API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

The time is finally here.

We are moving the API version 2 out of beta. We’re happy with the implementation and confidently moving forward replacing version 1 with version 2.

So, what does that mean for everyone?

API version 1 will no longer be available

We plan on removing API version 1 on September 1, 2020. Once we sunset version 1, all the endpoints will return an HTTP status code of 410.

All API links reference on WaniKani app will be pointed to API version 2. A huge warning on the API token settings page will be visible to discourage use of API version 1 tokens. We will also remove the beta notices on the API version 2 documentation.

The sunset date is a little less than six months from now, and we hope that gives everyone ample time to update the tools built on top of version 1.

Why the deprecation of API version 1?

Version 1 was our first take at an API, and was made a long, long time ago. We’ve seen the amazing things everyone has built with it, felt the pain of using it ourselves, and learned a lot of lessons about structure and performance since then.

We didn’t make the decision lightly, but we made it so that we could spend our time and energy on making version 2 as robust and performant as possible.

Questions? Concerns? Curiousity? You can review the v2 documentation, catch up on the long and winding journey of its development, or drop us a note.

As always, thanks for being awesome and building awesome things on top of WaniKani!


Gone in 6 months, that is.

Whew… I was really sweating for a moment there. But I can handle 6 months. I’m certain my schedule will slow down well before then.


Except on April 1, 00:00-23:59 PDT of every year after 2020, when this (hopefully) will be returned:


Edit: If you actually want this, ask Viet. I can’t make that happen obviously! :wink:


Does this mean the golden age of wanikani is about to begin?


Excellent. I’m glad to see the transition finally taking place.


Congratulations! I feel like you handled the API transition very well overall!


I couldn’t get the API 2 to work with wkstats. It would only seemingly work for me with API 1.

Can anyone offer a bit of help so I can continue using wkstats with API 2? Cheers in advance :slight_smile:


I think you need to use the WKStats V2 beta in order for the API 2 key to work. You can find it at https://www.wkstats.com:10001


Awesome. Thanks so much.


Unless there’s another pandemic…


Cue emergency reserves of NicCageVirus-20xx


@ZenBrayn will explorer make the transition to API 2?


Or you can just go to wkstats


I hope this doesn’t mean that my old beloved copy of AlliCrab will stop working.

Don’t worry - AlliCrab has been using v2 for years.

Here’s some free evidence, in case you forgot which API key you put in:


Oh I know that I put in the v1 key until now. Good to see that the v2 key works as well.

Yes, I logged out and logged back in successfully with the v2 key.

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That’s just there in case you can’t access the port, which is actually going to be updated.

Sooner or later, it won’t matter at all, right?