The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Let’s be real. It’s hard for some of us to keep up with our vocabulary lessons sometimes, and this glorious sight becomes as rare as a Yellow Rodent Durtle. :durtle_yellow_rodent:


I myself have gotten super lazy about keeping up with reviews this year… I leveled to 36 in my first year of WK and only 7 levels more this year. My reviews managed to pile up to over 700 in retaliation. Some have even more horrific stories to tell.

Now that I’ve caught up again, I want to keep this streak and my motivation alive!

The Challenge

Post a screenshot of your 0 lessons / 0 reviews once each level, or for as many levels as you can manage!

Or just use this as an easy way to see how long it takes to get from one 0/0 to another. c:


I just powered through 645 reviews in one session - back in the race again!
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广 = "Mullet"...What?
The fabled 0 0
Wanikani screenshots :camera_flash:
My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK :open_book: )

Level 33

Got to 0/0 today for the first time in like six months. Had a backlog of 2000 reviews and 250 lessons… 248874616142036992


What is the highest you have let your reviews stack up to?
Race to the Cake :cake:



Just finished the 16 lessons I had left over


Cool idea! I’m only lvl7 right now, so it’s possibly less of a challenge, but it’s never too early to start. So here I am, a few hours before leveling up. Hurray!



Am I doing it right?


With my current level it’s not good to brag about it, hopefully, in the future I can post something.


Sure, let me just /glances at lesson and review count/ …mmmmmm… go take a screen shot… brb

might take a while :scream:


You get extra points for blessing this thread with a cat.


Level 16
Challenge accepted!


Yusssssss :sunglasses:

“blessed is he / she who enjoys cat gifs” - Jeremiouwah 29:13


give me a minute…



Level 17


I’m more amazed at all those 31 tabs :eyes:


My phone would have locked up by the second. Woo budget smartphones!





I did it!



I get this once every level if I stick to my routine (which I don‘t always do :see_no_evil:)


Keep it up! ^^