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Wrap-up post

Approach for this challenge

Wellll this challenge could be a bit touch-and-go tbh, someone at work quit just before I went on vacation so who knows what repercussions this will have on my workload in the coming months (literally we are a hot mess right now, to the point where it has ceased to surprise me when we lose someone temporarily or permanently for one reason or another - I do not react well to change, particularly big change like this, so the fact that I have become relatively desensitized to this sort of thing should tell you all you need to know about how the last few years have gone).

Anyway, you didn’t come here to hear about my stupid workplace falling apart at the seams, you came here to hear about what I’m planning to read this challenge xD I will definitely be jumping back into the Flying Witch book club for the latest volume. I also recently acquired the first volume of both the manga and the light novel version of something called 宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定 - pretty sure I saw the name once somewhere on the forums and that’s how I found it but I can’t remember where :see_no_evil: As usual, this purchasing decision was based on minimal information and important considerations such as the fact that Richard’s character intrigues me and I like the way he’s drawn :joy: I also made several highly aspirational novel purchases for some reason (including something called 52ヘルツのクジラたち because the whole concept of the 52 Hz whale has a huge hold on my heart I am aware that the book is not about actual whales). So if my energy is good, I’d like to dive into those ^^ If not, I always have the 5th volume of the tanuki manga to fall back on, and a few other low-effort manga options.

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Also, here’s my Bookmeter, in case anyone’s interested! ^^