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Approach for this challenge (and general life update I guess lol)

I am trying to keep a positive attitude and not go into this all negative and defeatist, but I don’t know how this will go :upside_down_face: For anyone following the apparently never-ending saga of my workplace being a hot mess - things did not get better over the month-long break. They are not getting better. In fact, they are only going to get worse as we move progressively further into the bowels of winter. I’m VERY burnt out. I am Stressed :tm: I am mad because I was “asked” (like I actually had a choice) to be in charge of a thing happening in Jan/Feb that I know from past experience will be the final nail in the coffin for my mental health (and which is also going to interfere with some things I actually WANT to do in my personal life). My frustration tolerance is at an all-time low because my life is frustration on a day-to-day basis because nothing and no one can just do what they’re supposed to be doing. All of which does not make for a good reading mindset.

But we’re gonna try! :smiley:

I want to get back to my beautiful jeweler Richard :weary: But I don’t know that I have the stamina for a book book right now. There is the manga, which I was trying to save for after I read the book so that I would be motivated to actually read the book :upside_down_face:, but maybe that’s dumb and I should just read it. What I need is more Rei in my life, but there’s no new volume of 夜の名前を呼んで for me to read :upside_down_face: I will have to dig back through my piles and see what I have. I’m trying to avoid spending money right now because I’ve been spending too much on other things so I don’t want to buy anything new if I can avoid it.

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