Kumirei's Userscripts

Kumirei’s Userscripts

This is a collection of all my scripts and styles. Not all of them have their own threads, so this is a place to ask questions about and request features for those which do not, or if you just can’t be bothered to look for the appropriate thread. Anything goes in this thread. Also it’s just nice to have a collection of them all.

Sorted by popularity because why not


Level Duration 2: Adds an indicator to the header for how much time you have spent on your current level.
Remove Useless Panels: Removes the panels: Recent unlocks, critical condition items, burned items, recent community topics, and Wanikani news.
Heatmap: Adds a heatmap showing how much you have studied each day on WK. Comes with some nice stats and other information.
Progress Percentages: Displays how much of certain sources you have learned so far. Sources include JLPT, Joyo grade, frequency brackets, and others.
Hide Remaining Count in Review Session: Hides the number of remaining reviews and as well as the progress bar.
Expected Daily: Displays how many daily reviews you are expected to have given your current SRS distribution.
Woah Burns: Adds a to your burn count.
JLPT, Joyo, and Frequency Filters: Adds WKOF filters for JLPT level, Joyo grade, total frequency, and various other relative frequencies. For use with the Self-Study script and development of other scripts.
Order Vocab Breakdown: Sorts the vocabulary’s kanji breakdown in order of appearance in the word. Was this implemented natively? I don’t remember
Levels By SRS: Displays your level for each SRS stage.
Dashboard Vacation Mode: Adds a vacation mode shortcut to the menu.
/Kanji Stroke Order: Adds stroke order diagrams to kanji on wanikani.com/kanji.
Visually Similar Filter: Adds a WKOF filter for visually similar kanji. For use with the Self-Study script and development of other scripts.
SRS Distribution Charts: Adds bar charts with your current SRS distributions among radicals, kanji, and vocabulary items.
Dashboard Level: Adds a level indicator to the header.
Burn Bell: Plays a bell sound when you burn an item.
Move Context Sentence To Top: Moves the context sentences to the top when you open up the full info in review.
Lattices: Adds the overview lattices back to the radical, kanji, and vocabulary menus.
Autofocus Notes: Automatically puts the cursor in the text box in lessons and reviews after clicking “add note”, saving one click.
Hotkey For Other Voice Actor: Binds the I key to play the other voice actor’s audio in review.
Skip To Quiz: Enables the quiz button without having to go through the lessons.
Random Voice Actor: Randomizes which voice actor’s audio is played.
Dashboard Apprentice: Displays all your apprentice items on the dashboard.
Subject IDs Filter: Adds a WKOF filter for subject IDs. Only for use in other scripts.
Locked Count: Adds a count for the number of items you have not yet learned to the SRS breakdown.
Move Notes To Top: Moves your notes to the top when opening the info in reviews. Only moves them if you have anything written.
Hide Remaining Lesson Count: Hides the remaining number of lessons in a session.
Lessons & Reviews In Header: Gets rid of the big lesson and review buttons on the dashboard and adds the old buttons back into the header. Functionally identical to DaisukeJigen’s script.
Review Hover Details: Breaks down your current review count by type, SRS, and level, as well as combinations of all the above.
Fast Vocab Breakdown: Breaks down vocabulary items when answered incorrectly and displays their kanji’s meanings without having to open the more info panel.
Review Answer Streak: Tracks your streak of answering review questions correctly.
Review Queue SRS Breakdown: Breaks down your queue during a session to give you an overview of how bleak your SRS future is.

Outdated Scripts

Judgement Day: Change the color of reviews and lesson buttons depending on how many items you have due. I think this one is redundant with the new dashboard. If anyone wishes for it to be updated, please tell me and we can talk about how to best do it.
Real (Time) Numbers: Updates the review count automatically as soon as new reviews are due. I think this is done natively now.
Dismiss System Alert: Adds a button to dismiss system alerts. This was made a native feature.


