Is there any obscure backstory/legend behind the Crabigator?

Dear everyone,

I recently subscribed, and now I’m studying twice every day. All this WaniKani visiting made me notice the weird illustration at the bottom, and it got me thinking about the story behind our learning process.

Who is the Crabigator for real? Is there a legend or a backstory? Am I ignorant of Japanese mythology? If not, how can we interpret this? Are we the Crabigator since we destroy turtles? However, the term WK uses for the destruction of turtles is burn. Does the Crabigator breath fire? Does he make the other anthropomorphic turtle by his side roast the turtles for him? Isn’t the Crabigator our lord, master or husbando? Do we become the Crabigator when we reach level 60? Can anyone testify that this is even possible? Why does the turtle that is being eaten by the Crabigator have the 金 kanji on his stomach? Is this even the correct kanji? Alternatively, may the Crabigator just be a metaphor for the way in which kanji are constructed? My (imbecile and questionable) approach to this only leads to more questions.

Can someone please bring clarity to this forum?


To answer this question, we must first revisit the tale of @forgottenmems, who can never truly be forgotten despite their name.


(Correct me if I’m wrong, but) I’m pretty sure the Crabigator is just an animal Koichi made up. I read an interview a while back and he said he usually comes up with the weird animals.
We are not the crabigator, however, we do serve him. Everyone has a sect name on Wanikani (Click on your profile to see it) For example, I’m a turtle… Which just made me realized I am Crabigator food :cold_sweat:
There have been no pictures of the Crabigator breathing fire, or at least none that I could find.
I’m pretty sure the turtle has 全 on it, which means “all,” so you could say the crabigator is eating everything :thinking:


I’m actually really curious but I can’t find what you’re talking about :upside_down_face: Please enlighten me


Of course the Crabigator is an animal Koichi made up, but… Wasn’t Hamlet made up by Shakespeare (or whoever the Bard was)? I’m talking about real literature here, like Hesiod and stuff. WaniKani mythology! Where does the Crabigator come from? Why does he eat kanji-turtles? Who is the other guy in the scene? Where are they?


Who knows. It’s part of the mystery.
We must not question the wise one, we must only serve and accept :crabigator:


But you read it yourself! There’s a tale to be told! I urge @Vanilla to enlighten us.


I will not question our savior…
However if someone happens to tell me I will gladly listen


No we don’t. Some things better stay buried.


God now I’m really curious
I’m about to go through all activity in her profile


Somehow this is the deepest subject I have ever found on here. So philosophy, such question.


Alas, you may be right. There was one man, @anon34910982, who tried to spread word of it, and we see what koichi did to silence him.


That guy (or girl) used to deliver 100 /r/iamverysmart posts per day back then. Told us of his (seriously, I cannot call it “he”, no matter how often it stated it’s female) superior techniques and how WK sucked, and so on.
Really, we don’t need that thing to contaminate the forums once again. It was toxic.

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I was away for 3 years, what did I miss? :smile:

Click his name :3

My question was made on this terms, but I see it going somewhere else…

“Abusing Silence Workaround” :astonished:

The turtle burning is a reference to how the ancient Chinese carved / burned the kanji on turtle… bones? Someone can look up the details.


well i think the 金 relates to the tale of 金太郎, it’s a kind of nice folk tale worth reading. the turtles fit in the scheme, too… really, do read some folk tales, they’re fun :slight_smile:
apart from that, i’m rather clueless.


I noticed this just now. I too am a turtle! What are the other sects?

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