!!


Thanks everybody! I feel a lot better now haha.


Resetting from level 9 to 1 isn’t a big deal depending on how fast you level up. You could be back on level 9 in less than 3 months and you’ll actually know more Japanese than you do now. :slight_smile:


I think you’ll be glad you reset in the long run :blush: Congrats on picking it up again, I’ll be rooting for you!


No shame in resetting. I didn’t get to level 60 my first time. I only got to level 8 before I stopped and didn’t come back for some time (about 4 years in fact). Then I came back and look at me now! I reset and got to level 60 in a little under a year and three months. Don’t worry how far you got before. Just work hard to make up those lost levels.


i reset from lvl 43 1.5 years ago, because I got busy with life. Back at 23. I don/t regret it.


I just came back too after a year or so and also was level 9, however I only reset to level 8. Level 1 seems a bit overkill but if you really felt like you had forgotten so much, I guess it’s ok then. I got back on track and my review percent back to ~90% correct in a week or so, so I’m happy I didn’t reset because it wasn’t at all as hard as it felt at first.


I’ve reset two times - first from level 30 - second from level 20…
I think, the most important thing in studies is to keep moving. It’s better to start again from level one and start moving again than to keep contemplating over a huge pile of reviews…


Great that you’ve come back after a two year break - in my mind that is a much greater hurdle to have overcome than resetting a few levels and working your way back up. (I’ve taken two 4-month breaks and reset after the first from 17 to 2).


You started learning Japanese, and you try everyday to learn another language. You already made a better choice to do above and beyond what most people do.
Does not matter if you have to reset, as long as you try and learn more kanji and Japanese everyday.

Life is all about taking chances.You made your choice, you cant turn back now.
So just focus and level up back to your original level as efficient as you can.