Transparent Theme 2: The improved version of my previous transparent theme.
Display level 42 and above as 42+: Changes out the levels on the forums to 42+ if the user is 42 or higher.
Like Counter: Keeps track of the likes you’ve spent and received.
Blossom Levels: Changes out users’ level flairs for flowers depending on which stage of Wanikani they are in.
Easy Furigana: Adds a button to generate ruby code for furigana from [furigana] or {furigana} for spoilered furigana.
Explicit Like Buttons: Makes it say “1 Like” or “2 Likes” on posts with likes on them.
Display level 1 and 2 as <3: Displays level 1 and 2 as <3 instead.
Large Image Embedder: Embeds images which Discourse refuses to embed due to size.
Google Blobs: Replaces default emoji with the Google Blob emoji.
Birb to Pigeon: Replaces the bird emoji with a pigeon.
Spongebob Time Cards: Replaces messages such as “5 months later” with funny Spongebob time card images.
Koichifier: Everyone is Koichi.
Rainbow Flairs: Adds a button to toggle users’ level flairs to rainbow colours.
User Tags: Makes it possible to give users personalized tags on the forums.
Detailed Timestamps: Changes the timestamps to display more detailed information.
Easy Mentions: Mention people with the click of a button.
Giphy/Pinterest Embedder: Embeds images from Giphy and Pinterest that Discourse refuses to embed.

Quote Whole Post: Quote whole posts with the click of a button.
Auto-update Latest Page: Automatically update the “Latest” page on the forums. No need to click the banner.
Tall Image Expander: Embeds tall images with their correct proportions so you don’t have to click to open them.
10 Characters: Inserts invisible text into any post not meeting the 10 character requirement and posts it without fuss. Requested by @RoseWagsBlue
Regular Tracker: Displays your progress towards each of the criteria for achieving regular status.
Deep Quote Hider: Hides quotes of a depth greater than 3. Depth is a setting.

Outdated Scripts

Forum Transparency: A transparent theme for the forums. I made a new version so this is no longer maintained:
Repair The Bot: The WaniMekani bot is the only one on the forums without a flair, this fixes that by giving it a robot flair. The bot is rip
Hide Users: Completely remove someone’s presence from the forums. Not sure if this is working anymore, and no one has requested a fix
The Countdown Script: Automatically updates the countdowns every second. The website hosting the countdowns was taken down.

I also have some Bunpro scripts


Auto-Show Info: Automatically expands the full grammar info when you get something wrong
Jisho Button: Searches the sentence on Jisho.org.
Example Sentence Audio: Adds Google Translate audio to all sentences which do not yet have audio.
Mistake Delay: Prevents accidental continuation after answering something inccorectly.
Auto Commit 2: Automatically submits your answer once it’s correct.
Copy Sentences: Adds buttons to easily copy the Japanese and English Sentences.
JLPT Indicator: Adds a JLPT level indicator in reviews.
Egg Timer: Times your review sessions.
Disable Backspace Undo: Disables the backspace functionality in reviews.
Disable Undo on SRS 11: Disables the undo button on the last SRS stage.
Remove Undo Button: Completely gets rid of the undo button.

Outdated Scripts

Streak Indicator: Displays your streak for the current item. This feature was added natively by Bunpro
Refocus Input on Furigana Toggle: Refocuses the input field after you click a kanji to toggle furigana.
Hide Header: Hides the header on mobile when reviewing. This was implemented natively by Bunpro.


… patiently waiting for birb to pidjun …


Oops, that must have broken at some point :eyes: Is fixed now


this script is why @Kumirei exists. You should get a salary from Tofugu.


do you have any good extensions for sending email alerts or browser alerts at a specified time? I have tried so many and nothing really works. I like the firefox extension “timer” but the alarm popup dissapears after a period of time which makes it useless if im not at my machines. Right now I just use google calender notifications, which works but id like something that integrates with my browser rather than a webpage.

Sorry, I do not. It’s not something I use myself.

Ohhh! Finally Kumirei script collection thread! :sparkles: :durtle_noice:


me haz request

When I try to just post something like :bird: or :slight_smile: or whatever, of course there is an error message because there are too few characters, so I need to add an [look here for invisible text ] or something.

So what I need you to create is a very simple script that inserts some random invisible text when required. It is very important, and would improve thingykani immeasurably, and I will submit your name for a job with the company, and you will have my gratitude forever, and I will name my next pet spider Kumirei. And pretty please and stuff too.


>sees @Kumirei post


Scrolling through the never-ending list in the OP

How do they even have time to write all these scripts :sweat_smile:


@RoseWagsBlue Great suggestion!



I’ve spent a significant amount of my free time on scripting in the last three years :sweat:






The Lorem Ipsum is the Best!


Hey 先輩 ! Is your Lessons & Reviews script supposed to load while in the forums? Cause I don’t think it should :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha oops! I will fix tomorrow. I’m surprised anyone found that script tbh, since Daisuke published his first and I didn’t make a thread for mine

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I happened to notice when you posted it in the official changes thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did I link it somewhere else? I have no memory of this

Apparently not (cursory search). I may have been thinking about another script. I can’t remember how I came across it, might have been stalking your greasyfork profile or something O_O