0/0 is Dead to Me

I used to post in the 0/0 thread pretty much every level, but once I started getting to enlightened and even moreso with burning, I found that everything was stacking up too much and my review load was just a little too much to handle. Since then, I’ve started limiting myself to 10 lessons a day and the difference it makes to my stress levels and desire to keep my reviews at 0 has been great!
However, it seems like I just can’t get to 0/0 anymore due to slowly unlocking vocab as I get kanji to guru over the course of a few days. At first, it bugged me, but ultimately, I think it’s a better fit.
Anyone else slow down enough to say goodbye to good ol’ 0/0? How do you feel about the pace?


I think I’ve seen 0/0 on a total of about 3 levels.


First three?


Yeah that’s pretty hard to maintain, as you wrote don’t worry too much about it.
You can use the reorder script to help, that’s what I did until the fast levels (radical s first, then Kanji, then vocab). That makes it more manageable.


I did a 20/day limit and saw 0/0 occasionally enough to be, hey cool, but it wasn’t something I chased or anything.

0 reviews though, that one I nailed almost every day. :wink:


I think I saw 0/0 twice in the last year. The last 4 months though I’ve been using the reorder script to insert vocabulary into the lessons sooner than WK would. That helps to keep the vocab pile down when you level up and helps with getting to 0/0 near the end of a level. But I don’t worry about it. As long as I keep my review streak alive, currently at 420+ days, I’m happy.


I feel like consistently having reviews at 0 is what makes me feel good, like having a clean inbox. At my peak, I was doing over 100 reviews a day and still not getting to 0, just watching it stack up. It was just too stressful.


Aye, it’s all about sustained workload. As long as you’ve got a pace that works for you, leveling kinda comes automatically as you go on. :wink:

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FWIW, when I started I felt the first big workload increase right around level 7, and then another right around level 13. I’ve been 泳ぐ since.

I go slow and manage the 0/0 by sacrificing level speed. I always do vocabs first. When I do kanji I make sure to not do the second last bit unless I can get the last batch done before guruing any kanji and unlock more items. If Guru’s are closing in I either keep enough kanji to not level, do all the vocabs in my own speed before finally emptying the kanji, or just do the last bit of kanji to empty lessons and focus on the vocabs incoming once I am ready.

Though it is more important to simply have done the vocab lessons from the level before, and keep reviews at zero as much as possible. Actually getting the 0/0 is more to enforce that, but can be done in many ways. I like the zero zero as it adds an extra layer to it, making it more complicated.

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I use scripts to reorganize my lessons and help me reach 0/0. First day, I do all my radicals, after that I do 5 kanji and 10 vocab a day until I clear my lessons. Only 15 lessons a day helps keep my reviews under control, but still lets me progress at a pace I’m comfortable with.

All that said, it’s not that important. I find it fun and motivating, but if it’s making things stressful for you, definitely drop it!

I’m all about 126/0.

(100 apprentice items is working much better for me :stuck_out_tongue:)


By 0/0 you mean lessons/reviews, right?
If that’s the case, then yes, I saw to it after 3 days of leveling up when I finished handling all lessons. It was very grueling, though…

i like to see 0/0 at least once per level, but that’s because i’m going fast. it’s a thing which shows me that i’ve finished all the lessons from the previous level, so i’m not building up a backlog.

if you’re not re-ordering your levels (through a script or on a phone app), then you don’t have to worry about building up a backlog anyway. and if you’re doing a steady 10 lessons a day, then you probably wouldn’t ever reach 0/0 anyway. because you’d always be unlocking new lessons before finishing the available ones. and that’s fine too ^^

I haven’t seen 0/0 since level 5. I think I’m dead to it.


Yall better get jouzu. Cause I have my 0/0 everyday at the end of the day :v:



150-300 a day isn’t really that difficult… most people just don’t have enough time to devote to WK to such a degree

edit: I’m not saying people are lazy, I’m saying it’s just tedious.

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I do 200 reviews in around 30 mins. I spend around an hour on wanikani a day. Except the community section haha

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well, to each their own methods. honestly I’m not sure how that’s even possible — my fastest is about 300 reviews/hr, but it seems like you’ve found a good way to do yours.

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