Hello guys! this is my first post around here. Currently I am at level 3 almost about to progress to level four. Level 3 is taking an awfully long time :frowning: can you give me any tips and tricks for levelling up faster. I got bored of doing the same reviews…


よ, check out this guide!

Has lots of good info, including info about how to find your max leveling time sweet spot

As you continue leveling and adding items into your queue, your amount of daily reviews will start growing and it won’t feel as slow, I promise you that :durtle_the_explorer: in the meantime, maybe check out a reverse WK site like KaniWani or KameSame to practice going from EN → JP, and/or start taking a crack at grammar if you haven’t already

Hang in there, don’t allow the durtvertedness of the first levels discourage you :durtjovahs_witness:


Level 1 and 2 are “fast” levels. Level 3 is a regular level

Thank you for posting this link! I’ve been wondering what’s to come!

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