What do you do after level 60 in WK?

I know i am just level 2 but i am wondering what do u after level 60?


You burn yourself and ascend to the realm of Koichi.

I’m still level 60 though, haven’t experienced after 60 yet.


Yeah, if anyone works it out, let me know.


WK teaches a lot of useful vocab, but it also ommits a lot. Like kana only words.

I’m going through the core 10K (10.000 most common words in Japanese). I learn and SRS grammar every day. I also try to read as much as I can, and I watch native stuff every day. But I was doing most of that before getting to 60.

Basically, you’ll already have a study and practice routine outside of WK before 60, and you’ll just keep going with that.

  • Continue to study grammar.
  • Learn vocab that is outside of Wanikani. 6000 words is just the beginning.
  • Read native content.
  • Talk/Write to natives.

If you haven’t practiced reading much, I recommend Jalup Next or the Jalup Anki decks if you don’t mind spending the money, and also floflo.moe. That has been helping me get into reading.


I started learning kanji since i thought i better end it first so i don’t take much time. I actually still don’t understand i read even if it is in hirgana

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Yeah, it’s good to start Kanji from the very beginning. Some people try putting it off, but wasting time learning words in kana that are usually written in kanji will only slow you down, while learning kanji for words usually written in kana will only help you when you do eventually see them with kanji.


You wait patiently for levels 61-70 to be added.


Yeah but this is sort of an interesting question. I was thinking after the ‘dashboard progress’ post, that really there are two phases of using WK that might benefit from two different dashboards. New user, learning WTF is going on; and Power user, familiar with the app and just getting on with learning kanji and getting to level 60 as efficiently as possible. The power user might want leech tables, etc. to focus on their weak ones.

But there’s really a third group, the Post-level-60. What do you use WK for?* Is it different? Would a different dashboard be more useful? What would keep you coming back to WK? (Without adding a ton of new content and turning it into EtoEto). I mean, lots of people bought lifetime subscriptions, what’s “life after 60” look like on WK?

* which is a somewhat different question than the OP, but kind of the same


My current post-WK routine is this:

  • Reading at least two pages in a japanese book every day.
  • Listening to 15 minutes a day from various audiobooks (still using a cheat method I discovered by chance)
  • Practicing 50 cards in my homemade anki listening deck a day. (Spoken word on the front, spoken sample sentence on the back, along with kanji, translation and such if that’s not enough)
  • One hour italki spoken conversation practice per week.

Apart from this I also like watching let’s plays and sometimes chat with Japanese web buddies.


I mean, I guess you could say (from a business perspective) who cares? But I think having a value-rich continued reason to be a WK subscriber once the level 60 is completed would be a win-win-win situation.

What if
There was an honorary Level 61 you could earn by “giving back” to the community. The method would be up to each person to use their individual talents however they can contribute (not everyone can be a script writer, for instance @rfindley @Kumirei ). Maybe it’s running a beginner grammar thread like @mamimumason does (which I love, <3 Mami!). Maybe lead a book club (@Naphthalene @seanblue) , maybe a intermediate level-60-only JLPT test prep. Write a tutorial (@jprspereira). Just be @Leebo.

In any case, giving “postgraduates” a reason to stick around (both for their own continued learning benefit, not from the app, but from each other, AND for the newer people’s benefit) would have side effects like making the “lifetime” subscription much more attractive. A little added “gamification” and recognition with the level 61, plus the continued value might help everyone and attract more new users.

For all I know, this already happens in a secret level-60 group. (minus the badge) I’m not one :smiley:

Plus, cynically, think about how much free help Tofugu could get just because some people can’t stand for there to be a 61 and not have it.


I have still way to go to reach level 60. As for kanji, if nothing changes, long term I plan to teach myself an equivalent of Level Pre-1 of 日本漢字能力検定 (more or less, not necessarily taking the test).

As I’m pretty used to Wanikani I’ll probably use The Ultimate Wanikani Deck for Anki (the Ultimate WaniKani deck(all 60 levels, updated mnemonics) - AnkiWeb) as a starting point and enter my own material (based on texts I plan to read).



I second Jalup. They also have an iphone and android app available(which is what I use). The app has an immersion player that has greatly improved my listening comprehension.

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I still have a little left, but once I finish Wanikani, I’ll probably try to burn everything (though it’ll probably take years xD), and repeat the vocabulary with Kaniwani.
I want to read a lot, and properly go through grammar with all the free time I’ll suddenly have.

That’s the plan - but as for how it will actually turn out, well, let’s see in a few months :blush:

Quite frankly I was so eager to be done with WK that I decided to just go with the next step ASAP and call it quits when my subscription was over even though I was still 2 levels from reaching Nirvana… I mean level 60 … :grin:

So what’s the next step? Working towards achieving whatever previous goal lead you to sign up in WK in the first place :man_shrugging: .

For me the wtf feeling I got when starting WK was pretty much the same one I got when picking my first native reading and facing with that wall of text. Same one for listening too if I think about the first raw episode I watched (and keeps happening quite often actually :sweat_smile:).
In case you don’t engage in any of those activities by the time you reach level 60, I guess you should be prepared for a rough transition; level 60 won’t guarantee a smooth sail in many other aspects but it will put you in a much better place to adventure yourself into those.

In my case WK created a solid routine related to japanese learning that I then filled with other items related to language learning (vocab / listening mainly) and then gradually I’ve turned into having a japanese related hobby (shodo) that benefits hugely from understanding japanese content. Also I’m exploring japanese shows and media to a much greater extent with the possibility of enjoying those sometimes raw, but most of the time assisted in some way (e-book with the option of readiliy available dictionary or shows with japanese subs available to cope for my listening not been quite there just yet :sweat_smile: ).


Right? Levels 0-60 are only the beginning. We should have more 60’s running around the community than we have ‘undergrads’.

WK shodo club? :smiley:

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Probably buy the sequel, Wanikani 2. You’ve beaten the game.