WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

Hi everyone! :wave:

We have lots of lovely new content to add to WaniKani over the next few months or so, starting Thursday, April 29. The plan is to add a small number of new members to the family each week, to keep things manageable for lessons and reviews. Depending on feedback, we might speed up the additions a little, or slow them down if it’s getting too much. Edit: We’ve had some feedback that the pace is a little fast, so we’re going to push the third batch by one week.

We’ll also be hiding some items as we go along, either because they’re really obscure, or because we have lots of other (more useful) words to practice a particular kanji reading. We’ll give plenty of notice before hiding anything.

As with all our previous content additions, there won’t be any site downtime, and you don’t need to do anything extra to get the new items. They will simply appear in your lessons if you are on the level of the item or above. Please note that these new additions won’t have audio right away, but we’re working on it. Edit: There should be audio for all new additions by the time the third batch is published on Thursday, May 20.

This is our tentative schedule for the additions over the next month. We’ll keep updating it as the new content is published!

Thursday, April 29 - Published

The following vocabulary additions are to consolidate existing single-kanji vocabulary readings, and to help new users get the hang of the difference between kanji and vocabulary.

Thursday, May 6 - Published

These vocabulary additions are all part of transitivity pairs. We already teach the other half of the pair.

Thursday, May 20

These vocabulary additions are also completing transitivity pairs.

  • Level 13: 受かる(うかる)- to get accepted
  • Level 14: 温まる(あたたまる)- to get warm
  • Level 16: 帰す(かえす)- to send someone back
  • Level 16: 治る(なおる)- to heal
  • Level 19: 改める(あらためる)- to revise something
  • Level 20: 加わる(くわわる)- to be added to
  • Level 20: 産まれる(うまれる)- to be born
  • Level 23: 収まる(おさまる)- to fit inside

Thursday, May 27

These additions are also completing transitivity pairs.

  • Level 27: 刺さる(ささる)- to be pierced
  • Level 27: 従える(したがえる)- to preside over
  • Level 29: 退ける(しりぞける)- to repel something
  • Level 29: 痛める(いためる)- to injure something
  • Level 30: 寄せる(よせる)- to move something up to
  • Level 31: 延びる(のびる)- to be extended
  • Level 32: 預かる(あずかる)- to look after

Thursday, June 3

These are the final transitivity pair additions.

  • Level 40: 薄まる(うすまる)- to be diluted
  • Level 42: 揚がる(あがる)- to be fried up
  • Level 43: 裂ける(さける)- to be split
  • Level 48: 零れる(こぼれる)- to spill
  • Level 49: 炊ける(たける)- to be cooked
  • Level 49: 砕ける(くだける)- to be smashed
  • Level 50: 煮える(にえる)- to be boiled

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, either in the comments below or by email: hello@wanikani.com. :crocodile::crab::two_hearts:


Lots of new fun stuff! Thank you for adding it!


Well I guess it’s not that many more…


Oh, this is great!


I’m getting the urge to unburn the part of the pair that is already on WaniKani so I can review both items of the pair at the same time, but that’s literally the opposite of the intention of what the WaniKani team has been working on with these transitivity pair updates :joy:


It’s great to have new content. I wouldn’t remove existing content as many people already have it in their review pipeline and it would be a waste to lose it as they have already put some effort into learning it. Maybe it should be removed only for new members?


I think this is great! :grin: The transitivity-intransitivity verb pairs were always a weak-point for me, so I’m looking forward to cramming these when you release them! book_durtle

And to be honest, I’ve missed doing WK-lessons! :joy:



Love these :sparkling_heart: Looking forward to see what kind of change this makes to people’s experience in the Pleasant levels.



That’s all.


That’s a good point but we’re not currently able to remove items for specific members unfortunately :frowning:


It would be nice if hidden items could still be reviewed. Although, I assume that is something that was discussed when items started getting hidden


I know it’s not related to these content additions, but could you add “tangle” to the blocklist for 絞? I don’t have direct proof, but I just got a report that somebody legitimately believed this was the meaning of that kanji and (incorrectly) got it right.

Thank you Jerry@Joeni


Hey Jenny :grin:

I don’t have anything to contribute to the thread but I’ll always say hi :raising_hand_man: .

I do have an idea about something else though I’d like to run by you guys, Is it ok if I flesh it out then send it as an email to the hello@wanikani one :slight_smile: ?


Thank you @TofuguJenny and @Kumirei! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quality updates Team :smiley:


Thank you as always, Jenny! Some great additions!


Guess there now something else for me to consider when trying to get to my 0/0 every level…


Added “tangle”!


Yes, please do! :heart:


Okay will do! I’m in the middle of moving at the moment so I’ll send it through in a few days but it’ll be there for sure!