📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

Summary post

Day 20: Oct 20th
What did I read?: マグメル深海水族館 Vol 3
How much did I read?: 41 pages

I was desperately needing a recap of how everyone’s names were pronounced and lo and behold, there it was right when I opened the book :joy: I love these pages so much

Look at the way Scary Veterinarian is holding the sad injured fishy :face_holding_back_tears: Then there’s Shinya and his pelican bestie (like really, he’s just casually friends with this pelican, it’s great)

Also this chapter hurt a part of my heart, thanks for that Asahi :upside_down_face: I didn’t need the universe speaking to me through an aquarium manga today

Awwww omg how cute!! Not just whales, but baby whales :pleading_face: