Fastest way to do wanikani

Can someone just give me a step by step guide for fastest way to complete wanikani?
There are so much stuff I can’t understand what everyone’s saying, don’t give me your opinions or you’ll get burnt or this or that! I’ve been trying to look it up for so long, I can’t find it anywhere.
I can speak Japanese and know most of the vocabs that are coming up but can’t read kanji. I’m just level 6 rn. I just want to know how to level up in 7 days that everyone is saying is possible! There is so much information, some one just tell me step 1:
step 2: step3: and after 7 days bam you’re in the next level

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Perhaps this guide?


This guide is really longggggggg. and ive read it multiple times.

Is it basically do your lessons at 9 am, review 1pm and 9pm? i wish someone could give a simple answer. Use these apis and do this at this time. :face_exhaling:

You could stop.

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Doing only twice a day should be OK.

Lessons can be spread over three days so, except for Radicals and second batch of Kanji (i.e. radical-dependent) or all Kanji for fast levels.

Vocabularies help to reinforce Kanji, so spread over the week.

Personally I powered through, so all lessons only over a day or two. But I don’t wake up at 4am. Still managed in 14 months.

I have had memory problems in the latter half, but I have other memorizing tricks.

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stop what? I didn’t get what you’re trying to say
I just have free time in December and January and wanted to go fast during this time. That’s all.

doing things fast now when your free is gonna suck later when your busy. Just stay consistent.


I mean, the fastest way is very simple. Do all of your lessons at once, then do your reviews as soon as they’re available, then bam. Next level.

The problem is that the number of lessons grows each level, as will the reviews. That’s why people usually take much longer than a year. But the formula is simple.


So If i just do all the lessons as they come and do the reviews twice a day, i can finish it in 14 months?

I’d say, it’s unnecessary trouble with non-significant increase in speed.

Speed-level-up critical parts are only, radicals, and some Kanji.

Even not doing Lessons immediately, delaying by an hour or a day won’t change much. Like from 1 year to 1.5 year.

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Okay cool, I mean you start reading these things in community forums and they are doing these calculations and things about API and what not. starts feeling like you’re doing some computer science course. :joy: I’m sorry i was just confused

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The guide posted by @polv is very good and explains everything you need. I’d also recommend reading that.

However, a very distilled down version specifically for going maximum speed is:

  1. Do the radical lessons immediately upon leveling up. They all have to be at guru before you can do the lessons for the kanji that have them as components. This realistically requires installing a user script such as Reorder Omega that allows you to specify the order you want to do the lessons.
  2. Do all of the lessons for the kanji that are available until the radicals reach guru and the remaining kanji become available
  3. Do the lessons for the remaining kanji as soon as you guru the radicals
  4. Do the available vocab lessons while waiting for the radicals and then kanji to reach guru

Keep in mind that all of the levels other than the fast levels (1, 2, 43, 44, 46, 47, and 49-60) have time progressions as:

SRS Level Review Wait Time
Apprentice 1 4 hours
Apprentice 2 8 hours
Apprentice 3 23 hours
Apprentice 4 ~2 days
Guru 1 ~1 week
Guru 2 ~2 weeks
Master ~1 month
Enlightened ~4 months
Burned -

In other words, the fastest you can get the radicals to guru is about 81 hours or ~3.4 days. That means you need to do the associated reviews at the right intervals to achieve max speed.

Disclaimer I have no intention of going max speed and burning myself out, so the information above is not based on personal experience, rather it is based on the aforementioned post and understanding how the system works.


I really need to learn fast. I’m working in a Japanese company in Japan, so I want to be able to read the documents. I use too much of google translate and deepl and even chatgpt now a days, haven’t improved kanji at all.

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It shouldn’t be surprising that WaniKani doesn’t cover not only some Kanji, but also some Kanji readings and meanings. They might not be making Level > 40 that well.

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Hey thanks for that Mikey.

Sorry polv, couldnt understand what youre saying. >40 is not that good?

Depending on vocabularies that can be constructed from those Kanji, I think many are missing and being taught no clue. On’yomi are sometimes not taught here.

Radicals not assembling Kanji properly should already be evident around 20s, where other SRS / apps might be better alternatives.

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Hey Mikey, after installing the Omega, can you also explain how to use it?

You’re only going to learn as fast as your brain lets you. SRS doesn’t fix your capacity to learn information, it just helps simulate how your brain puts things into long term memory. If you can only learn 30 words a day, the 70 lessons you do today won’t change that.


No disrespect but I wrote in the post to not give your opinions. Thank you for your consideration. but I really need to go fast right now. I’m studying kanji from other places too, its just that I like wanikani the most. I read japanese all day long. My job is basically to read. I’m just fed up of having to rely on google translate so much.